A Fiesta of Freebies (and the ‘catches’)

Loads of free stuff. Yay!

Loads of free stuff. Yay!

October is a very busy month for racing fans. The last big meetings of the flat take place at Newmarket, Ascot and Doncaster; and the first big meetings over jumps are run at Chepstow and Cheltenham. That genesis of the jumps season is an exciting time for the sport, with its far better defined narrative, and its familiar plot lines and main characters.

So it's probably no surprise that plenty of information products and tipster services appear at this stage. The good news is that some of these services are very smart indeed. The even better news is that most of them are also prepared to show you what they're about with high quality free - or 'freemium' - content.

In this post, I'm going to share a few of the better freebies, and tell you what I know about the main product that is being sold. Feel free to grab whatever takes your fancy, and do look into any of the services/products that fit your approach to betting.

OK, with that said, let's get started:


Freebie #1 - Irish Trainer Track Stats

Trainer Track Stats, or TTS, is a product I founded way back in 2006. Its premise is simple: some trainers habitually perform well at some tracks, with specific types of horse. In this freebie, Gavin Priestley - my great mate and TTS' new author - has put together the pick of the Irish trainer/track pairings.

You can download it here

The Main Offer - Trainer Track Stats

I reviewed TTS here last week. This service is, quite simply, one of the most time-proven, consistent season-to-season profit-makers on the market. It has made a profit in EVERY ONE of its eight seasons to date, and is already just over five points up this term.

I love the product - as I should seeing as it was 'my baby' - and I'm very pleased with how Gavin has taken the idea and continued to add value to it... and to turn a profit with it for his subscribers.

This is, in my opinion, about a hundred pounds cheaper than it should be, making it the best value package on offer.

You can read more about it here.


Freebie #2 - Narrowing The Field Bumper Compendium

NTF is another excellent product, and one which I've kept on side since its inception in 2009, and which has served me very well. Ben Aitken, the creator, works with both trends and dosage profiles, and it's that latter element which sets him apart from the sea of trends-based offerings. He covers all the big races through the year, and there are plenty of illustrations of Ben's work in this bumper download pack.

Download the Narrowing The Field freebie pack here

The Main Offer - Narrowing The Field

As I've mentioned above, Ben covers all of the main races throughout the National Hunt season, starting this Saturday. In total, he'll be covering over 140 races between now and late April. On top of that, Ben also flags his UTR Squad - under the radar horses which he believes will more than pay their way as the season progresses.

Your first 30 days for just £1

And, as well as that, subscribers receive Ben's weekend notes, and his Cheltenham Festival ante post service.

The normal price of the full service is £155. But, and I'm not supposed to put this here (!), this link will get you in for a discount:

Join Narrowing The Field here


Freebie #3 - Hot Novice Hurdlers

You may have seen some emails around yesterday for this. I was supposed to mention it to you then, but regular readers will know that Chris mails out our reviews round up on Wednesdays.

This is a betting system for the National Hunt season, and it has a very high strike rate. Not only that, but if you register for it, you'll receive the qualifiers to your inbox each time there's a runner, so you'll never have to worry about missing one.

It's based on good logic and should continue to pay its way this season.

Sign up for the Hot Novice Hurdlers email service here

The Main Offer - Boys Beat Girls

I'll be honest, I haven't seen the 2014/15 version of this yet, so I can't really comment on that. What I can tell you is that the logical premise is very sound, and in previous years it has served me personally very well.

If you register for the free service, I'm sure you'll receive more information on which to base your own judgement; and I'm waiting on my 'review' copy as I write. When I receive that, I'll be sure to update this section. This product is not available yet in any case, so do get the Hot Novice Hurdlers system in the meantime.

Download the Hot Novice Hurdlers system here


Freebie #4 - Cheltenham Showcase Meeting Micro System

Tony Mac, owner of Irish Big Race Trends and, has put together a little micro-system specifically for use this weekend (Friday and Saturday) for the Showcase Meeting at Cheltenham. It's "the home of National Hunt" 's first meeting of the new season, and this could help you get ahead from the outset.

Download the Cheltenham Showcase Meeting micro system here

The Main Offer - Cheltenham Insider's Insight Pack

Tony has pulled some strings to bring together a 'brains trust' of media experts, which includes geegeez' own Tony Stafford; ATR's Tony Ennis; Racing UK analyst, Andy Richmond; Paul Ferguson, author of Jumpers To Follow; Sean Quinn, assistant trainer to John Quinn; and Dean Ryan, broadcaster on Racing FM.

These guys know their onions from their tomatoes and will each be offering 'three to follow' at each of the Cheltenham meetings throughout the season. They'll be covering eight meetings, which combined amount to sixteen top class race days, and Tony has this very reasonably priced at just €20 (£15.99 when I just checked in the currency converter!).

Tony's also including some interesting micro system angles for the season and, all in all, it's great value especially for more occasional punters.

Get the Cheltenham Insider's Insight Pack here


Freebie #5 - Geegeez Full Form Filters

For no real reason, I thought I'd sneak this on the end here! I say 'no real reason' because I'd expect you to know by now that the geegeez racecards include far and away the most powerful free form tool in Britain, Full Form Filters.

If you've not checked this out yet, you are seriously missing a trick. What do they do? Well, what you want them to do, really. You can take a horse with, say, thirty career starts, and filter its lifetime form for today's going, or class, or course, or distance, or handicap (or non-handicap), or trainer, or jockey, or recent run performance, or performance after a break, or wins only, or places only, or win and placed, or unplaced only. Or any combination of those. Phew.

You can look just at this year's form, or the last two, or three, or four, or five years. And... you can do the same for trainers and jockeys!

Oh, and did I mention that this tool is free to all registered geegeez users? 😉

Register with geegeez here

p.s. you'll also then be eligible to see more Gold content via both the Race of the Day (3.50 Wincanton today) and Feature of the Day (which, today, is Instant Expert for ALL races).

The Main Offer - Geegeez Gold

Geegeez Gold is developing into a powerhouse form-based race cards solution. It has something of great value for bettors of any level of knowledge, experience and/or time, from superb profitable tips (Stat of the Day, two out of three this week; and Double Dutch, two winning doubles in the past four days), to insightful pace analysis for all UK (and, very soon, all Irish) races.

You'll get pace analysis, winner-finding reports, trainer/jockey stats, form profiling shortlists, breeding and form comments, head to head data, a horse/trainer/jockey tracker, and oodles more besides.

And, as of today, I've opened up a VERY small handful of Lifetime Subscription spaces, which I expect to go pretty quickly when I mention this properly in a couple of days' time. You can get a head start and guarantee your spot here:




p.s. I hope you find something of value on this page, free or paid. And if you think others might get benefit from something here, please do use the tweet/like/g+/etc buttons below to share the love. I'd be very grateful too, because it will hopefully introduce a few more people to this comfy lounge you know as geegeez (thanks!) 😉

TTS 2014/15 Daily Review

TTS 2014/15 Daily Review



Daily updates from the new edition of TTS

As Matt may or may not have mentioned ( 😀 ) in his own preview of TrainerTrackStats, this is a product that we really like here at Geegeez and it's one we believe offers excellent value for money over the coming months.

I've followed the service myself for a number of years (not quite as far back as Matt's ownership of TTS) and have always been very impressed with what I've got from it.

I'm not going to go back over why we think it's such a great product, as Matt has explained it far better than I ever could right here

However, we're not going to suggest you just take our word for it and so I'm going to report the daily selections for the next 60 days after they've ran of course!

I'll be using a £10 per horse level stake and settling up at Betfair SP less 5% commission on the winning bets.

If you've any queries just ask!

Chris Worrall

Addition 09/12/14: After 60 days of testing, there was a more than adequate 26.72% strike rate achieved via 31 winners from 116 qualifying selections.

The annoying thing about the trial is that the final profit level of 3.11pts doesn't really reflect the quality of this publication/service.

