Geegeez Digest (Systems, Nationals and Training)

For those short on time, dear reader, today's post represents another of my digests. That is, a single post containing all the 'juice' from the past fortnight in an easily readable and accessible format. Marvelous!

So, what's been happening? Well, since Cheltenham (over two weeks ago now, where does the time go?!), the focus of my attention has been on two things. And the blog has been attending to three things...

Firstly, I've been working on some training materials for anybody who wants to have a crack at building an online business.

Secondly, I've been scouring the declarations of the two Nationals Grand (the Irish and Aintree versions) to find the most likely winners. (In fact, my Aintree preview was published way back on February 17th, but might be a bit more in your mind's eye now than it was then).

And thirdly, my reviewer guys have been beavering away daily to bring you updates on more racing and betting systems and services.

So, in reverse order, let's take a look at what's going on...

System Reviews

John and Jim have been looking at Bet Catalyst and Format Racing respectively, and their findings have made for interesting - and somewhat controversial - reading.

Format Racing - a betting strategy / system - concluded its 31 day run on the blog on 25th March and the review, a muted thumbs up, can be seen here.

Bet Catalyst is an ongoing review. The service plumps largely for outsiders, and can lay claim to a 40/1 winner in the month of March as the latest string to its bow. Indeed, this advisory service stimulated quite a lot of debate yesterday: triggered no doubt deliberately, but the fireworks were kind of interesting. Check out the comments on day 26 here...

Grand National Previews

Your first 30 days for just £1

Next week sees not one but two Grand Nationals staged across the Irish Sea from each other, and in recent weeks I've previewed both.

Whilst early followers of my ante-post advice can lay claim to having bagged 'the value', the nominated horses retain their live chances and running plans are now much clearer.

You can read my Aintree Grand National 2010 Preview here, ahead of the race in just nine days time.

More immediately still is the Irish National which, weather permitting, will be run on Easter Monday, 5th April. Since I published my article on Tuesday (which I'd actually provided to The Irish Field newspaper last Saturday), there has been an almighty plunge on one of my selections. The price on that one has collapsed from 25/1 to 8/1 in two days!

You can get my Irish Grand National 2010 Preview here.

Online Business Training

And last but not least, the item that has been almost all-consuming for me in the last fortnight, and which will be for the next fortnight as well, is my online business training programme.

In a couple of weeks from now I'll be launching some serious training for a very small group of people who are interested in building their own business, and getting full support and mentoring from me throughout their first year. It's something I've done with another small and select group previously with great results, and I'm hugely excited about being able to offer this again.

But I'm getting waaaaaaaay ahead of myself. At this stage, I've produced a series of free training materials that will enable ANYBODY to get a website up and running, and looking great. And I mean anybody.

So, if you've ever wanted to have your own voice online or build your own site, or just wondered how to do it, but didn't know how, then this is a great opportunity to get started.

Like I've said elsewhere, the cost of the final training programme will not be for every pocket, but I retain my firm intent to provide anyone that wants it with a full A-to-Z 'how to' for getting their first website online, making it look good, and getting visitors to it. Heck, I'm even going to give you some free content to help you create a product to sell!

If you're not already registered, you can sign up here: Online Business Training Registration.

If you don't want to register, fair enough. You can get part one of the training here: Training Part One: Your Website Up and Running.

[Note, if you want parts two to five, you'll need to register.]

If you've been following the training, please let me know your thoughts by answering the new 'Question of the Week' top right. (Thanks a lot for your feedback).


That's it for now. I'll be releasing part two of the training materials later today, which will be of interest to newbies and old hands alike. I promise you'll learn something (or your no money back ;)).

Then, I'm heading off to East Berlin for Easter weekend. I've always been interested in central Europe (as some of you know, I have an apartment in Bratislava, Slovakia) and I'm fascinated to see as much of the pre-1989 (fall of Berlin wall) Germany as I can. It should be great!

Whatever you're doing this weekend, have a fantastic Easter break. And, if you're following the training, DO it. It's not a theory series!!!! 🙂

Auf wiedersehen,


p.s. If you're following the training, please help me by answering the poll question top right. Thank you.

FP System Review: Update

FP System Review: Update

The Favourites Phenomenon is one of the most popular systems out there. Almost exactly a year ago, I did a trial and review of the FP System on my blog, which was then Nag3 (now owned by Gavin), which heartily recommended the product.

But what has happened since then? Is FP System still performing? And would I still recommend it as gushingly as I did back then?

Well, in short, the answers are: not all that much, yes, and yes.

You see, FP System is a bit of a dull system. It goes about its fairly mundane task of making you a point profit (whatever a point equates to for you - could be a pound, could be a hundred pounds) quietly and without fanfare.

And it achieves this task with pretty much unerring regularity.

