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The Pick of the Posts 2020

Well, what a year this has been. It was borderline impossible to imagine the gathering gloom as we turned the page from 2019 to a new decade and what we surely all believed would be a fresh chapter full of hope and opportunity. For those of us lucky enough to have never had to live through a world war, or a civil war, or an iron curtain, or indeed anything much in the way of reduced choice/liberty, it has been degrees of difficult coming to terms with the restrictions imposed by Covid.

Those restrictions, which are again tightening their grip here in the southeast and, presumably, across the home nations (and across the globe) as we stumble into 2021, led to the cessation of British racing for around ten weeks between mid-March and the end of May.

If that was the cloud, we tried to bring you a semblance of silver lining.

In lieu of the track action, the brilliant gang of thinkers and scribblers here at geegeez.co.uk doubled down to offer plenty upon which to mull in those long barren hours, days and weeks, meaning this year's pick of the posts is a bumper edition!

I've broken things down into approximate subject matter sections, so you can choose what to look at. In my opinion, these are some of the finest articles written anywhere in the world on the subject of horseracing and betting this year. Without blowing my own horn, I was nominated for the industry 'Specialist Writer of the Year' award recently and I might be only the third best technical writer in this list of blog posts!

Our love of racing will continue to at least partially shield us from whatever the realities of the outside world hurl our way. And geegeez.co.uk (which incidentally was voted Best Betting Website by the lovely people at Smart Betting Club for the FOURTH year in a row, and Best Horse Racing Product for the SECOND year in a row by the fine judges at Lay Back and Get Rich) will be by your side throughout. You're in the right place! 😉

Below is the good stuff. Enjoy.

And season's greetings from all of us to you. Stay healthy, be lucky, and enjoy the small things.

Matt, and everyone at geegeez.co.uk x

[That's Chris, Sam, Dave, Tony, Andy, Jon, Russ, Nige, Dave, Tarun and Ketki]

General Betting Advice

Some Thoughts on Betting Better
Some Thoughts on Race Reading
The Brass Tacks of Betting Angle Research Principles

The Three Week/Part Challenge

Part 1: Race Selection
Part 2: Shortlisting
Part 3: Bet Selection

Specific Betting Advice

The Complete Guide to Betting in 3yo Handicaps
Form Profiling for Fun and Profit
A Sectional Timing Refresher

Multi-Race (Placepot, Jackpot etc) Masterclass

Exotic Betting Part 1
Exotic Betting Part 2

Understanding Markets and Odds (by Russell Clarke)

'Money Without Work' Part 1: Back to Betting Basics
'Money Without Work' Part 2: Wisdom of Crowds
'Money Without Work' Part 3: Sharp and Soft Bookmakers
'Money Without Work' Part 4: The Value of Bookmaker Concessions
'Money Without Work' Part 5: The (Good and Bad) Value of Each Way Betting
'Money Without Work' Part 6: Bond, Bloom, Benham and Buffett: Variance and EV+
'Money Without Work' Part 7: Betting Psychology
'Money Without Work' Part 8: Logistics


Synopsis of Five-Furlong All Weather Draw and Pace
Synopsis of Six- and Seven-Furlong All Weather Draw and Pace

Hurdle Races

Novice Hurdles: What's the Form Worth? Part 1
Novice Hurdles: What's the Form Worth? Part 2
Punting in Juvenile Hurdles

Random Analysis

NH Trainer Rankings, Geegeez Stylee
Jeremy Scott Trainer Profile
How NOT to buy a horse at the sales: weird data experiment

Geegeez Gold

10 Things You (Maybe) Didn't Know About Geegeez Gold
Researching with the new PROFILER tool
Hot Form, or How To Back More Winners

Data / Metrics

What do the geegeez numbers mean?
Introduction to PRB (Percentage of Rivals Beaten)

The Winter Webinars

Winter Webbie 1: Setting Up To Succeed
Winter Webbies 2 & 3: The Racecards, and The Reports
Winter Webbie 4: The Tools