Thank you, and an Update

Gosh. Or should I say, GOSH?

I was truly and sincerely gobsmacked by your kindness in response to Monday's post. I was hopeful that a few generous souls would comment favourably about geegeez, with a view to showcasing the affection in which the site is held.

But I was amazed - no, dumbfounded - by the 167 (one hundred and sixty-seven!!!) messages of goodwill. And I'd like to say a huge


to all who left a message, and all who read the post, and all who have visited geegeez over the last however many years. That wall of feedback is as strong a testament to the type of people who frequent these virtual rooms as any I've seen. I'm proud to have been a part of such a lovely community of racing fans for so long. Again, thank you. 🙂


Now, obviously this is a time of upheaval and no little uncertainty. So let me tell you where we are currently.

Firstly, let's talk about the 'user experience'. Or, in human terms, how things will look for you in the coming months.

For the rest of this month, December, it will be as you like it, and as it's been: no change. The one slight caveat is that there might be less blogs between Christmas and New Year, though I will try to do a Boxing Day special preview piece, with so much mouth-watering action. There is also another £100 free bet up for grabs on Boxing Day, from those deep-pocketed souls at Seanie Mac, so look out for that. It could pay for a few expenses during the festive period.

All of the excellent writers will be contributing up until the end of the month, after which time some will be signing off, unfortunately. A couple have volunteered to continue scribbling for you, and again, that reflects the regard in which this community is held. People LOVE writing for you, because you engage with it and you appreciate it. Nice! 🙂

Chris and I are here until the way forward is established. So, in January, you'll still see Stat of the Day, and The Shortist, and Double Dutch, and my blog posts, and a few other occasional guest contributions.

We will also continue to trial betting systems and services, the latest of which can always be accessed from the menu item called Systems (at the far right of the menu bar). Or by clicking that there linkie.

As well as all that, you will continue to see the racecards, Full Form Filters, and Race Analysis Reports, until at least the end of April/beginning of May. That's the earliest break point from my license agreement, so if I'm obligated to pay for the data then I'm surely going to keep sharing that with the loyal geegeez readership.

Gold subscribers will continue to receive all of the above, plus Pace Reports (a video on which is coming soon), tomorrow's cards... and some new stuff in development. Want a sneak peek? All right, then...

Keep in mind that these reports are not finished yet, so not all of the data is pitch perfect as I write. But it will be when released, hopefully before the turn of the year.

First up, there's a new report called Horses4Courses. This simple page shows, in one place, the track record for every runner that day to have previously run at the course. It's easier to understand by looking at the report than by me explaining, so here's a screenshot of today's H4C:

The new Horses 4 Courses report

The new Horses 4 Courses report

You can click the image to see it full size. It's sorted by most wins, but all columns are sortable. So, for instance, if you wanted to look at a particular race, you could click the 'Time' column heading and have the data sorted by race time. Or by place percentage (for you placepot plunderers), click the 'Place%' column heading.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Like I say, it's a really simple report, but all that info in one easily accessible and usable place is a good thing..!

The next new report is the 'Best Of' report. This report takes all of the Race Analysis Report race-by-race content, and includes in a single view those horses that have a Race Analysis Report attribute (i.e. going, class, course, distance, field size) with three or more wins/places, and a win/place percentage of 33%/50% or more.

If that sounds complicated, it simply means these are the pick of the Race Analysis Reports for each race condition (note, not necessarily for all of today's conditions). Again, let me show you it to illustrate what it does and how. Some of the data is a bit quirky still, and we're working on that.

The new 'Best Of' report (beta)

The new 'Best Of' report (beta)

Click the image to see it full size.

Also in development is a very cool report containing trainer info. This fellow has four different views:

- Trainer 14 day form
- Trainer 30 day form
- Trainer course form this year
- Trainer course form since 2009

When it's finished you'll be able to select a trainer to see his/her entries, but we don't yet have that info built in. Here's the trainer course form since 2009 view for today.

Trainer course form since 2009 report (beta)

Trainer course form since 2009 report (beta)

Click the image to see it full size.

And the final thing which is in development, commissioned before the lockdown, is an 'entity tracker'. You've seen horse trackers on other sites, and may already use one. Well, geegeez will have that soon, but it will also have a trainer and jockey tracker too.

