Smoke, Mirrors and Rational Thinking

Does anybody else remember the original SMARTsig hard copy newsletter, dear reader, or is just me?

For those of you who are, yet again, left wondering what I'm wittering on about, SMARTsig stood for 'Systems, Methodologies and Rational Thinking special interest group', and it was a fascinating monthly tome, full of interesting and sometimes obscure ideas.

Indeed, for those who might be interested, it's been reincarnated as smartersig online. You can get a feel for the kind of articles they publish here: No affiliate link there, in case you're wary of such things. 😉


Now then, the reason for the headline is due to the ongoing kerfuffle relating to this most contentious of ebooks, Smoke And Mirrors. describes a system thus:

any formulated, regular plan of procedure

Further, it describes a method thus:

a manner or mode of procedure

A subtle difference, but an important one to my mind. I understand the difference to be that a system is an absolute set of rules whereby everyone gets the same results, whereas a method is a technique one applies to achieve the same 'manner' of results.

In essence, I see a system as providing unarguable outcomes, and a method as delivering a narrow range of possible interpretations of outcome.

My point - tardy as ever - is that, judging by the comments from both users and the author of Smoke And Mirrors, I have been interpreting the system wrong (or maybe just plain getting the selections wrong).

The interesting element of the (very welcome, by the way) commentary is that each person to tell me I've got it wrong, has had a different view of the 'truth' to the others. I have no idea who has it right and who doesn't, and I'm not sure there's any way of proving this.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Moreover, one of the oft voiced concerns with Smoke And Mirrors, is that you can sometimes only see the patterns when it's too late, i.e. after the off. This occasionally renders the system inoperable or, worse, puts you on the wrong horse.

Anthony Greenaway has been good enough to email me a number of times about his system, for which I'm grateful. The poor man has taken something of a buffeting over the last week or so, with not one but two people taking large chunks of his material and passing it off as their own.

And I'd welcome Anthony's further response to my view on Smoke And Mirrors:

It's a complex system to understand - not in principle with the four signals, more in terms of their interrelation. And there is a lot of scope for confusion / misjudgment.

As such, it wouldn't be for beginners in my view.

Moreover, and perhaps more concerningly, I fear it is only possible to get the 'correct answer', in terms of the selections for each race, after the race is off.

This does still offer the possibility of betting in running, but the odds at that time will be aligned to the in transit position of the horse in question.

One final observation with this method (I don't believe it's rigid enough in practical application to be a system per se) is that there are big swings in profit and loss terms. For instance, whilst tracking, I had a minus fifty plus points day. Now, even if I'd got a couple of those selections wrong, and I'd missed a 10/1 winner (which I didn't), I'd have still had a minus forty points day.

That, clearly, is not to everyone's tastes.

In the interests of balance and fairness, it is certainly correct to say that I only looked at Smoke And Mirrors for a few days and, during such a short review its usually difficult to be categorical about a system.

I'd welcome the thoughts of anyone who has been using this method for a longer period.

Ultimately, I'm afraid this one doesn't work for me, due to:

- the commitment to watch and react to the market prior to each race (large time commitment)

- the fact that some signals don't manifest themselves until after the off

- the difficulty I've had (could have just been me!) with interpreting the inter-relationship between signals

- the large swings in betting bank due to obscenely bad AND good days


Moving on, I had a fantastic day yesterday in the company of some racing gentlemen. As well as hooking up with Gavin from Nag3, and David Peat, Mr FRP (another nice winner yesterday, which he showed us all in the room why he believed it was going to win), we were also joined by eight other learned racing folk who took their first steps to being the next Gavin or Matt.

We got together in the ultra-plush Institute of Directors on Pall Mall, London, and had a long and full day talking about everything from finding an angle for a racing system idea, to tools to build that idea, to pulling it all together.

I'm not sure about the other attendees, but by the end I was absolutely wired. I'm really looking forward to catching up with these guys on a regular basis to monitor their progress and help them along, and I'm certain I'll be introducing the first of them to you soon...


Finally, it's been a while since I've put a horse up on the blog, but there's one I've a small fancy for one today at Southwell.

The horse in question is Silent Hero in the 3.45. Trained by in-form Michael Jarvis and ridden by Philip Robinson (his only ride today), he's the only one in the race with winning course form and will really appreciate the return to an easier surface after bashing his hooves against the firm turf last time.

