Win Each Way System Review (and Bonus)

Win Each Way System Review (and Bonus)

Win Each Way System Review

Win Each Way System Review

The Win Each Way system was created by one of my Platinum students, Lester Cavanagh (real person, real name!), and first released last year.

And this is the 2014 version, Win Each Way 2.0 if you will.

I've known Lester for almost two years now - since he signed up for my mentors programme back in 2012 - and I've been impressed with his work ethic, his desire to over-deliver, and - most importantly - the system he's put together.

Win Each Way is a trainer-based system. As a massive fan of trainer angles, I was already on side when he came up with his spin: a spin I've not seen systematized like this anywhere else.

So what is Win Each Way?

It's an easy to operate, time-tested system for identifying horses which can be expected to run well as a consequence of an important first time change. The system consists of a manual, which outlines the rules and how to easily apply them (and I do mean 'easily').

It takes about ten minutes a day to spot qualifiers and, if you're time pushed, Lester has your back. He's offering all new subscribers a month's free access to a special member service where he tells you which horses qualify, so you don't need to do anything except put your bets on.

If you want to carry on using that service after the first month, there's a nominal charge (about 50p a day) for doing that.


What results has Win Each Way achieved?

Win Each Way has been researched over a decade, and has shown itself to be profitable in every one of those years. That's pretty impressive, and all well and good, but what about live testing?

Well, I've personally been tracking this since the beginning of February and, in that time, it's recorded a profit of 55.96 points at Betfair SP. At industry SP, it's 'only' 48.5 points. Still, that's £485 betting £10 per qualifier in little more than ten weeks.

One of the real joys of Win Each Way is that it can be used, as the name suggests, as an each way system. And if you apply that to the Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers you'd have made more than £485, especially as Lester's system has found winners in that time at 12/1, 10/1, 7/1, 8/1, and 9/1, as well as a couple of shorter winners, from just 27 bets.

In fact, the 10/1 winner was only two qualifiers ago.

So no, this is not some back-fitted set up. Instead, these trainers have earned their places by excelling under the obvious (when you think about it) qualifying criteria.

Now, I should say that the recent results are a bit better than normal. Realistically, you're looking at a historical average of 165 or so points a year at Betfair starting price, and something similar if taking early Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) prices.

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

How do I use Win Each Way?

You have a few choices for operating Win Each Way, as follows.

With regards to finding the selections, you can either use the manual and a website like (!) to find the qualifiers; or you can get them directly from Lester each day.

Given that he's offering all subscribers a chance to receive them free as part of the service in the first month, it makes sense to at least check your own picks against his. That way, you can be sure you're doing things right. And, of course, if you don't have time to find the picks or would just rather Lester did that for you, he will continue to provide those selections for as long as you want, for a monthly sub.

As for placing bets, again you have a couple of options. The one option which I would strongly counsel against is betting at industry SP. Whilst Win Each Way is very profitable to SP, there is much more 'gravy' in betting either each way Best Odds Guaranteed, or to Betfair SP win and place.

You can review the BOG prices at any odds comparison site, including within the 'Odds' tab in geegeez's race cards.

What does Win Each Way cost, and is there a guarantee?

Win Each Way costs a very reasonable £47. For that, you will receive the system manual, with examples of how to identify the selections as well, naturally, as the system rules.

You'll also receive a month's worth of selections from Lester so you can either check your own choices against his, or simply just use his picks.

If you want to continue receiving the selections after the first month, you will be charged £17 per month. That's up to you, though.

Win Each Way is sold through Clickbank and, as such, comes with a 'no questions asked' guarantee which covers you for up to sixty days after your registration.

And, knowing Lester, he's extremely keen to over-deliver, so customer service is an absolute given. (Though, as you'll appreciate, he might be fairly busy in the first couple of days, so do bear with him!)

You can read more about Win Each Way and register for it here.

What about your bonus?!

Good point. I almost forgot. Because I'm so impressed with Lester's Win Each Way system, I've decided to add my own bonus as an incentive for you to give it a try.

My bonus involves just a slight tweak to Lester's rules, which I'll be using myself. It's a bit cheeky of me to do that, as his system has performed excellently. And my tweak does make the overall profit slightly less. But... this minor amendment increases the strike rate to almost one in four (from around one in six), and thus makes the ride a bit smoother.

If you sign up for Win Each Way through my link, you'll be eligible to receive my bonus 'tweak'. To double check that you've registered through my link, just check the bottom of the sign up page for the following :


Then, when you receive your email receipt, forward that to me so I can check my records, and I'll send you my subtle revision by return.

This system has been revised and updated for 2014, and I have personally used it since the beginning of February to net an easy 56 points. And it's a system which really lends itself to each way Best Odds Guaranteed betting.

Click here to get your copy of Win Each Way, and my free bonus tweak.

[Oh, by the way, I think it goes without saying that I'm recommending Lester's system as an affiliate. And if you buy through my link, my company will get a commission. I tend to spend such commissions wisely, on things like new features - such as the race cards, plus more stuff coming soon - for geegeez. But, occasionally, I do spend it on something more frivolous like a bit of race horse 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to be totally clear on that. If you don't want to buy through my link, you should still go ahead and grab a copy of Lester's system. It is really very good indeed, and I think you'll love it.]


p.s. Win Each Way really is a cracking little system, so do check it out here.