The TTS package is a whole portfolio of profitable microsystems re-evaluated every year and has made profit every year since inception in 2006.

The overall cost of the TTS service is just £79 and despite a low profit return so far, it should be mentioned that there's still another 4 months left to run on the subscription.

It's a product I know well and have come to love and it's one I'd happily recommend to you.


TTS 2014/15 Review Results

TTS Day 1 , 06/10/2014

No Selections Today


TTS Day 2 , 07/10/2014

No Selections Today


TTS Day 3 , 08/10/2014

2.30 Ludlow: UPS AND DOWNS : won at 1.30
3.30 Ludlow : DARK SPIRIT : won at 8.60
4.00 Ludlow : BULLET STREET : won at 5.52

Daily Result : 3/3 :  +£117.99
Overall : 3/3 (100.00% SR) : +£117.99 


TTS Day 4 , 09/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 3/3 (100.00% SR) : +£117.99 


TTS Day 5 , 10/10/2014

2.20 Newton Abbot: ARENICE ET PICTONS : PU
2.50 Newton Abbot: SOLAR IMPULSE : 2nd
3.20 Newton Abbot: SOUND INVESTMENT : 2nd
5.30 Newton Abbot: MORE BUCK’S : u/p

Daily Result : 0/4 :  -£40.00
Overall : 3/7 (42.86% SR) : +£77.99 


TTS Day 6 , 11/10/2014

2.35 Chepstow: SIVRON : u/p
3.05 Chepstow: BINCOMBE : 3rd
4.55 Chepstow: JOIN THE CLAN : u/p
4.55 Chepstow: CLOUD CREEPER : u/p
5.10 Hexham: SHINE A DIAMOND : won at 3.45
5.30 Chepstow: DE LA BACH : u/p

Daily Result : 1/6 :  -£26.72
Overall : 4/13 (30.77% SR) : +£51.27 


TTS Day 7 , 12/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 4/13 (30.77% SR) : +£51.27 


TTS Day 8 , 13/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 4/13 (30.77% SR) : +£51.27 


TTS Day 9 , 14/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 4/13 (30.77% SR) : +£51.27 


TTS Day 10 , 15/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 4/13 (30.77% SR) : +£51.27 


TTS Day 11 , 16/10/2014

3.50 Wincanton: WHIFFY CHATSBY UR at 6/1

Daily Result : 0/1 :  -£10.00
Overall : 4/14 (28.57% SR) : +£41.27 


TTS Day 12 , 17/10/2014

3.15 Cheltenham: RETURN SPRING u/p at 6/1
3.50 Cheltenham: LAMB OR COD 2nd at 9/2

Daily Result : 0/1 :  -£20.00
Overall : 4/16 (25.00% SR) : +£21.27 


TTS Day 13 , 18/10/2014

2.35 Cheltenham: PERSIAN SNOW 2nd at 11.00
3.45 Cheltenham: ROALCO DE FARGES won at 11.00
3.45 Cheltenham: STANDING OVATION 2nd at 7.00
3.45 Cheltenham: DUKE OF LUCCA u/p at 8.77
4.25 Cheltenham: BYGONES SOVEREIGN u/p at 14.00

Daily Result : 1/5 :  +£56.00
Overall : 5/21 (23.81% SR) : +£77.27 


TTS Day 14 , 19/10/2014

3.50 Kempton: FIX IT RIGHT 3rd at 4.70
5.00 Kempton: THE LAST NIGHT fell at 5.10
5.30 Kempton: SET LIST 3rd at 22.87
5.30 Kempton: ONDERUN u/p at 13.50

Daily Result : 0/4 :  -£40.00
Overall : 5/25 (20.00% SR) : +£37.27 


TTS Day 15 , 20/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 5/25 (20.00% SR) : +£37.27 


TTS Day 16 , 21/10/2014

No Bet Today

Overall : 5/25 (20.00% SR) : +£37.27 


TTS Day 17 , 22/10/2014

1.55 Fontwell: FLASHMAN : u/p at 12.00
2.25 Fontwell: DEPUTY DAN : 2nd at 1.64
4.45 Fontwell: STENTORIAN : u/p at 17.78
5.45 Fontwell: COCO DES CHAMPS : u/p at 5.40

Daily Result : 0/4 :  -£40.00
Overall : 5/29 (17.24% SR) : -£2.73


TTS Day 18 , 23/10/2014

3.25 Carlisle: EMRAL SIL : fell at 7.80
4.30 Carlisle: CULTRAM ABBEY : won at 13.87
5.00 Carlisle: HIT THE TOP : u/p at 12.00
5.20 Ludlow: STRONGLY SUGGESTED : no bet at 27.82

Daily Result : 1/3 :  +£102.27
Overall : 6/32 (18.75% SR) : +£99.54


TTS Day 19 , 24/10/2014

3.40 Fakenham: WIESENTRAUM : won at 3.50

Daily Result : 1/1 :  +£23.75
Overall : 7/33 (21.21% SR) : +£123.29


TTS Day 20 , 25/10/2014

2.00 Aintree: COOL MACAVITY : u/p at 8.07
2.25 Chepstow: SAUSILITO SUNRISE : won at 1.90
2.30 Aintree: LYVIUS : 2nd at 6.40
4.10 Chepstow: VIEUX LION ROUGE : 3rd at 8.08
4.50 Aintree: GOLDEN HOOF : won at 5.60
5.25 Aintree: HANDSOME HORACE : no bet at 43.97

Your first 30 days for just £1

Daily Result : 2/5 :  +£22.25
Overall : 9/38 (23.68% SR) : +£145.54


TTS Day 21 , 26/10/2014

1.45 Wincanton: POLISKY : won at 1.90
2.20 Wincanton: VESPERAL DREAM : won at 3.35
2.55 Wincanton: FAMOUSANDFEARLESS : u/p at 4.60

Daily Result : 2/3 :  +£20.88
Overall : 11/41 (26.83% SR) : +£166.42


TTS Day 22 , 27/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 11/41 (26.83% SR) : +£166.42


TTS Day 23 , 28/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 11/41 (26.83% SR) : +£166.42


TTS Day 24 , 29/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 11/41 (26.83% SR) : +£166.42


TTS Day 25 , 30/10/2014

No Selections Today

Overall : 11/41 (26.83% SR) : +£166.42


TTS Day 26 , 31/10/2014

1.40 Wetherby RED INCA  : no bet at 24.77
2.15 Wetherby VIVA CLONIA : no bet at  20.01
2.50 Wetherby FULL DAY : won at 1.63
4.00 Wetherby HEAD OF THE CLASS : u/p at 6.80

Daily Result : 1/2 : -£ 4.02
Overall : 12/43 (27.91% SR) : +£162.40


TTS Day 27 , 01/11/2014

12.40 Ascot MONEY FOR NOTHING : u/p at 10.86
3.00 Ascot LAZER BLAZER : u/p at 10.0
3.35 Ascot GAVREY CHAMBERTAIN : u/p at 15.7

Daily Result : 0/3 : -£ 30.00
Overall : 12/46 (26.09% SR) : +£132.40


TTS Day 28 , 02/11/2014

1.00 Carlisle WARRIORS TALE : no bet
1.30 Carlisle STRAIDNAHANNA : 3rd at 8.00
2.55 Huntingdon SUPERIOR FIRE (6/1 or under) : no bet
3.10 Carlisle HIT THE TOP : 4th at 9.04
4.00 Huntingdon TOWERING 4.00 (6/1 or under) : 4th at 3.15