Draw 14 is not really a problem here and, if he handles the kickback, he should at least make the frame.


Another Crack In The Mirror?

Just time to tell you, dear reader, about yesterday's performance for Smoke And Mirrors. And I'm afraid it continues on a downward spiral, for now at least...


2.10 -

2.40 Jewelled Reef 2nd at 10/1 - Heartsease 6th at 12/1

3.10 -

3.40 Dee Cee Elle 5th at 12/1

4.10 April Fool 1st at 15/2

4.40 Lupita 11th at 50/1 - Owain James 9th at 66/

15.10 Best One 7th at 22/1 - Countrywide City 9th at 40/1

To recommended stakes +£3.50


2.20 Hooky's Quest 10th at 66/1 - Nomore Cloudydays 6th at 66/1

2.50 Knocklayde Rose 8th at 20/1 - Country Servant 7th at 66/1

3.20 -

3.50 Nile Moon 4th at 16/1 - Love That Benny 9th at 20/1

4.20 -

4.50 -

5.20 -

To recommended stakes -£9


2.30 Takelli 10th at 16/1 - Without A Cause 8th at 33/1

3.00 Starcross Maid PU at 20/1 - Cat Six 5th at 33/1

3.30 Passato 1st at 5/1 - Laoch Dubh 4th at 11/1

4.00 Original Thought PU at 16/1

4.30 -

5.00 -

5.30 Polson 8th at 50/1 - Flyford Prince 11th at 50/1

To recommended stakes -£7

Total on the day: -£12.50 (!) to a £1 stake

Total from 28th May: -£46

I should add that I've heard again from Anthony, the author, who assures me the system is showing a healthy profit from the start of the month.

Although it's been disappointing in the short window we've been trialling it, Anthony says he's going to put up a page with the results for the month on. I'll let you know when I hear more...

Right, I'm off to talk 'shop' with some like minded individuals... more on this tomorrow!


Smoke And Mirrors? Or Broken Mirrors?

After the glorious beginning for the Smoke and Mirrors horse racing system, dear reader, it appears that seven years bad luck may be upon those whose betting vanity leads them to look in the 'Mirror' too often.

What am I wittering on about exactly? Performance levels, that's what! Friday saw a loss of £12.25 on the day, bringing the (admittedly, very short) trial to a more muted profit level of £25.

However, yesterday wiped out those profits and incurred a fairly hefty deficit to boot. The full story is below:


2.30 Key Breeze 5th at 10/1 - Thinking 12th at 66/1

3.00 -

3.30 -

4.05 Spitfire 13th at 25/1 - Damika 8th at 25/1

4.40 -

5.15 Ocean Blaze 5th at 11/2 - Feelin Foxy 3rd at 12/1

5.50 Silly Gilly 3rd at 15/2 Slip Star 7th at 16/1

To recommended stakes -£5


2.20 Earlsmedic 12th at 9/1 - Osiris Way 4th at 10/1

2.50 Manyriverstocross 3rd at 5/1 - John Terry 8th at 20/1

3.25 -

3.55 -

4.30 -

5.05 Albuharth 5th at 11/2 - Eightdaysaweek 11th at 12/1

5.40 Overturn 7th at 7/1 - Prince Of Thebes 9th at 20/1

Your first 30 days for just £1

To recommended stakes -£14


2.05 Anglezarke 2nd at 13/2 - Fullandby 7th at 12/1

2.35 Starfala 4th at 13/2

3.05 Royal Confidence 6th at 33/1 - Garnica 10th at 40/1

3.35 Strike Shot 1st at 5/1 - Senate Majority 4th at 8/1

4.10 -

4.45 Nemo Spirit 11th at 12/1 - Double Banded 12th at 14/1

To recommended stakes -£15.50


2.10 Edas 4th at 12/1 - Vicious Warrior 10th at 20/1

2.40 -

3.15 -

3.45 Bahamian Babe 10th at 10/1 - Ishetoo 1st at 12/1

4.20 -

4.55 Feelin Fab 9th at 7/1 - Darcey 5th at 20/1

To recommended stakes +£5


6.00 -

6.30 -

7.00 Broughtons Paradis 2nd 11/2 - Honourable Endeavour 10th at 16/1

7.35 Brunette 10th at 6/1 - Three's A Crowd 6th at 14/1

8.10 Carlitos Spirit 3rd at 7/1 - Ghost Dancer 10th at 33/1

8.40 -

To recommended stakes -£7


6.10 New England 2nd at 5/1 - Strike Force 8th at 16/1

6.45 Flashy Lover 7th at 16/1 - Kinky Afro 10th at 16/1

7.20 La Coveta 4th at 9/1 - Kilburn 6th at 14/1

7.50 Tender Charm 6th at 12/1 - Chandika 15th at 11/1

8.25 Agente Romano 9th at 14/1 - Kasban 10th at 12/1

8.55 Young Dottie 4th at 11/2 - King's Siren 9th at 7/1

To recommended stakes -£22

Total on the day: -£58.50 (!) to a £1 stake

Total from 28th May: -£33.50

More tomorrow...


Smoke And Mirrors Update

Quick post, dear reader, to appraise you of yesterday's performance from the Smoke And Mirrors system.

After such an excellent week to day, I guess a losing day was inevitable - especially with the nature of the system being somewhat volatile in that a big-priced winner (obviously) has a massive bearing on profit and loss. And Smoke And Mirrors does find big-priced winners.

Results as follows:


2.25 Munlochy Bay 2nd at 7/1 - Eforetta 4th at 12/1 (placed on Betfair, after non-runner)

3.00 Mnarani 7th at 8/1

3.35 Crystal B Good 9th at 50/1 - Spinning Joy 10th at 66/1

4.10 Mabuya 3rd at 5/1 - Blaise Tower 7th at 14/1

4.45 All For You 7th 7/1 - Rockabout 15th at 9/1

5.15 King's Wonder 1st at 12/1 - Trafalgar Square 14th at 25/1

To recommended stakes +£7.25


2.10 Lord's Seat 8th at 28/1

2.45 Jonny Ebeneezer 5th at 5/1

3.20 -

3.55 -

4.30 -

5.05 -

5.35 Call Me Al 13th at 11/1 - Ninth House 3rd at 16/1

To recommended stakes -£1


2.00 Quasi Congaree 2nd at 20/1 - Chantilly Jewel 5th at 33/1

2.35 Jack's House 4th at 12/1 - Talmahana 9th at 33/1

3.10 -

3.45 Wooden Kind 12th at 9/1 - Daring Dream 3rd at 14/1

4.20 -

4.55 -

5.25 Why Nee Amy 11th at 6/1 - Red Margarita 7th at 14/1

To recommended stakes -£1.50


6.40 -

7.10 Captain Carey 5th at 9/1 - Visterre 8th at 33/1

7.40 -

8.10 Twilight Dawn 3rd at 8/1 - Royal Premiere 6th at 66/1

8.40 Borromeo 9th at 15/2 - Cils Blancs 10th at 33/1

9.10 Tesserae 6th at 40/1 - Sleepy Silver 10th at 50/1

To recommended stakes -£7


6.20 -

6.50 -

7.20 -

7.50 Angelofthenorth 7th at 20/1

8.20 -

8.50 -

9.20 -

To recommended stakes -£2


6.30 Buck The Trend PU at 22/1 - Midnight Spirit 4th at 40/1

7.00 Pharaon De Touzaine 2nd at 5/1

7.30 -

8.00 -

8.30 Seafield Bogie 6th at 12/1

9.00 Meadow Hawk 8th at 12/1

To recommended stakes -£8

Total on the day: -£12.25 to a £1 stake

Total from 28th May: +£25

More on this tomorrow...

Smoke And Mirrors link


Smoke And Mirrors vs SmartMoneyPunter – The Plot Thickens

Just when you thought it wasn't possible for the plot to get any thicker, dear reader, so the gravy consistency developed a viscosity more widely associated with treacle. That is to say, the plot just got thicker!

No sooner has James Burrows pulled down - or rather put up a 'sold out' sign on - his SmartMoneyPunter site, then a third entity positioned himself into the fray.

Clearly a fly-by-night ne'er-do-well other-three-word-hyphenated kind of person, this new chap, a 'Terry Flanagan', seems to have acquired a copy of the system and is blatantly ripping off both Burrows and the perceived original copyright holder, Anthony Greenaway, by offering it to a spam email list he's also got hold of.

