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Your New Daily Email Format

This week we're upgrading, energising and otherwise invigorating our daily email offering. If you've been receiving our daily digests to this point you'll have enjoyed one click access to all the latest news stories at around 11am each morning. Well, all that's about to change, in a good way!

From any day now, your email will arrive at 7am to allow consumption by the earlier birds in our community. And the content inside has expanded significantly. Below is a breakdown of how the emails will look, section by section.

The top section contains a grid of the day's races. Course names are clickable to view our course guide pages (packed with handy information for the track in question). The going is correct at the time of publication, though might change later in the day so be aware of that; and the race times are also all clickable to go straight to a particular event. Those highlighted in yellow are the free races of the day, accessible to all registered site users.


The next section will be familiar as it is what used to be contained within the daily bulletins - news, features and tips:


After that, we share an article from the back catalogue of featured long-form articles, often though not always directly relevant to the day's racing:


And, finally, there is a reference to the day's free Feature of the Day, a particular part of Geegeez Gold that is accessible to all free users on the day in question.


We've tried to include something for everyone, regardless of your time, experience or subscription level; and I'm personally very much looking forward to being able to access all of this directly from my inbox each morning. I hope you are, too!


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