Daily Result : 0/3 : -£ 30.00
Overall : 12/49 (24.49% SR) : +£102.40


TTS Day 29 , 03/11/2014

2.35 Kempton CALL THE COPS : u/p at 5.5
3.10 Kempton BEARS AFFAIR : u/p at 4.81
3.10 Kempton FOX APPEAL : dht @ 3.33

Daily Result : 1/3 : -£  8.93
Overall :. 13/52 (25.00% SR) : +£ 93.47


TTS Day 30 , 04/11/2014

3.15 Exeter FLYING AWARD : no bet at 57.62

Daily Result : 0/0 : £  0.00
Overall :. 13/52 (25.00% SR) : +£ 93.47


TTS Day 31 , 05/11/2014

2.10 Chepstow QUICK DECISION : 3rd at 4.15
2.40 Chepatow TULLYESKER HILL : won at 5.59

Daily Result : 1/2 : + £  33.61
Overall :. 14/54 (25.93% SR) : +£ 127.08


TTS Day 32 , 06/11/2014

1.00 Musselburgh SEPERATE SHADOWS : u/p at 7.80
1.20 Fakenham MISTRAL REINE : n/r
1.30 Musselburgh ROSERROW : won at 6.20
2.00 Musselburgh THE BACKUP PLAN : Fell at 4.10
2.10 Towcester MIDNIGHT THOMAS (8/1 or under) : u/p at 7.60
2.30 Musselburgh RIGHT TO RULE : u/r at 7.20
3.40 Towcester MONTYS REVENGE (8/1 or under) : no bet

Daily Result : 1/5 : + £  9.40
Overall :. 15/59 (25.42% SR) : +£ 136.48


TTS Day 33 , 07/11/2014

1.00 Musselburgh AL MUSHEER : u/p at 4.87
1.10 Fontwell KILGEEL HILL : 2nd at 9.00
1.10 Fontwell THE GREEN OGRE : 3rd at 5.18
1.30 Musselburgh MASTER DEE : won at 1.40
2.00 Musselburgh WYSE HILL TEA BAGS : 4th @ 3.25
3.00 Musselburgh TITUS BOLT : 8th @ 17.27
4.00 Musselburgh GINGILI : won at 4.70
4.10 Fontwell WESTSTREET : won at 3,85

Daily Result : 3/8 : + £ 16.03
Overall :. 18/67 (26.87% SR) : +£ 152.51


TTS Day 34 , 08/11/2014

1.30 Wincanton SOUTHFIELD THEATRE : won at 1.71
2.40 Wincanton BENVOLIO : 5th at 9.40

Daily Result : 1/2 : - £ 3.23
Overall :. 19/69 (27.54% SR) : +£ 149.28


TTS Day 35 , 09/11/2014

1.15 Market Rasen CROXTON KERRIAL : no bet at 147.20
3.40 Ffos Las VUJIYAMA : u/r at 4.40

Daily Result : 0/1 : - £ 10.00
Overall :. 19/70 (27.14% SR) : +£ 139.28


TTS Day 36 , 10/11/2014

No Selections

Overall :. 19/70 (27.14% SR) : +£ 139.28


TTS Day 37 , 11/11/2014

2.00 Lingfield: KNOCKYOURSOCKSOFF : PU at 14/1
2.10 Huntingdon: CADOUDUFF : no bet
3.00 Lingfield: VIKEKHAL : u/p at 5/4

Daily Result : 0/2 : - £ 20.00
Overall : 19/72 (26.39% SR) : +£ 119.28


TTS Day 38 , 12/11/2014

4.10 Exeter MISS LAMORNA : no bet
4.10 Exeter TARA FOR LILLY : no bet

Daily Result : 0/0 : - £ 0.00
Overall : 19/74 (25.68% SR) : +£ 119.28


TTS Day 39 , 13/11/2014

2.00 Ludlow ABBEYGREY : 2nd at 4.40
2.30 Ludlow LASER HAWK : 6th at 17.19

Daily Result : 0/2 : - £ 20.00
Overall : 19/76 (25.00% SR) : +£ 99.28


TTS Day 40 , 14/11/2014

2.25 Cheltenham COLOUR SQUADRON : 2nd at 2.95
2.25 Cheltenham DELL’ ARCA : 4th at 5.90
3.35 Cheltenham BALTHAZAR KING : won at 1.61

Daily Result : 1/3 : - £ 14.21
Overall : 20/79 (25.32% SR) : +£ 85.07


TTS Day 41 , 15/11/2014

12.40 Cheltenham GREAT CHOICE   : 2nd at 8.92
1.15 Cheltenham KINGS PALACE : won at 2.50
2.30 Cheltenham EASTER METEOR : PU at 17.50

Daily Result : 1/3 : - £ 5.75
Overall : 21/82 (25.61% SR) : +£ 79.32


TTS Day 42 , 16/11/2014

1.15 Fontwell ANTONY : 4th at 4,27
3.15 Cheltenham BALTIMORE ROCK : 10th at 12.18

Daily Result : 0/2 : - £ 20,00
Overall : 21/84 (25.00% SR) : +£ 59.32


TTS Day 43 , 17/11/2014

No Qualifiers

Overall : 21/84 (25.00% SR) : +£ 59.32


TTS Day 44 , 18/11/2014

No Qualifiers

Overall : 21/84 (25.00% SR) : +£ 59.32


TTS Day 45 , 19/11/2014

1.20 Hexham: IT’S HIGH TIME fell at 2/1
1.40 Warwick: TRIUMPH DAVIS 2nd at 100/30
2.20 Hexham: GARTH PU at 12/1
3.40 Warwick: SUPREME PERFORMER 4th at 14/1

Daily Result : 0/4 : - £ 40.00
Overall : 21/88 (23.86% SR) : +£ 19.32


TTS Day 46 , 20/11/2014

1.40 Chepstow: SMILES FOR MILES won at 5.32
3.00 Wincanton: PRESSIES GIRL won at 4.00

Daily Result : 2/2 : + £ 69.54
Overall : 23/90 (25.56% SR) : +£ 88.86


TTS Day 47 , 21/11/2014


Overall : 23/90 (25.56% SR) : +£ 88.86


TTS Day 48 , 22/11/2014


Overall : 23/90 (25.56% SR) : +£ 88.86


TTS Day 49 , 23/11/2014

1.05 Exeter: BREDON HILL LAD won at 3.40

Daily Result : 2/2 : + £ 22.80
Overall : 25/92 (27.17% SR) : +£ 111.66


TTS Day 50 , 24/11/2014

1.20 Ludlow: HOLD COURT won at 4.30
2.10 Kempton: POLLY PEACHUM fell at 8/11
2.55 Ludlow: MAC LE COUTEAU 3rd at 8/1
3.15 Kempton: ABITOFBOB PU at 8/1

Daily Result : 1/4 : + £ 1.35
Overall : 26/96 (27.08% SR) : +£ 113.01


TTS Day 51 , 25/11/2014

12.30 Lingfield: THE GREEN OGRE 2nd at 10/11
1.30 Lingfield: THE GAME IS A FOOT 4th at 10/1

Daily Result : 0/2 : - £ 20.00
Overall : 26/98 (26.53% SR) : +£ 93.01


TTS Day 52, 26/11/2014


Overall : 26/98 (26.53% SR) : +£ 93.01


TTS Day 53, 27/11/2014

3.15 Newbury: L'AMI SERGE won at 3.55

Daily Result : 1/1 : + £ 24.23
Overall : 27/99 (27.27% SR) : +£ 117.24


TTS Day 54, 28/11/2014

1.45 Musselburgh: RED SPINNER 2nd at 15/2
3.45 Newbury: DAYS OF HEAVEN 3rd at 2/1

Daily Result : 0/2 : - £ 20.00
Overall : 27/101 (26.73% SR) : +£ 97.24


TTS Day 55, 29/11/2014

12.20 Newbury: BROXBOURNE 3rd at 100/30
12.50 Newbury: JUMPS ROAD 4th at 7/1
1.30 Bangor: AZURE FLY 2nd at 4/1
1.50 Newbury: HAMMRSLY LAKE 2nd at 11/4
2.00 Bangor: SIMPLY THE WEST won at 2.52
2.50 Towcester: MONTYS REVENGE won at 2.40
3.10 Bangor: PIED DU ROI 2nd at 9/2

