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My 2020 Betting P&L

I'm always a little apprehensive about publishing stuff like this because those handsome well-rounded individuals, the keyboard warriors, cannot wait to pounce on such things. However, I also think it's important to 'walk the talk', which is why I regularly share my betting P&L.

What follows in the video below is an account of the withdrawals from and deposits to my bank account in 2020. Before you look at that, though, a few important points:

  1. Plenty bet more than me, many bet less than me. So what?! This is not about absolute figures, it's about the art of the possible, and how fun and profit (whatever that figure looks like for you - after all, getting paid pennies for having fun is a great outcome) are not mutually exclusive.
  2. I'm not sharing this to show off personally but, rather, to show off Geegeez Gold, which of course I use almost exclusively (along with odds comparison data).
  3. This is not turnover, which was much higher. Funds in accounts frequently get played multiple times before withdrawals are made.
  4. There were two months in 2020 when I didn't have a bet (one desperate Hong Kong placepot lunge aside!) - those two months may have been good or bad for the bottom line, who knows?
  5. In absolute terms, this was my best betting year ever; but part of that was a function of (slightly) higher staking in favourable markets. Those favourable markets were generally pari-mutuel pools.
  6. I have LOTS of accounts, plenty of them now useless, and I use all of the ones where I can still bet more than £5! Taking 3/1 when 7/2 is available to you is just stupid if your bottom line is a key consideration: don't do it.
  7. I had plenty of small losing accounts in 2020, as well as a couple of big winning ones; that's a function of how I bet.
  8. Honestly, I have no idea what my turnover was - I'd guess in the region of £100,000. So that's a very solid 10% ROI, which is double what I'd generally aspire to.
  9. These figures are not life-changing, but to ultimately get paid a bit for having a hell of a lot of fun is outlook-changing. I bought shares in racehorses in lieu of being able to go away! 🙂
  10. In the interests of transparency, I should add that, as a syndicate captain on Colossus, I am entitled to a 10% rebate on syndicate bets. I can fund those bets to no more than 50% myself and almost always take the maximum 50% allowance: I am betting for me first, and others may hitch a ride if/when it suits. Those rebates accounted for just shy of £2,000 in 2020, so feel free to deduct that from the on-screen totals.
  11. I expect 2021 will be tougher - last year was a positive outlier - but I'll be happy for £2,000-£4,000 if I can get it, on similar turnover.

Here follows a video of me downloading 2020's bank transactions and editing them live for betting entries. The more curious among you will note how much of my disposable goes on food, booze, coffee and travel (even in a 'no travel' year) !

Good luck!


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