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Lost racecourses 8: Clifton Park, Blackpool

Clifton Park racecourse

Clifton Park racecourse

102 years ago today there was great excitement on the North West coast of England. Horse racing was about to begin in Blackpool. Read more

Lost Racecourses 3: Colwall Park – 75th anniversary of royal winner

Catch the train from Birmingham and alight at Colwall a few hundred yards after you emerge from the tunnel through the Malvern Hills. You are following in the footsteps of many of the spectators at what was one of England’s prettiest racecourses. A day trip from South Wales made the track as popular with people from there. Cross the footbridge and pass the nature reserve, and as you emerge into the fields you are at the top bend in the course, with a short run alongside the railway before a left turn into the home straight. Read more