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Winter Webinar #1: Setting Up To Succeed

On Wednesday evening, I went live (gulp) for the first of four webinars covering betting on horse racing, and doing it with Geegeez Gold.

In this initial broadcast, the general subject was 'setting up to succeed'. It's a subject that most losers overlook, and no winners overlook!

As one wag (I hope he was joking!) said in the comments, I've a face made for radio - and this is largely a 'talking head' production - but I think/hope there will be some useful takeaways.

Referenced were:

- The art of the possible
- Limitations: Time and Overwhelm
- Odds and the Market
- Discipline
- Staking and Value


p.s. beneath the video box is an image referred to in the staking section, which is useful when working out bank size.


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