I've been in touch with James and Anthony again, and both say they know nothing of this cheeky scamster, Flanagan.

DON'T BUY SMARTMONEYPUNTER from any source. For two reasons.

1. If it wasn't ripped off by James Burrows (and I'm far from convinced), it's definitely being ripped off by 'Terry Flanagan'

2. Even if you don't care about intellectual property rights ownership, the Smoke And Mirrors system has twice as many 'signals', and has been outperforming SmartMoneyPunter.

Yesterday's Smoke And Mirrors performance was impressive, even for someone who was quite cynical about the angle, such as me. The system made 37.25 points profit at SP and, given the prices of some of the beasts, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd made 50 points using betfair.
Here's the rollcall on yesterday's movers and shakers (deep breath):


2.20 Clear Ice 5th at 16/1 - Weetentherty 8th at 50/1

2.50 Ice Planet 5th at 8/1 - Talon 10th at 33/1

3.20 -

3.50 -

4.20 Applaude 7th at 12/1

4.50 -

5.20 -

To recommended stakes -£8


2.30 Jabroot 4th at 8/1 - Diamond Dee 8th at 33/1

3.00 -

3.30 Almaty Express 9th at 8/1

4.00 -

4.30 Dalradian 1st at 13/2 - Hail Promenader 6th at 5/1

5.00 Takaamul 7th at 11/2 - Lord Theo 9th at 11/2

To recommended stakes +£0


Your first 30 days for just £1

2.10 -

2.40 Our Georgie Girl 7th at 33/1 - Micky's Bird 2nd at 40/1

3.10 Toballa 7th at 66/1

3.40 Sabi Star 5th at 12/1 - Mr Frosty 8th at 66/1

4.10 Crystallize 1st at 6/1 - Silent Treatment 12th at 16/1

4.40 Kingsgate Castle 9th at 12/1 - Luminous Gold 1st at 14/1

5.10 Lady Sorcerer 4th at 13/2 - Cragganmore Creek 9th at 16/1

5.40 Eagle Nebula 4th (placed) at 8/1 - Zain 11th at 9/1

To recommended stakes +£14


6.25 -

7.00 Bold Marc 4th at 5/1 - Borrasco 10th at 7/1

7.35 -

8.10 Not Now Lewis 3rd at 6/1 - Johnny Friendly 4th at 12/1

8.40 Bond City 5th at 22/1 - Green Park 9th at 40/1

9.15 -

To recommended stakes -£6.50


6.05 Mountain Pride 1st at 16/1 - Dr Livingstone 2nd at 16/1

6.35 -

7.10 -

7.45 Stotsfold 3rd at 14/1

8.20 -

8.55 Axiom 2nd at 20/1 - Kinsya 10th at 20/1

To recommended stakes +£29.50


5.45 -

6.15 -

6.50 -

7.25 -

7.55 -

8.30 Madison De Vonnas 2nd at 33/1

9.05 -

To recommended stakes +£8.25

Total on the day: +£37.25 to a £1 stake

Either the Smoke and Mirrors system has been having a freak excellent week, or there may really be something in this... I'm still not certain and, at £97, you may want to hold fire while I take a look at what happens today.

If you don't want to risk missing some big priced winners (and, for sure, a fair amount of losers!), you can review the sales materials and acquire a copy here.


The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted that there is yet another review begun on the blog now. Although it won't be of interest to everyone, this forex training and software system is reputed to about the best around. It's price tag reflects that in small part. However, the reason I've decided to trial it is because, when speaking to a colleage (Graham Laurie at Cash Master), he had said that using this himself he'd made over £50,000 in a year!

That's a lot of moolah! Now, I have to concede that I know next to nothing about forex, so I'll be as interested as many of you in how my forex review man gets on.

Graham's posted his preview here, and you can always get the up to date position by clicking the 'Current System Trials' tab at the top (middle) of this - and every Geegeez - page.

If forex is not for you, no problem - just ignore that, and take a peek at those things that are relevant to the way you see, and invest in, the world.


That's all for today - I'm off to Pall Mall for some preparations for Monday. I am hosting a small but elite group of Geegeez readers who want to learn how to research their own high quality racing service. So watch this space - there will be mini-Matt's before the Summer is through (actually, that's a pretty scary thought....!)

It's going to be a brilliant day, and I'm really excited to lift the lid on what I do, in the belief that it brings some more high quality material to the market.

