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Three Week Challenge Part 2: Shortlisting

Welcome to part 2 - week 2 - of this Three Week "The Price is Wrong" Challenge.

By now you should be comfortable reducing the 35-50 daily races down to between one and five upon which to focus attention. That was the focus of Part 1, Race Selection: if you haven't taken that on board yet, I'd recommend you do. The details are below.

Then, in this second part, we'll review the maths behind why beating the market is the key to long-term success; and we'll then go into shortlisting techniques and examples. There's nothing scary, I promise, though some elements might need a little practice: that's why we do things a week at a time!

Catch Up

First, read this short introductory article.

Part 1, below, is about Race Selection: choosing your battles. Check that out here >


Part 2 - Shortlisting

And now we move the focus from the day's racing to individual races. Our next job is to whittle down a field of eight to ten runners to a handful of contenders. And that is the primary focus of today's video. Have a watch and then put these ideas to work for you.

HINT: If the video speed is a little slow for you (I do speak quite slowly), you can use the 'cog' icon in the bottom right of the video to change 'playback speed'. 1.5x might be an optimal combination of speed and comprehensibility, but you can figure what works best out for yourself!

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