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Three Week Challenge, Part 3: Bet Selection

You made it! This is the third and final part of the Three Week Challenge.

In this concluding part, we're going to look at bet selection.

We've already chosen the right races on which to focus in part one; and then in the middle section we've shortlisted our race runners into value contenders and overbets/also rans.


Catch Up

If you've skipped any sections, DON'T!

First, read this short introductory article.

Part 1 is about Race Selection: choosing your battles. Check that out here >

Part 2 is Shortlisting. Check that out here >


Part 3: Bet Selection

And now it's time to press home our opinions by making optimal wagers. That's the subject of the video below, and the report/link referenced in it and reproduced below the video.

This process in three parts WILL improve your betting if you work with it. Be patient, and forgiving of yourself; and review the races after the fact. Did things pan out as you'd expected? Did you over-/under-estimate any horses? If so, what are the lessons to learn? Focusing on one race a day, or whenever you have some time, like this will do wonders for your understanding of the game... and your enjoyment of it... and your bottom line!

Let's get to it!



Here is Russell's outstanding 'Money Without Work' report >>

And here is the multi-race value betting strategy >

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