In fact, since my trial and review, FP System has accumulated a further 105.1 points, with just six losing days.

Let me repeat that: in a year of use, the Favourites Phenomenon system has won £10,501 for £100 stakes, and has had - on average - just one losing day every two months. That's pretty amazing in my book, and makes it still one of the best, if not the best, system out there.

Now, I should also remind you of a couple of things: firstly, when FP System has a losing day, it tends to cost in the region of 20 points due to the nature of the system. So you need a betting bank of at least 50 points to account for worst case scenarios.

Also, there are some days when 'no bet' is recommended. FP System subscribers receive a daily email from the owner, Matt Watson, advising when this is the case.

There is also an automated software tool that will place bets for you, if you're too busy or have to be at work.

You can read more about the FP System here: Read the full FP System Review

Alternatively, you can go directly to the sales page here: Give Me Favourites Phenomenon!

Horse Racing System Reviews: What Do You Want Reviewed?

For every day in the year, dear reader, there is at least one system for which you could exchange cash for hope. There are myriad betting, laying, trading, scalping, forex, sports, etc., systems, each one accompanied by a sales letter promising you untold riches for $47. We've all seen the hype, to the point where we are immunised in the main to their alchemistic (but rarely, if ever, altruistic) statements.

That's why I'm bringing back, by popular demand, the product review section of the site. Now, things will be a little different from next week, when there will be two things happening in parallel:

1. The normal Bisogno blog posts will be advertised to you in the normal way via an email every few days

(nothing new or different so far, I hear you cry... and you'd be right. But...)

2. There will be the appearance of system review posts on a regular basis. The posts will not be advertised to you by email, but they will be here for you to look at whenever you pop by. The easiest way to find these is that I will tell you what we're reviewing, and perhaps even link to the initial system preview. Thereafter, you can either use the search box in the top right corner of the site. Or, you can look down the right hand 'sidebar' for where it says, "Recent Posts" (this is underneath the little ads).

However, before we can begin reviewing products, I need your help. I've already chosen four helpers to do the reviews - thanks a million if you applied but were unsuccessful (there may well be further opportunities in the future) - but what I don't have is an idea of what systems you'd like us to take a look at.

Whilst I can't get hold of all systems and services, I do have access to a fair percentage. So, in the comments box below, do please mention the name of any system / service you'd like to be reviewed.

NOTE: In order to be considered for a review, the system / service must satisfy the following criteria:

1. It must offer either a free trial or a money back guarantee period, such that buyers can try without worrying about losing their money if it doesn't suit their style.

Your first 30 days for just £1

2. It must have a website, AND a contact email address (note, I am a little wary of contacts who use gmail or hotmail for contact).

3. Ideally, though not absolutely necessary, it should have some proven historical results.

4. The system owner must be prepared to allow the product to be trialed live on the blog for a month (I will make the approach on this, but it may mean that for some products, we can't do a review alas if the owner won't let us share the details in advance of the event).

I am looking for systems that are any of the following types:

a. horse racing betting systems / services

b. horse racing laying systems / services

c. sports betting systems / services

d. forex systems / services

So, now it's over to you... If you know of a system or service that has looked interesting to you, and ticks the boxes above, leave a comment below with the name and website address for it, and I will start making a list of products for review. I'll also post this separately somewhere on the site, so you can see what we're lining up. (Please, no 'spammy' comments, just the name of the system, what type it is, and the website address. Thanks)


To today's racing, and there are a number of draw opportunities, but only one that I felt was strong enough to put on the FRP page. My other fancies are as follows:

Nottingham 2.00 - Bridge Note (ew) - may well not have been suited by Southwell's deep all weather surface on debut, and she's entitled to improve a fair bit for that. She's got the plum draw and, at 11/1, may reward each way support.

Nottingham 5.20 - Little Eden (ew) - well drawn, decent jockey (amongst some dodgy apprentices), and unexposed with a win and a second from just four career starts, this one should run well.

Ripon 6.20 - Dark Oasis - an early contender for worst race of the season, this seller contains non-winners of over seventy races, and most of these are destined for the Winalot factory (the only way these will ever win a lot), and if Dark Oasis can't see them off, the rest of his career looks truly grim.

Finally, I am duty bound to tell you that Julia's Bavarica is running again today. The grand old stick has placed in no less than 50% of her career starts, being in the first three 31 of 62 times. Can she get to over fifty percent today? Well, she's a course and distance winner and has three further places at the track/trick to her name; she's in form; the jockey - whilst an amateur - is decent enough; and, in a race where many of her opponents don't know how to win, or aren't certain to handle the conditions, 16/1 is more than fair.

Good luck, and remember to leave a comment with your choice of backing system, laying system, sports system or forex system. I'll come back next week with a list of those we're going to kick off with.