You simply select/deselect your chosen 'entities' (that is, horses, trainers or jockeys) by clicking the little stars by their names, and after confirmation, they'll be added to/removed from your 'My Geegeez' area, and you'll be able to see as soon as you log in those nags/pilots/handlers of immediate interest to you today.




Click the image to view full size. Also note the nice line of Blue Buttons (runs today, 12.50 Exeter!) at the top of our test racecards page. So all this information will be accessible from a single place.

Actually, when I say that's the last of the development, that's not quite true. There are two other things being worked on.

The first is a Head to Head report, which will show how the horses in each race have performed against each other previously, with a clickable slidedown (I hope) to show the actual races inline within the page.

And the final final thing in development is geegeez' own odds comparison tool. There is a tool at, and sometimes it even works! But it's unreliable and slow quite often. We're building one which will work better, and will feature a 'Best Odds' column, so you can instantly see that info, rather than having to scan around the grids for emboldened text. (That will be there too though).

The odds charts will be globally available, and all of the other reports will form part of the Gold subscription. So, if you've not yet registered, now is a good time. 🙂

If you already have a login for geegeez, go to your 'My Geegeez' page, and click the yellow button to get a 28 day free trial. If you haven't already got a login for geegeez, you can get one here.


So that's what's happening with geegeez. Like I said, more a new beginning than an end, and there's a lot of great stuff for any new owner to work with there. On that front, I've fielded probably a dozen enquiries so far, of which I'd classify four as 'sensible' (i.e. geared up operationally and financially to take geegeez forward).

I have two meetings on Friday, and while this is only very preliminary, I think one of them would be an ideal setup to take over. I really hope we can come to an agreement. (I'm even going to offer to write something here every now and again if they'll have me!)

In parallel to that, I'm looking at what happens if a buyer cannot be found, my Option 3 from Monday's post. I think realistically there would probably need to be  a small charge for the racing content (cards, reports, etc) to retain that beyond the end of April. With that in mind, can I do a quick straw poll, please?

Please answer the question below completely honestly, as I need to be able to gauge whether the data costs can be covered. Obviously, you're not going to be held to your response - it's anonymous, anyway - but if you're unsure, can I ask you to click 'I'm not sure'? Thanks!


To clarify the possible answers, 'basic level subscription' equates to the 'free Basic' (BLUE) column in this chart, and Gold equates to, well, the Gold (RED) column.

Make sense? OK, here's the question...

[poll id="53"]

OK, that's all for today. I hope your festive preparations are progressing well (I've done nothing on that score so far..!), and I also hope you can see there's plenty of life in the old geegeez dog just yet. 🙂




Your first 30 days for just £1
34 replies
  1. Avatar
    Chris Worrall says:

    Each to their own, but if I were an outsider looking in, I’d be happy to pay more than £12 for the Gold content alone and £20 / 25 for full site access. I write SotD and it’s free, I know of at least one rival site charging £20 a month to have their daily stat mailed out to their subscribers.

  2. Avatar
    Jack Benton says:

    happy to pay 20 pounds or more for everything wish you all well and thanks for the great mentions regarding IM FRAAM GOVAN I MADE A KILLING ON THAT ONE i can tell you my best value ew bet today is bincombe in the 2.50 at exeter regards jack benton

  3. Avatar
    gareth says:

    come on people 12.00 per month works out at only 3.00 per week 45p a day you only need a couple of winners a month to justify that plus all the added extras thrown in for free and we need a better community forum sharing tips and ideas esp how to win with all the new data coming.

  4. Avatar
    Terry Blogg says:

    Very good idea,but as I am the king of boc’s.If I join I will only give it the kiss of death.
    So good luck with it.And a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  5. Avatar
    Shaunie says:

    I think that 12.00 per month is very reasonable, If I was not a pensioner, I would say it should be more.!! Thanks for update Matt.

  6. Avatar
    Bruce Anderson says:

    Hi Matt

    I registered on 4th/5th and when I tried a few days after I could not access the site. Could you have a look to see if I had got it wrong.
    I think that I changed my password, I cant be sure. Help.


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bruce

      There’s no account associated with your name or this email address. I’ve set one up for you, and sent you details.


  7. Avatar
    Chris A says:

    Ticked £12/ month & quite happy to pay what is less than £150 p.a. for best horse racing site on the web, but as I said in earlier post, the site needs the Matt Factor, & that is no slight on the other invaluable contributors.

