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Gold Nuggets #10: Prepping for the Flat Season, Part 2

With orange segment munched and hairdryer treatment still ringing in our bleeding lugholes, we embark chastened from the dressing room for the second half of 'Gold Nuggets: The Flat Season Prep One'.

In part one, we looked at some useful reports for the early part of the season, and had an overview with Draw Analyser. Now it's time to get stuck in, our goal being to forearm ourselves with titbits, snippets and, well, nuggets that we can deploy on demand as the quick'uns get rolling.

So, in this concluding part, I go into more depth on Draw Analyser, including the pivotal importance of understanding track layouts when undertaking research; and we look at the potentially highly lucrative game of horse profiling through a worked example. Contents list below, and referenced links are beneath the video.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Course Guides / Track Layout context
07:30 Draw and Run Style Analysis
20:56 Horse Profiling intro
22:40 How to Profile Horses
27:20 Example: Ugo Gregory



UK Racecourses page              Irish Racecourses page

LINK: Horse Profiling 'How to'

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