Runners narrowly avoid track intruder in New Zealand

Jockeys riding in a race at Trentham in New Zealand on Saturday had to take evasive action after a man ran onto the track.

A member of the public dashed on to the course as the field approached in the eighth race, standing in the middle of track as as the runners fanned either side of him in front of the grandstand.

All the horses managed to swerve around the man, with Johnathan Parkes, who rode Boston Strong Boy, admitting the intruder was fortunate to avoid being hit.

Speaking to Andrew Bensley of NZ Racing News, Parkes said: “It was a bit of a shock and I was lucky to miss him to be honest.

“It must have been about 12 strides before I sort of saw him and I was just hoping he would stand still and didn’t move. I had to decide which way I was going and I ended up pulling the right-hand rein and just missed the guy.

“We were all a little bit in shock and a little bit brassed off.”