I think we all agree we love racing systems and services. And I think the vast majority of us would agree that there aren't nearly enough good ones.

Have a great weekend - the sun is set to shine throughout. 🙂

'Til next week.


Smoke And Mirrors?! Indeed… Skulduggery Afoot, Methinks!

With more twists and turns, dear reader, than a Jeffrey Archer novel navigating its way up the Amazon, the plot has thickened in a manner that any self-respecting chef would like their sauces to... without the aid of flour or such like!

What exactly am I waffling on about, I hear you ask? Well, I've got a scoop on the great SmartMoneyPunter vs Smoke And Mirrors debate / debacle.

First up, for those who don't know, I started to review the latest hot product, SmartMoneyPunter, yesterday after a not untypical email bombardment from both sellers and inquisitive blog readers. It seemed to fare rather well.

But then, mysterious drama began to unfold as I received an email from the 'author' of SMP, a James Burrows, saying that due to similarities he had been made aware of between SMP and another product, Smoke And Mirrors, he was withdrawing from sale as of last night SMP.

I followed this up with both James and the author of S&M (unfortunate acronym!), Anthony Greenaway, to find out what the blazes was going on. This is how it panned out...

Email chain between me and James Burrows of SmartMoneyPunter, after I queried what was going on, and he told me he was going to release something else under the same name:

From: James Burrows - Smart Money Punter []
Sent: 27 May 2009 12:50
To: Matt Bisogno
Subject: Re:

Hi Matt

I was told that someone had a very similar system to mine - smoke and
mirrors or something.

As I dont want my system coming across as a copy of someone elses or someone

elses coming across
as a copy of mine, i'll be gettnig my colleague to de-list it off the
intrnet later today.

I will get it redesigned with a similar profitable method and send you the
updated book so at this
current time please dont mail out for it.

Very sorry for the request and now pulling the plug on it!

Best Wishes.

Kind Regards
James Burrows


From: "Matt Bisogno" <>
To: "'James Burrows - Smart Money Punter'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 3:50 PM
Subject: RE:


Sorry, but you can't just change the content to something else. You've
either got a system or you haven't.

I've been told by Anthony at smokeandmirrors that you ripped him off. That's
a pretty serious allegation... Is he right? Or is it just a miraculous

Smoke and mirrors, indeed.



From: James Burrows - Smart Money Punter []
Sent: 27 May 2009 15:05
To: Matt Bisogno
Subject: Re:

Hi Matt

No that is not the case,

I have been using this method for a few months.

I sent out to a few affiliates and one of them said our methods were fairly
similar. I'm yet
to see his method but I can assure you ive not seen his manual.

I then took the liberty of emailing anthony himself and I asked him about it

and he told me
he had been using a very similar method since march this year.

I am not aware when he released his but I released mine at the beginning of
April this

I have even gone as far as to tell him that i would be REMOVING my manual /
from the internet because I didnt want someone else having a similar product

as me.

So no - I did not rip him off.

Were those his exact words? I think my system has been on the internet for
Therefore I dont like accusations like that when i sell my own genuine

Kind Regards
James Burrows


From: "Matt Bisogno" <>
To: "'James Burrows - Smart Money Punter'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 4:25 PM
Subject: RE:

Hi James

OK, fine. I believe you that it's not a plagiarism.

However, having just looked at Smoke and Mirrors, the similarities are
absolutely UNCANNY.

Did you buy the right to sell this from a 3rd party? Reason I ask is that
the 3rd party may have sold that license more than once.

Anyway, if it's your own work, as you suggest, I have no idea why you're
taking it off the market: you are selling it for less, and you have better
marketing in place.

So why?

Your first 30 days for just £1



Hi Matt

I got it off a guy a few months ago at a track. He didnt say he was into systems or system designs. Just told me that he'd used this 'secret' for ages at the actual tracks.

he said enough people knew about the secret so it made no difference if anyone else did.

Unfortuantely i am not a marketer and know nothing about it. I just hired someone to make my site and put up some graphics. Thats about all though. I just wrote out the manual.

I have another profitable method which i personally use which involves betting on horses which won their previous races in handicap races.

It's based on winners who win by a certain distance or higher and who are not being handicapped too hard. of course distance and going play major parts.