Daily Result : 2/7 : - £ 22.26
Overall : 29/108 (26.85% SR) : +£ 74.98


TTS Day 56, 30/11/2014

12.20 Carlisle: BERNARDELLI UR at 9/2

Daily Result : 0/1 : - £ 10.00
Overall : 29/109 (26.61% SR) : +£ 64.98


TTS Day 57, 01/12/2014

1.10 Plumpton: CHRIS PEA GREEN won at 1.17
3.40 Plumpton: OH SO FRUITY 3rd at 7/2

Daily Result : 1/2 : - £ 8.38
Overall : 30/111 (26.61% SR) : +£ 56.60


TTS Day 58, 02/12/2014


Overall : 30/111 (26.61% SR) : +£ 56.60


TTS Day 59, 03/12/2014

12.20 Catterick: DANCEINTOTHELIGHT 2nd at 9/2
1.50 Catterick: DOYLE CARTE Fell at 7/1
2.10 Ludlow: ABBEYGREY 6th at 9/2

Daily Result : 0/3 : - £ 30.00
Overall : 30/114 (26.32% SR) : +£ 26.60


TTS Day 60, 04/12/2014

1.45 Wincanton: LUMPYS GOLD 7th at 3/1
3.30 Market Rasen: MAKE ME A FORTUNE won at 2.53

Daily Result : 1/2 : + £ 4.54
Overall : 31/116 (26.72% SR) : +£ 31.14


That concludes my review of TTS.

Matt gets the hump (video exclusive)

It's true. I've got the hump. Click play on the video to find out why.


Here's the link I spoke about.

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Menorah makes his chasing debut at Exeter today

Menorah makes his chasing debut at Exeter today

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2yo TrainerTrackStats Preview

2yo TrainerTrackStats TTS

2yo TrainerTrackStats TTS

The Guineas meeting marks the 'official punting start' of the season for many flat enthusiasts, including my good mate and eminent trainer statto, Gavin Priestley, who has chosen the start of May as the ideal time to release his latest work of statistical brilliance.

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TrainerTrackStats 2010/11 Review

TrainerTrackStats Page

The New Look TrainerTrackStats Members' Page

The day has finally arrived, dear reader, when the fifth annual release of TrainerTrackStats hits the streets. Well, it hits your inbox really, but you know what I mean...

For those of you who are new to Geegeez, or don't know my online history, it all started for me just over four years ago when I launched a cool little betting manual for the jumps season, called... TrainerTrackStats (!)

As it turned out, that report did rather well, and was followed by an updated and fully revised edition for the following season. This too made a tidy profit, fully recorded, and was very popular.

And then things changed... In June 2008, I was offered a job with a chap called Tim Lowe, who is a big shot in the world of direct mail marketing (i.e. sales letters in the post).

I considered it a fine opportunity to learn more about a trade that, hitherto, I was exceedingly green with. But there was a problem... the long and short of it was that in order to accept the role with Tim, I'd have to relinquish my existing business interests which, at the time, were TTS and a blog called Nag Nag Nag.

I could have sold them of course. Both were popular, and both were profitable. But that's not really my way - I'd only sell if I could be sure that the small but loyal group of readers I'd acquired would be looked after. And, at that time, I didn't think that was the case...

So... I approached my very good mate, Gavin Priestley, who I'd known for donkeys' years, and who I'd met through racing and betting, and who was pretty savvy on matters equine, and asked him if he fancied taking over.

Long story a little bit shorter, he accepted and took over my old websites. He's done a brilliant job with both Nag3, and TrainerTrackStats. In fact, regarding the latter, Gavin has continued the profitable curve with two years of 'gravy' for his subscribers to match my two.

And now he's going for a fifth season of profit, and a third for him, starting on Monday. I obviously adore the product, as the original creator, and as it was TTS that started this whole online ride  for me way back in 2006. (Way back... yeah, like the dark ages! 2006!)


If you don't know what TTS is, let me explain...

It's essentially a stats-based analysis of trainer patterns, which seeks to find the real heart of a trainer's profits by 'slicing and dicing' the data by such variables as age, obstacle type, distance, time of year... in other words, all the things that affect the form of a trainer's horses during the course of a season.

TTS looks at the last five seasons for trainers, and only when they've had a sufficient number of runners. By also only focusing on horses priced at 14/1 or less, the odds are never skewed by one or two massive priced winners.

Your first 30 days for just £1

And, as with everything in life, the proof of the pudding is in the eating... so what are the numbers since that very first launch?

Well, you can see for yourself from the blue numbers below. These are the full unedited results for each season, as previous / current users will testify:





As you'll note, TrainerTrackStats has... SHOCK... losing runs. Four years and over 3,300 selections will do that. But each year, at the end of the season, when the chips were counted, there were more than at the start.

And, again as existing subscribers will testify, what fun we have along the way. There have been some ridiculous pick-ups from people who use the info in their own way. None more so than Chris H, who now famously caned Ladbrokes for £48,886... for a £22 bet!

Chris placed a yankee on four TTS runners (just a pound each-way, nothing fancy), and he scooped nearly FIFTY GRAND!

Now then, very clearly, I'm not suggesting you're going to do anything like that. But when the winners come on the same day, as they quite often do, it's incredible.

I actually remember my favourite TTS day... it was only about three weeks into that first season and I'd probably sold about twenty copies by then. Such a shame, because the results were:

21/09/2006      Font     Irish Whispers  1st      12/1
21/09/2006     Font     Sonoma         1st     10/1
21/09/2006     Font     Eljay's Boy     1st     4/1
21/09/2006     Font     Saby         3rd     12/1
21/09/2006     Perth    Glingerbank     1st     4/6
21/09/2006     Perth    Knowhere     1st     2/1
21/09/2006     Perth    Billyandi     1st     11/8
21/09/2006     Perth    Scribano Eile     1st     5/4
21/09/2006     Perth    Thai Vango     1st     11/8

EIGHT out of NINE WON!!! And the one that was third, was in the same race as the 4/1 winner!!!

As long as I live, I will never forget that day. If it happened now, it'd probably make national news due to the number of followers TTS has acquired in the meantime. But back then, it was just me and a handful of (flabbergasted) subscribers.

But the one thing TTS does do, season in, season out, is provide those who love their jumps racing with loads of horses running for trainers who excel in that department... and loads of winners.

The average win strike rate is a little over 22.5%, so just shy of one in four runners win. And the average place strike rate (actually, more correctly, runners placed in the first three - there might not always be enough horses to pay on third place) is over 52%!

These are not dodgy back-fitted numbers. These are the TTS stats.

I hope you can see now why I'm so proud of this little product that changed a couple of people's lives, and made hundreds of people a bit happier through another cold dark winter. 🙂

Anyway, I'm getting all misty-eyed.

I'm also very proud of Gavin for the way he's maintained the momentum and, whilst the expectation grows with every season, this is one product that has done 'what it said on the tin' for four years and looks well placed to make that five.

The nature of the marketing - which, I have to concede, I have been involved in - means that TTS is likely to sell out before the weekend is over and, quite possibly, some time before that (it's selling like hot cakes this morning).

So, please, if you do want to be in on this, the time is now. (gentle and final reminder)

TrainerTrackStats is available for a short time from this link


Just time to add that I've pulled together all of my Breeders Cup info, ahead of my flight tomorrow, and I'll be writing my first report on that for you today and posting it tomorrow. So stay tuned for that, if you've interest in the US horse-y party!

Ciao pronto!


p.s. TTS. It's really good. And you can get it here. 😉

TTS 09/10: Your Questions Answered

Blimey, dear reader, and crikey as well! The response to TTS has been - unsurprisingly - exceptional. Lots of you have already secured your copy for the winter season and I know from your feedback how impressed you are with the package.

Of course, none of that surprises me because I know what a top notch job Gavin's done with it. But what did surprise me a little bit was quite how many questions you asked, meaning some of you don't have all the information you need to work out whether TTS is going to be with you. It's no sweat if it's not, but I do want to make sure that as many Geegeez readers as want TTS, have TTS.