    Cheers, Chris

  8. Avatar
    ziderman57 says:

    very disapointed to see so many people wanting something for nothing, matt is a gem, not a shyster or geezer. If you had backed his top three horses for courses it would have netted you a 7-1 winner, he gave you blue buttons outright won 13-2 (can you explain a bit more on that one re lines ? matt ?) I would pay £20 + a month and know I would get it back in spades. Heck he has so much info he could tell when your missus was ovulating !

    Shame we will never get the vital info of what a horse weighs, but hey ho

    Phill a simple minded bisogno believer

    PS Avenues of thought just came out on kindle-cheap as chips £3-60 – you will never think the same thoughts again !

  9. Avatar
    Duncan Macdonald says:

    I’m a semi-pro & profitable investor in horse racing. I’ve read the content supplied by Geegees
    for some time & the value of the free information online truly staggers me.
    Don’t get me wrong – I do not follow any information blindly. I do my own thing – my own
    research, stats, points rating & the use of my own unique betting bank strategy. However the
    Geegees site has not only confirmed many profitably investments but has also led me to
    considering value bets I might have missed.
    With this in mind surely now is the time when Matt needs our support!! We may be loosing his
    ongoing involvement with Geegees, which I understand & regret but I for one would like to see
    Geegees survive. If you have any empathy my comments then now is your time to stand up
    & be counted. Vote for Matts’ full power Gold service at £12 per Mth. (it’s worth mutch more)
    & it will assist Matt in considering his options..
    Whatever the outcome Matt, many thanks for your valued advice to date & I wish you & your
    family GODS speed for the future. I’m sure this is not the last time we’ll be in touch.
    From: Duncan Macdonald. Macpro30.

  10. Avatar
    chrismac says:

    Hi Matt £12 a month is very reasonable for the subscription, I’m planning on taking the 28 day trial early in the new year if still available.

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar
    paul2000 says:

    Is there a problem with the bookmakers best odds on the racecards, they all seem to be greyed out ?

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      Not a problem as such, but we’re transitioning to a new server. Will have a MUCH better bookmaker comparison / best odds portal very soon.

      Thanks for your forbearance during the switchover.


  13. Avatar
    yorky41 says:

    £12 a month- peanuts for the quality and content contained in this virtual room. I’d be happy to pay £20-25 pm. To try and help keep the site going in some way. What ever happens in the future matt I sincerely wish you luck.

  14. Avatar
    cj1969 says:

    I don’t believe many people would pay £12 a month whether it is value for money or not….that’s just the way of things.

    As a thought have you considered perhaps leaving a free option but removing 1 or 2 of the current free items, such as ‘Stat of the Day’ and adding a new ‘Silver’ level with the couple of things that will no longer be free, plus one or two of the current ‘Gold’ options and charging maybe a 5 or 6 quid a month for that?

    I just think that if there is no free option at all most people will move on and if there’s a choice between remaining free or paying £12 a month I suspect not enough will go for the latter. Maybe a mid-range product might tempt a few more?

    Like I said it’s only a thought. Whatever happens the very best of luck to both you and the site whoever takes over the running of it.

  15. Avatar
    Ravi says:

    Matt, I would be happy to pay £12 even though the conversion from South African rand’s equates to much for me, but i know and have grown to type the geegeez address into my browser before any other every morning. I will continue perhaps a little biased only if the Matt factor continues to exist at geegeez.

    Thank you for a great site…I have been following you for more than 3 years from the distant shores of South Africa.

  16. Avatar
    chrish2 says:

    Music to my ears – trainer trends at a glance and for £12 a month! The words, serious and you can’t be, spring to mind. How sturdy is your door Matt? (re my previous post).

  17. Avatar
    dannydakota says:

    I voted not to pay but that isn’t because I don’t think the site isn’t excellent. I do. And £12 is probably good value but I am just not looking for another paid racing service, no matter how good. I believe your website is superb but even before you did all the racecards etc I wondered how you could justify devoting so much time and effort to a free site. I always assumed you were getting advertising from some part of the site I didn’t visit.

    All the best for the future and I sincerely hope you can get enough subscribers to make it all worthwhile, you truly deserve it for all your hard work and equitable attitude.

