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Yielding ground anticipated for day one of Dublin Racing Festival

Leopardstown’s Dublin Racing Festival is likely to get under way on yielding ground, with the possibility of rain before the second day on Sunday.

There has been much talk in the lead up to the meeting regarding the going at the track, with the fixture blighted by quick conditions on more than one occasion.

However, despite an incredibly dry month, clerk of the course Lorcan Wyer has ensured the ground has some give.

“The going is yielding on both tracks and the fence positions are the same as they were for Christmas,” Wyer said in a video posted on Twitter.

“The rail alignment on the chase track is a slighter wider line which is reflected in the advertised distances, it’s a slightly longer chase track.

“We’ll have fresh ground on the hurdles track for day two.

“The forecast is for the possibility of three millimetres of rain tonight (Thursday), dry Friday with the possibility of another 5mm of rain in the early hours of Sunday morning – it looks quite a wet start on Sunday.

“We are watering, that’s ongoing. January has been such a dry month. We’ve had 3-4mm of rain in January, so we’ve been watering since January 10 and doing it three days a week since then which has left us with yielding ground ahead of the weekend.”

Leopardstown watering ahead of big Christmas fixture

Watering took place at Leopardstown on Thursday with the going good to yielding on both tracks ahead of the four-day Christmas meeting.

Rain is forecast which would come as a relief to many trainers – but quite how much falls remains to be seen.

Clerk of the course Lorcan Wyer said: “We’ve had three millimetres of rain since yesterday morning and the going is good to yielding on both tracks.

“The forecast is generally dry today (Thursday) but unsettled then for Friday and Saturday with the possibility of 10-15 millimetres in advance of racing on Sunday.

“We are watering the chase track today and monitoring it thereafter. We feel there’s plenty of kindness in the ground, but we’re effectively just trying to keep the kindness in it.”

Wyer also explained how the layout of the track has changed slightly.

“There’s a little change to the chase track regulation in previous years,” he said.

“The fence before the road crossing has gone back 30 yards and the fence beyond that has gone back 40 yards because we did a bit of levelling on take offs and landings so those fences are not in their normal positions.

“In terms of the hurdles track, for days one and two they are out wide and days three or four they go back inside.”