So... I've put together a mini Q&A session below. (If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments at the bottom and I'll do what I can to answer them based on my knowledge of the software and the service).

Q. How long does it take to find the selections each day? And is it difficult?

A. I reckon it might take twenty minutes to find the runners when you start out, and that this time would come down to ten or fifteen minutes as you get familiar with the manual. It might take a bit longer on a Saturday if there's lots of meetings, but that's true of any betting system.

As for difficulty, each trainer at each track has a comment like this one, taken from the Directors' Cut freebie:

Miss V. Williams Class 3-5, 2m2f – 3mile Chases

So, if racing was at Chepstow that day, you'd simply look for Venetia Williams' runners, and identify any that were in chase races, classes 3-5 and between 2m2f and 3m in distance. All of the information you need is in any daily newspaper or online at either or

Easy peasy.

Moreover, when you sign up for TTS manual, you'll also get a month's free access to the selections in a special members' area, meaning you can compare your own findings with the 'official' version. After the first month, you can stay subscribed for the rest of the season for a small ongoing fee.

Or, best of all, and for busy / lazy types, you can run the bot, which will pick up all selections from a central computer and place the bets according to your placement criteria only if the horses in question are 14/1 or shorter (as all TTS horses must be).

Get TTS, while it's still on sale, here...

Q. I'm worried I won't be able to use the software - it looks complicated and I'm not very good with computers...

Your first 30 days for just £1

A. There is really no need to be worried about the software. If you can use a mouse, and can work the internet, you've got more than enough computer savvy to operate this software. It's based heavily on the software I use with my Laying System, and that was built with complete simplicity in mind. I recognise that many people who enjoy horse racing are not the best with computers (that includes me!), and so I insisted that the software was as easy to run as possible.

So... you load it up with a double click (like you do with any other program), then you enter your username and password (like you do with any betting account you might have online), then you click the big flashing button and you're set! Difficult? Erm, no... so please don't worry about that. 🙂

Get TTS, while it's still on sale, here...

Q. Isn't TTS very expensive this year? I mean last season it was only £37 a month...

A. OK, I do understand that TTS seems expensive, compared to last season. £197 for the automated bot plus the manual for the whole seven month season might appear a lot. But let's think about that. If you'd paid £37 a month last year for the season, you'd have made seven installments for a total of £259.

If you just take the manual this season, it will cost you £67. Add in six further monthly instalments of £27, and you have a total of £229. Or if you take the three-payment option, allowing you to spread your costs, your commitment is £231 for the automated platinum package.

The best value is of course the one off £197, which works out at just £28 a month for the season.

Last season, TTS sold for £37 a month without the bot software! (and, incidentally, was still a bargain, as it made subscribers well over a thousand pounds for just £20 stakes).

So, it's a whopping 33% CHEAPER than last season, AND it does everything for you. That's why I was so excited about TTS this year!

[In the above, I've almost entirely failed to mention the fact that, quite apart from the price, the value of the package is probably in the thousands rather than the hundreds. TTS has profited to the tune of well over a thousand pounds in each of the three seasons it's been on sale, and that's just for backing with £20 stakes...]

Get TTS, while it's still on sale, here...

Q. I already run a bot - will it work alongside that one?

A. A very good question. The TTS bot will work alongside any other bot out there, so long as you have sufficient funds in your Betfair account to cover any wagers you're striking each day. Incidentally, I'm afraid for all you Apple Mac owners, that is one thing the TTS bot won't work on, unless you run your Mac under Windows emulation (and I'm confident most of you won't want to do that!)

Q. What if I don't like TTS? It's a lot of money to spend if I don't like it...

A. Again, an entirely reasonable question. Gavin recognises that not everyone will get on with TTS, and that the investment is significant for a racing system, even if it is (in my opinion, at least) the best National Hunt guide available (let me know if there's a better one out there!).

But it's not for everyone. That's why you can try TTS and the software out for a full four weeks and, if it doesn't work for you, or you can't get to grips with the software, or... heck, even if you don't like the big red flashing 'bet' button (!), just email Gavin and ask for your money back.

He will disable the software (naturally), and provide you with a prompt and courteous refund. No questions, no quibbles, money back.

That's how I like to do business, and that's how Gavin likes to do business. But I'm pretty confident you're going to love what he's got for you.

Get TTS, while it's still on sale, here...

Like I say, I've received a lot of questions in the last 24 hours, and I do want anybody who's thinking about joining us on the big TTS adventure this winter to be able to do so with their eyes wide open, and all niggles answered. So, if I didn't answer your question above, please leave a comment below and I'll do what I can to help.



p.s. I've checked the entries (took about fifteen minutes to go through five racecards - I'm a pro 😉 - and the first TTS runners of the season are more than likely to be on Sunday, so you've missed nothing yet.

p.p.s. I'm pretty certain that TTS will have the 'sold out' sign up before the first runners. Not hype, but a fact. As those of you who were around in March will know, my Flat Racing Profiles sold out in eight days. I had a hundred more copies of that available than Gavin has of TTS, and I reckon they'll all be gone before the weekend.

Get TTS, while it's still on sale, here...

TrainerTrackStats 2009/10 (p)review…

Blimey, dear reader, who'd have thought it? The hugely awaited launch of Trainer Track Stats 2009/10 was due to be midday today (10 am if you're an 'early birder' - they catch the worms!), but had to be moved back due to a last minute change of heart.

Now for those of you who haven't been following the action, Gavin's given away an absolute shedload of racing related information and 'stuff' in the last week or so and, whilst researching all that lot, he sort of... well, he forgot that he still had a shed load of things to do to get Trainer Track Stats (TTS hereafter) ready for you..! What a man - so worried about 'moving the free line' that he forgot to release the paid thingie! (Sorry, I've been ribbing him mercilessly about it today...)

Anyway, your loss is his gain. When I spoke to him last night, he basically said he'd [insert rude word here]'d up, and what could he do to put it right. Given that he's now officially fresh out of freebies, we thought a price reduction might be a good idea. I mean, same great manual, new brilliant software, and less for people to invest has to be a good combination, right?

Well, I was a bit surprised when I awoke this morning to an email saying he'd lopped a full hundred quid off the price! But, fair play, it's his call, and I reckon its a very generous one at that (he'll certainly learn the lesson for next time).

So, all the detail is out in the open now, including the price. TTS will run from October 1st to April 30th, and you can get the whole shebang - manual, automated software, and daily selections - for a single one off £197. That's less than a quid a day, and it's also less than monthly subscribers paid last year, when there was NO software!

I know we hear cliches about 'recession busting', and such like (often from me!), but - considering Gavin paid three grand (I've seen the invoice!) for the software, and how hard he's worked on the manual for the last two months - I honestly believe this is a steal.

Incidentally, I should also add that there are other options for the 'traditionalists' amongst you (I was one of those until I saw the software - I'm now officially a convert!)...

If you just want the manual, you can get that for a single fee of £67 - you'll also get the first month's access to the membership area with the selections in it (but no bot access). If you want to keep getting the selections each day, it'll cost you £27 a month thereafter (that's ten quid LESS than last season).

Your first 30 days for just £1

NOTE, if you just want the manual, simply unsubscribe from the members' area - if you're not sure how, ask Gavin or me. It's dead easy. No catches here.

Any questions, just leave a comment below and I'll do what I can to help. I don't profess to know all the answers, but I've been in touch with Gavin a fair bit over the last few days, so I've got a fair handle on things.


In fact, talking of steals and recession-busting, I wanted to show you why I believe that. So... not entirely with Gavin's permission (thought he doesn't normally mind), I've done a little sneaky preview video to show you:

a) why I think the research this year is better than ever, and

b) what the bot does and - more importantly - how unbelievably simple it is to operate.