If you would be able to market something like this for me we could do some sort of deal?

I will obviously give you proof and show various tests of my system before it is sold.

Let me know!

Kind Regards
James Burrows


And that is where I left it - I'm extremely uncomfortable that a guy selling ostensibly a decent product all of a sudden withdraws it and offers me something completely different to look at!


Now, in parallel to this email correspondence, I was also in touch with Anthony, author of Smoke And Mirrors, and this is what he had to say:

From: Matt Bisogno []
Sent: 27 May 2009 15:38
To: 'anthonygreen****'
Subject: S&M vs SMP?

Hi Anthony

My name is Matt Bisogno and I run the blog at

As you will know, there has been a huge hullabaloo about a certain SmartMoneyPunter product, and – as such – I reviewed it today.

I was then told by one of my readers that it bears an uncanny resemblance to your own Smoke And Mirrors product, which he sent me for my views on.

It is clear to me that one copies the other, and yours pre-dates SMP by some months, so far as I can tell.

Indeed, a search reveals that the SMP domain name was only registered on 22nd May (registrant details withheld naturally).

Your website was registered on 28th April this year.

I am a little confused as to what’s happening here, and I wonder if you could help shed some light on things?

Many thanks and

Best Regards



From: anthony greenaway [mailto:anthonygreen****]
Sent: 27 May 2009 15:59
To: Matt Bisogno
Subject: Re: S&M vs SMP?

hi matt
travelling at the moment so will be brief it I quite obvious to me that it is acopy of mine revamped. I think it is the rochdale gang  because they were trying to get a free copy very early on . that said j burrows seems ok because when confronted he has agreed to take his site down today and to stop affiliate sales.
so if its true and he does take it down all is well.......however it was very cheeky cosidering I worked on this system for over ayear excuse the typos cheers anthony


So there you have it. A whole load of coincidence (really, it's far too close in content terms to be coincidental!) and a withdrawn product.

Now, in the interests of continuity, and because the products are so alike, I have recorded yesterday's less flattering results for SmartMoneyPunter below, and will track Smoke and Mirrors ( for a day or two to see how it fares.

Yesterday's SmartMoneyPunter results:


2.10 -

2.40 -

3.15 -

3.50 -

4.25 -

4.55 Mr Fantozzi 2nd at 5/1


2.20 -

2.50 -

3.25 Commanche Topgun PU at 12/1

4.00 Chopneyev PU at 16/1

4.35 Shraden Edition 3rd at 14/1 (7 runners, BF paid 3rd place)

5.05 -

5.35 Nifty Roy 10th at 40/1


2.30 Cativo Cavallino 4th at 10/1 - Mr Funshine 6th at 33/1

3.00 Cool Valentine 2nd at 10/1 - Southwark Newshawk 8th at 20/1

3.35 Confidentiality 4th at 20/1

4.10 Matsunosuke 7th at 16/1

4.45 -

5.15 -


6.20 Challenging 10th at 40/1 - Pilot Light 13th at 50/1

6.50 Northside Prince 4th at 11/2 - Orsippus 8th at 14/1

7.20 Quaker Parrot 10th at 40/1 - Sheka 6th at 66/1

7.50 -

8.20 Blue Spinnaker 6th at 25/1

8.50 Catch Key 8th at 33/1


6.30 -

7.00 -

7.30 Fencote Mystery 3rd at 28/1

8.00 Lucky Pearl 3rd at 12/1 - Mnason 5th at 33/1

8.30 Sky Calling 6th at 9/2

9.00 Benmadigan 7th at 5/1 - Dan Maguire 4th at 8/1

Some near misses but all told it looked like this:

Win Stake £4   Return £0  P/L -£4

E/W Stake £22 Return £10 P/L -£12

Place Stake £10 Return £7 P/L -£3

Total P/L -£19

Which, added to the previous day's totals means a loss of -£0.25 (!) If you'd used betfair, you'd probably be showing a small profit, and I also know that the previous day had been successful.

So.... today I'll track the Smoke And Mirrors system (which is VERY similar to SMP, but there are a couple more 'signals' to look out for)...


Now, as if that wasn't fun enough, it's Thursday Fun time. And in the spirit of espionage and defective detectives (see what I did there?!), today I present you Mr Peter Sellers as the inimitable Inspector Jacques Clouseau... "Not now Kato!"