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Geegeez System Trials Update :01/10/2014

As we head into October, many of the services under review here on Geegeez are offering substantial discounts on trial periods to enable you to take a closer look at their products, obviously in the hope that you'll like what you see and sign up for a full package!

So here's what's on offer at present...

Focus Ratings are giving a free week's trial to all Geegeez readers and all you need to do to get this offer, is to click here. A ratings service is hard to evaluate in a review, but we try to explain the service here in our preview.

The princely sum of £1.00 will get you a full week's worth of selections from Football Fever, who are currently making around 10% ROI during their review thanks to a near-78% strike rate. You can get access to Football Fever right here.

A solitary quid also gets you a 14-day trial from Soccer-Tip, who specialise in the tricky over 2.5 goals market and their review shows them hitting over 52% of correct predictions. To take the £1.00 trial of Soccer-Tip, please use this special link.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Those of you who have been with us a while will remember that we gave a glowing report to the Victor Value service and we have recently started reviewing the Late Value offspring to the service. Both services are currently offering a week's access for just £3.00 and if you click on the names of either Victor Value or the VV Late Value Service, you will be taken to the signup page where you can take advantage of this offer. Our review of the Late Value service is right here.

We have reviewed several services from the Betting Gods portfolio over the last year and many of them have done well under review. Betting Gods are happy to offer the first month of any service(s) you'd like to try for just £4.95. At the moment, we're covering On The Ball, a multi-sports betting service (review here), Footy Lay Profits (no prizes for guessing what that's about!), who are making steady progress (more details here) and recent addition Sovereign Racing, which has made a blistering start to its trial with a 1-in-3 strike rate and 51.8pts profit in just nine days: every selection is listed here.

And last but not least, is the offer of one month's access to the Betting Insiders Club, which offers far more than tips, but yes, it does offer tips! I've been a member for some time and I've been very impressed with them over the years, but they rarely do discounts! I have however persuaded them to let our readers take a month for just £7.99 via this link. If you want to see what kind of selections they make, my review is here.

PLEASE NOTE : signing up for a trial suggested in this post doesn't tie you in to the service, you can cancel before the trial(s) end and simply walk away, there's no hard sell (we don't deal with such vendors) and there'll be no problems cancelling.

If you do, however, wish to take the opportunity of a reduced price entry to a service, simply click those red links! The blue links will, of course, direct you to our detailed reviews, compiled by my wonderful team of willing volunteers.

If you need any more help making up your mind, please get in touch with me, I'd love to help!


P.S. Don't forget that ALL our reviews (including those not mentioned today) can be found in one handy location right here.

Your first 30 days for just £1