Enough of the blustering from me, here's the video:

What do you think? If you like the look of the numbers, and the software, you're going to love TTS and - I'm assured - it'll be ready from midday tomorrow.

There's a lot of people waiting for this, and Gavin's spent about half of today responding to 'where's the link?' type questions, so if you think you want it, I strongly advise you get on the 'early bird will be offered the worm and has first option on catching said worm' list...

You can do that from the VIP members' area, and you can get to that by signing up here.

If you don't want to sign up for the goodies and the early bird option, fair enough. You'll still get an option to secure a copy from midday tomorrow (though there may not be many left).

Two final notices:firstly, the software will only work if you have a Betfair account (if you haven't, details of how to sign up are here). Secondly, your Betfair email address and the email address you use when you sign up for TTS need to be the same. If they're not, you can easily change one or other so they match.

Phew! That's it for this most interesting of 'nothing actually happened' Mondays... it feels very much like the calm before the storm...

Until tomorrow.


Major Problem With TTS…

I sort of knew this would happen, dear reader, and I'm not surprised, to be honest...

TrainerTrackStats is one of those 'hardy perennials' (or annuals to be totally correct) that just bely the general cynicism in our game. It's sold over 2,000 copies since inception, including just over 1,350 last season alone (that might have been a record, by the way!)

And we noticed something last year that we'd not seen before. TTS had started to become a victim of its own success. Let me clarify that, as I know it sounds a bit self-serving and grandiose.

Basically, because so many people were 'in' on TTS, and the selections it threw up, it meant that hundreds - and quite possible thousands - of people were trying to back the same horses. Guess what happened next? Of course, the prices begain to reflect this groundswell of support and truncated. Got shorter.

The horses still won at the same rate (roughly 2 in 9, or 22%), but the average price shrunk by about half a point. Now that might not sound a lot, but believe me, it can make the difference between success and failure when applied over a decent volume of wagers.

So... I'm not at all surprised that Gavin has decided to seriously restrict the number of people who will be able to 'cash in' on TTS this season. It's an eminently sensible decision in my opinion, for several reasons:

1. He wants to protect the price for himself (and me!)

2. He wants to protect the price for those who order TTS

3. He wants to show the same healthy profits as the last three seasons (or better), and this means not impacting the market too much

4. He wants to be able to offer TTS next year, in the knowledge that there is still a value edge available to those who have the info.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Claro? It's a brave decision of course, because he could have made himself a whole lot more money by just selling as many copies as he possibly could... and I know from the number of people registered already that interest is higher this year than ever. (It's one of the perks of being a mate of Gavin's, that I get to look over his shoulder to see how he's doing!)

So this is what he's decided...

This season, there will only be 250 copies of TTS available. Considering that's less than ONE FIFTH of the number sold last year, and that interest this season is even higher (again, unsurprising, seeing as TTS delivers season after season), those are going to go pretty fast, I reckon.

If you're of a mind to get TTS, then there is something you need to do. Please follow the below instructions carefully, as it's pretty much the only way you can GUARANTEE to get a copy:

If you haven't yet registered for the freebies

If you've yet to register for the free stuff, then I'd urge you to do that, whether you want TTS or not. Quite simply, Gavin's giving away more goodness than most people charge over a hundred quid for.

Go to this page to  sign up for the free stuff (no obligation)

[Note, once signed up, you'll receive a confirmation email, from which you need to click the link, to receive a second email with the location of the freebies - this is a faff, but it's also a legal requirement, sorry.]

Once you're in the giveaway area, make sure you add your name and email address a second time. This is the ONLY way you can guarantee to get a copy of TTS. You're not obliged to get TTS if you sign up, but if you don't sign up, you might not get TTS. People on this list will get a two hour head start on the rest, and that could be the difference between having this and not having it. I expect it to go that fast.

If you've already registered for the freebies

Even if you're already signed up and enjoying the giveaways (great, aren't they?!), you still need to do this:

On the freebie page, there is another email registration form. By adding your details, and clicking the link in the confirmation email you will subsequently receive, you can assure yourself of the option to get TTS.

Important: you are not reserving a copy by signing up, nor are you obliged to purchase TrainerTrackStats if you do. But... if you don't sign up, there is a chance - remote maybe, but still a chance - that you'll miss out. And I don't want any Geegeez reader who wants TTS to miss out. Simple as that.


Okay, I've maybe laboured that somewhat. So apologies if you feel that's the case. But, put simply, this is my favourite horse racing betting product ever (it would be, it used to be mine!), and I think it's as good - if not better (hard for me to say..!) - than ever. TTS is coming at midday on Monday, 28th September. ''Early bird' registrants will have the chance to get it from 10am GMT on Monday. Enough already.

I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of another upcoming race, the Melbourne Cup. It's a race the Euro's love to win, but have only succeeded twice with, when Dermot Weld's pair, Media Puzzle and the brilliant stayer Vintage Crop, prevailed. They have however peppered the podium, and again have a strong hand this year.

More tomorrow...


p.s. I completely forgot to mention that there's another freebie in the giveaway area today, and it's the Director's Cut form this year's TTS. That is, it's the twenty 'next best' trainers. Those who nearly made the grade, were nicely lucrative to follow, but not quite up to TTS muster. Go get it here...

National Hunt 2009/10: 15 Horses You Need On Your Side…

As the flat season winds down, dear reader, it's almost time for the big guns of jump racing to flex their muscles. And, in celebration of all that is good about National Hunt racing, I've got fifteen horses for you to keep very much on the right side of this winter.

These horses are not your Kauto Stars or Katchits. I think you could pick those out for yourself. No, these are genuine bona fide dark ones, some of which you'll know; and some of which I'm confident you won't.

This list of horses - which is a must for anyone considering entering any of the many fantasy stable / Ten To Follow competitions - comes to you courtesy of TrainerTrackStats, and is part of their great giveaway offer in the run-up to the official launch of TTS, next Monday.

As I say, it's a great aid for Ten To Follow players, and indeed the author is a former top 20 finisher in that competition, and can also include a Scoop 6 win in his impressive punting CV.

Now there is a slight catch this time... If you went and downloaded Flat Racing Profiles yesterday, you'll know that you didn't have to do anything except click the link to get that. That was a complete 'no strings' summat for nowt offer, to enable you to back the best trends horses for the last six weeks of the season.

But this time, if you want the National Hunt fifteen to follow, you WILL have to provide your email address. Please don't worry about this. You're signing up to my best mate Gavin's list, and I promise that he will never abuse that. He will, though, send you a couple more emails over the next few days to tell you about more top quality freebies.


I hope you think this is a fair trade - if not, just don't go to the page. Fair enough? 😉

As those of you who have been reading my ramblings for any length of time will know, I never pitch crap. I (and my brilliant review team) look at scores of systems and review many of those. If they're bunk, we say they're bunk.

And when it comes to freebies, most of the free stuff in this game is free for a reason (see 'bunk' above!). But not these giveaways. These are designed to showcase the research brains behind TTS and similar products (like Flat Racing Profiles), and I'm immensely proud to have been directly associated with both products. I know many of you consider them to be the best stuff out there as well.

Anyway, enough of my sycophantic and self-congratulatory bluster... Just go and get some more great free stuff, courtesy of Geegeez, and my mates in the game!


Note: If you already signed up yesterday, you should have received an email to tell you where to go to get the rest of the free stuff. (Remember to check your spam or junk folders if you haven't seen this - the email is from Gavin, and is entitled 'Your next freebie'...)


Playing catch up somewhat this week (it seems that way every week at the moment!), and I have to report news of Baggsy, who ran on Monday in a fillies' maiden over seven furlongs at Kempton.

The race looked pretty hot on paper (1000 Guineas winner Ghanaati finished 3rd on debut in the same heat last year), and Baggsy ran a spirited race full of promise. Sent off at 66/1, she traveled quite well and stayed on at the one pace when she came under pressure. Although beaten around ten lengths at the line, she's unlikely to ever race against horses this good again, and will have plenty of winning chances over the winter.