    • Avatar
      Paul Liversuch says:

      I agree 100% with Danny Dakota…. I only use the site for checking out possible scams and reading reports on systems. What about a merger with another good site such as Darren Power’s ‘Betting School’ (Around since 2005), James Fitzmaurice’s ‘Betting System Truths’, Malcom Pett’s ‘Racing Selections’/’Grey Horse Bot’,etc., Mike Cruickshank’s ‘Bonus Bagging’, or Peter Jenkins’ ‘U Cant Lose’…. to name a few possible contenders?
      A merger would leave you (Matt) to act on a consultancy basis – ie part time and paid.

      Again all the best to all of your staff, you all deserve to succeed and once you reach a critical mass you should be guaranteed a future (What about more free promotion via Facebook, etc?)


  18. Avatar
    PAULP says:

    Surely Matt this matter of subscription should be down to you as you know your margins at which you can work.As for the mojority of people suggesting the top end of the graph would be VFM I dare stake any amount of money it would be a very poor turnout if this subscription were to be implecated anyone can vote when no money changes hands wait to see what happens if you put the top end price in the survey into place it would be a poor show. THANKS FOR EVEYTHING IN THE PAST AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEXT VENTURE/

  19. Avatar
    Ian says:

    If I were to advise someone starting out on betting the horses geezgeez would be top of the list. There is no doubt about VFM or ROI. However many of us that use the site are not new and I suspect many, like me, use a range of tools. The question is not so much about the value in itself; it’s about how much extra would I be prepared to pay on top of what I pay already for the tools/information that I already have? To clarify: I subscribe to service that provides with a form book etc. and it recently produced racecards in easily accessible format. They charge for this. Much as I like and applaud geegeez’s racecards I am not going to pay for something I have already. I love geegeez’s for its unique take on the race betting world, for the enthusiasm, knowledge and tireless work of its founder but it’s not really a question of asking is it worth x or y because we know it is in absolute terms.

  20. Mal
    Mal says:

    In what some people describe as a ‘dodgy’ sport at best, I can only say that since I started contributing to this website, Matt and Chris have proved themselves to be the straightest people I have worked with…and I have been walking the corridors of the sport for forty five years.

    That’s all I need to say for those considering taking up a financial interest in their future.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thank you, Mal.

      That means a lot, and we very much appreciate it.

      All best,

  21. Avatar
    tonyb65 says:

    Great site Matt, I’ve been following you for years in fact your videos on setting up selling websites etc.has been invaluable to me. It is a pleasure to follow you and I rsepct and admire your integrity. Best of luck to you. I shall keep following you.

  22. Avatar
    trevor says:

    Hi matt ive always enjoyed your stat of the day facility i read what is said and make up my own mind if to back the advice or not but i have not been able to get the infomation any more due to some advertising after attempting to access this a few times i am a bit of a technophobe could you please help

  23. Avatar
    emvebe says:

    Hi Matt seems opinion is divided, many people think £12 per month is good value (which it would be) but others for what ever reason be it financial or subscriptions to other sites would not join. How about charging £5 per month for everything I am sure you would get a near 100% take up and 2,000 members would give you 120k a year and 3,000 would be 180k more than covering your outlay in the last year. All future revenue could be used to expand the site and give you a healthy return on your investment.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Martin

      I’m afraid take up at even £5 would be nearer 300 to 400 members, and that would not pay the bills alas. It’s just not as simple as that, alas. But thanks for the idea.


      • Avatar
        Paul Liversuch says:

        I can see what you mean Matt – everyone expects something for nothing nowadays, though most of them are quite happy throwing money at ‘Starbucks’ for a cup of coffee, or spending an absolute fortune ‘renting’ the latest smart phone to keep up with the trendies!
        I use an invaluable betfair application program which used to be free and started charging much to the disgust of a lot of its ‘fans’ even though the facility for paying outright is very reasonable and well worth the outlay.
        I’m all for freebies but also believe in paying a decent price for something that is useful to you though I probably wouldn’t subscribe at the moment for reasons I’ve given elsewhere – but I do think the amounts you’re considering are very reasonable for anyone that uses your facilities regularly.


  24. Avatar
    Bruce Anderson says:

    H Matt.

    I cant understand that you cannot find my e-mail address ( I have used it for more time than I can remember. My password/s have not been changed more than twice since I first “joined up with Geegeez”. I think that I changed my password because I could not register. I think I used 19arkle65.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bruce

      I emailed you a new one. Did you get that email? Also, to clarify, being registered to the geegeez email address is not the same as registering to the site.

      Please email me at rather than comment on here if you need further help.


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