If you're interested in learning more about Baggsy, click the 'Geegeez Racing Club' link at the top of this page.

Obvious, for her part, has been given a handicap rating of just 55, which she should be able to win off. Unfortunately, she got a little sore in her shoulders after running on the firm ground at Warwick last time, and she'll need a couple more weeks before returning to the track. But, with going, trip and class of opposition all likely to be much more in her favour, we'd be hopeful of a significantly improved showing.

That's all for today - I'll be back tomorrow with more news on TrainerTrackStats (and my favourite freebie of the week!). If you want to hear about that straight from the horse's mouth, click the link below and sign up to join the VIP Lounge...


Pip pip!


p.s. If you've already got Flat Racing Profiles and/or the 15 to follow manuals, leave a comment below and let other people know whether you think they're worth the... erm... no money you paid for them! 😉

Geegeez Racing Club: Obvious Runs Next Week!

It is with unbridled excitement, dear reader, that I can today announce that our very first Geegeez Racing Club runner has been entered, and is due to take her chance early next week.

Obvious, the filly that is the apple of a hundred eyes (fifty members, two eyes each on average, you do the maths!), will have her first run in the soon to be famous (or at least known) colours of

Now it stands to reason that after a year off, and with some thoroughly unexposed animals set to line up against her, Obvious has it all to do. Expectations for this seasonal debut will be pitched accordingly, and I'd encourage those of you who might want to share in the story with an investment to keep stakes toward the lower end of your normal range.

I hope I'm wrong, and that she proves too good for them, but Obvious' targets are later in the season, and a good performance on Monday can be classed as a serious bonus.

How Obvious appears in RP

How Obvious appears in RP


As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, I've got more great news for the rest of the racing year. My great mate, Gavin over at Nag-Nag-Nag, is progressing well with his perennial winter bookie-buster, Trainer Track Stats.

For those who don't know the story, let me share with you why this too is so exciting to me...

Once upon a time, a long time ago (August 2006), a young man by the name of Matt Bisogno had a vision to create a new benchmark in the world of racing systems products. Although he had no experience of such things, aside from his own betting habits, and an ardent desire to 'raise the bar' from its hitherto far from lofty base, Bisogs was determined to change the hearts and minds of ordinary, good punting folk for the better.

His goal was to create something that was simple to follow, that contained a work of real quality, which was sustained by logic and a past track record, and that was accessible to his fellow betting everyman.

And so it was that from the white heat of his analytical furnace, the very first TTS was hewn. Rough around the edges, its presentation sacrificed for the pure goodness contained within, TTS became an instant hit in the latter part of 2006, and was followed by flat and jumps versions each season until this Spring.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Collectively, the TTS and TFS manuals have sold over 2,000 copies, and are feverishly anticipated by their veteran followers.

But the story is not as simple as that... it never is, is it?!

In June of last year, Bisogno took a job as General Manager with a major marketing player, Tim Lowe, that required him to give up his current business in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

Specifically, this meant a new owner had to be found for both NagNagNag and TrainerTrackStats. Sale was briefly considered but then dismissed, before Gavin stepped up to fill the void. With no experience of the internet (though a blue blood breeding in horse racing and betting), it was an extremely tough ask.

Many of you will know what an excellent job he's done, not just with Nag3, but also with his own 'brand', Festival Trends, which has enjoyed a tremendous run of success and quickly established itself as a keystone in trendsfolk's (I just made that word up!) punting arch.

History shows that my career with Tim (wonderful man, brilliant marketing mind) lasted all of two months, and it was 'start again' time for me. Time to find a new online home, and to find some new readers (as well as some loyal former readers - thank you, guys!).

It is strangely poetic that exactly one year on from my virtual 'rebirth', under the banner of, the very first Geegeez runner will step onto a race track. Wonderful for me personally, but most of all I'm thrilled to share the experience with so many of you kindred spirits. 🙂


Gavin and I joint launched TTS last year. This year, it is all his own work. My role has been little more than consultant data analyst, providing opinion on sample sizes, overall number of runners, wins to runs ratios, betting profit projections and such like.

And I have to tell you, Gavin's done a fantastic job. I won't bore you with the comparative stats (yet!), but suffice it to say that this season's TTS more than stands comparison with its predecessors, and there's a LOT to look forward to this winter jumping season.

What with TTS and Obvious, it's been a seriously red letter couple of days for me, and I know that many of you will share in my excitement over the coming days, weeks and months.


If you missed out on the chance to get involved with Obvious, don't fret.

There is another Geegeez Racing Club horse who will be due to run in about two weeks time. Baggsy is currently in full work, and will race either on soft ground (which he may well get as we stand on the precipice of summer, overlooking another soggy autumn) or on the all weather.

Again, his future will lie in winnable handicaps, so anything he achieves in his first couple of starts will be a pronounced bonus (pronounced, 'boh-nuhs' apparently).

If you'd like to be a part of Baggsy, as many of you already are, please click the link below, read all about it and, if it sounds like your kind of fun, you can sign up there. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of you guys at the track soon!

Get involved with Geegeez Racing Club and Baggsy here...

(By the way, if you didn't know, we're also planning a Geegeez Racing Club day for the end of October in Newmarket, where we'll go round the stables, watch the horses work, take in the racing museum, and then head to the track. You've got to be a member to come along - there's already around 50 people planning to attend, so check out the link above now!)

Right, too much excitement for this boy. I'm off for a lie down, to dream about our horse coming home in front, and greeting her back in the winners' enclosure, before cracking open the champagne with the rest of the Geegeez Racing Clan... ah, sweet dreams indeed.


Top Trainers And Job Jockeys…

Continuing the week of luvvly jubbly freebie action, dear reader, I've got some more racing personnel to keep on the right side of, plus an update on the super seller system that was published earlier in the week...

First up then, let's take a look at the last quintet of quid-nabbers (not brilliant alliteration, I'll grant you, but it is difficult with Q's!):

Season Last 14 Days
Tom Dascombe 23-106 +£5.20 5-19 +£13.25 Trainer
C E Brittain 21-112 +£37.62 4-16 +£26.50 Trainer
R A Fahey 40-254 +£72.95 12-71 +£12.56 Trainer
A Kirby 31-217 +£5.73 5-30 +£13.90 Jockey
C Gannon 12-133 +£47.88 6-36 +£111.53 Jockey

Some of these chaps have already added to their tally since I ran the numbers on Monday, so my apologies for not getting these out sooner.

Note that Cathy Gannon, who is another excellent lady rider, had an 80/1 winner which skewed her stats. Nevertheless, even accounting for that, she'd still be 31 quid up on the fortnight. Two interesting facts about that 80/1 winner:

1. Gavin's brother, Gary, emailed him and told him he fancied it. Gavin ignored it.

2. It paid over 250/1 on betfair SP, which might be the longest odds winner ever on there!

Regular readers of the blog will know that I often tell you to find lady riders to follow. Here's why:

- people bet with their prejudices

- people assume (possibly correctly) ladies are not as strong as chaps

- most punters are male, and perhaps a tad chauvinist (though not, of course, the extremely well informed readership of this 'ere blog!)

Your first 30 days for just £1

What I am about to say is one of the best pieces of betting advice I've ever given, and I urge you to think about this.

If the majority of the money wagered is based on a fundamental prejudice, this gives the more savvy amongst us a BIG opportunity to collect at value odds.

I am something of a contrarian - that is, I look to angles that other people ignore or turn their nose up at. The favourites in sellers system is a classic example. Even though the horse is favourite, because of the class of the race, it is sent off at a bigger price than it should be, despite being the best horse in the race.

That rarely if ever happens in high grade races.

So look out for the ladies. Look out also for the good up and coming jockeys. William Buick and Freddie Tylicki are excellent prospects.

And look out for up and coming trainers. Everybody knows about Tom Dascombe now, but he was still little known more than a year ago when I posted this on Nag3:

So keep an eye out for these guys. They'll likely be winning low grade races, but you get paid 4/1 in a seller and a Group 1 race just the same.


Ok, to the seller system I put up earlier in the week. Doubtless on the back of a two from two start, people were clamouring to find the next 'golden egg' from this particular systemic goose. Of course, as we all know in our heart of hearts, it doesn't work like that (said in a Northern Nationwide Building Society advert accent). Even if we hope it does. So, by the laws of averages and common sense, expect the next couple to lose.

However... my Flat Racing Profiles man, David Peat, sent me some further research regarding all weather sellers under similar criteria - I've copied his findings below:

Year    Bets    Wins    P/L    Strike Rate
2009    14    8    6.4    57.14%
2008    21    8    -0.78    38.1%
2007    26    10    3.06    38.46%
2006    24    6    -3.27    25%
2005    27    10    3.13    37.04%
2004    24    10    0.07    41.67%
2003    35    16    12.95    45.71%

Table 1
AW Selling Races
Favourite (Clear)
Must have run in a seller last time out

Must have finished 1st 2nd and 3rd

Year    Bets    Wins    P/L    Strike Rate
2009    12    6    0.9    50%
2008    18    8    2.22    44.44%
2007    22    9    2.06    40.91%
2006    21    5    -3.77    23.81%
2005    25    10    5.13    40%
2004    22    10    2.07    45.45%
2003    29    14    9.95    48.28%

Table 2
AW Selling Races
Favourite, Joint Fav, Co Fav
Must have run in a seller last time out
Must have finished 1st 2nd and 3rd

The jolly in the 3.05 Brighton might be of interest for the super seller system. There's no all weather action today.

Look out for those guys at the top of this post and the ones previously mentioned this week, and remember to keep your prejudices away from your betting slips! 😉
Happy Friday,


The Best Horse Racing Systems Ever?

I've now added some new content to the website, which includes fresh reviews of my favourite five best horse racing systems.

There is a backing system; a laying system; a trading system; a stop at a winner system; and, a laying guide (less absolute in system rules terms).

The top five are as follows:

1. Favourites Phenomenon - brilliantly effect system for making regular incremental growth of your betting bank. A staple of any punting portfolio.

2. LS Trader - far from the norm for a racing website, but this commodities trading service has been making hay in these uncertain market conditions, and looks set to continue along that path for some time yet.

3. Laying System - possibly self-indulgent to include my own Laying System service, but I know the time and effort I put into compiling it, and the results to date have been very good.

4. Racing Secrets [Exposed] - currently off the market, but due to relaunch soon, RSE is a brilliant no-nonsense guide to laying and, for those with some time to go through the process, will assist enormously in locating 'shorties' to oppose.

5. TrainerTrackStats - now in its third season of profit, TTS has proven itself to be a hard perennial. Again, a must for any betting systems portfolio.

So there they are. The five best horse racing systems I've reviewed and trialed to date. I'm sure that there will be some new kids on the block in 2009 that give these a run for their money. As and when they appear, you can be confident they'll appear on this site in trial / review form.


Breeders Cup Preview: Spontaneous Combustion Alert

I'm very VERY excited, dear reader, for tis the eve of another of racing's occasional Christmases. Yes, tomorrow sees the first of the new two days of Breeders Cup races, and I've been studying hard.

Studying hard that is, when not obliged to drive hundreds of miles to look at holes in the ground. Yes, the Grand Canyon is interesting, nay spectacular. But yes, it does look the same from the various vantage points.

And Sedona I'm afraid is just another hole in the ground preventing me from finishing my studies.

No matter, for I am most of the way there, and am skipping breakfast in order to share with you my thoughts. (Don't think I'm a martyr - I'm expecting to put on around half a stone this week!)


To Friday's card:

Filly & Mare Sprint

It looks like a speed duel up front here, between Dearest Trickski, Dream Rush, Indyanne and Lady Sprinter. Indyanne would have had a chance but I think the battle for the lead will see her race run before the home stretch.

Zaftig will stay all of this seven furlongs and more, and has the best speed figures in the race by a margin. But she has to overcome a four month layoff.

Indian Blessing should be able to sit behind the fierce early gallop and stalk into contention turning in. She looks the most likely winner.

Selection: Indian Blessing
Value: Zaftig

Juvenile Fillies Turf

If ever a race was made for a decent Euro 2yo, this is it. Alas, none of the decent ones have come over and, instead, this race looks an absolute conundrum.

Laragh has the best turf form and should get an uncontested lead from the 2 box. She is miles clear of any of the other turf form.

However, we need to consider dirt runners switching to turf, and Emmy Darling has the highest Beyer speed rating by a distance.

Chuck in the Euro turf form, which is moderate, but may still be enough in a very weak division. Beyond Our Reach is the pick over April Pride and Heart Shaped.

I think this might be set up for a shock.

Selection: Laragh (tentative)
Value: Emmy Darling, Beyond Our Reach, April Pride, Heart Shaped

Juvenile Fillies

Again, a Euro holds the key. Pursuit of Glory's turf form is far better than any of the dirt form on offer, but she has to demonstrate she goes on the Pro-Ride surface here.

There isn't much speed in the race, so there's a possibility of a muddling pace and another false result. Added to that the best horses are mostly drawn wide, and may or may not be able to track across to a more favourable racing position.

All things considered, Sky Diva has the best combination of draw, running style and form, and may win.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Doremisollafatido could be value if she can get across from a car park draw.

Selection: Sky Diva
Value: Doremisollafatido

Filly & Mare Turf

An interesting race and historically a Euro benefit. Most of the better horses are pace setters or race handily, so there could be some fierce early action.

The US horses are much of muchness, with ex-French Dynaforce probably the pick.

Of the Euros, I am very sweet on Halfway to Heaven, a triple Group 1 winner this year, including the Nassau Stakes over tomorrow's trip. She loves fast ground and has everything in her favour.

Folk Opera is used to racing over here and, if not beaten by the speed contest early on, looks each way value.

Selection: Halfway To Heaven (Nap)
Value: Folk Opera

Ladies Classic (formerly Distaff)

A small but select group of US runners, with some Godolphin interest to boot.

There's plenty of pace, with Hystericalady likely to lead out and fade. The horse to be on is Zenyatta. She's odds on for a reason. Eight wins from eight runs, and she seems to be winning by wider margins.

She's proven on the surface, something most of her rivals aren't, and the race will be set up for her.

Ginger Punch is the defending champ and she's been trained with this in mind (obviously).

Selection: Zenyatta (nb)
Value: Ginger Punch

Friday's action will be here later (much later: I have holes in the ground to inspect...)


To the systems review, and Fancy Fillies incurred a winner (and therefore a loser for us), when Wajaha won at 8/11. She'd traded at bigger in the early markets and we're now back to around £300 up on the trial.

Today's selection is at Great Leighs tonight, so has yet to race as I write: Rublevka Star, in the 7.20.


I know you probably get bored with me writing about TTS, but I have to tell you that from our 16 runners today (yes, we sometimes have bumper days like that), we had the following results:


2.40 Astarador 2nd 6/5

2.40 Crocodiles Rock WON 10/3

3.15 Oh Pickles 5th 8/1

3.15 Teenando WON 3/1

3.45 Firth Of Forth 10th 9/1

3.45 Super Road Train 5th 4/1

4.15 Hockenheim 2nd 9/2

4.50 Toy Gun WON 11/4

4.50 Presenting Alf PU 9/2


2.55 Shining Gale WON 5/2

2.55 Will The Till 3rd 10/1

2.55 Felinious 6th 5/1

3.25 Malakiya WON 11/1

3.25 Dasher Reilly BD 15/2

4.30 Just Like That Fell at last when challenging 5/2

5.30 Charles Street WON 4/5

Another very nice day at the races. ;o)

Right, that's all for now. Back tomorrow with a preview of Saturday's action. Come on the Euros!!!