The Best Horse Racing Systems Ever?

I've now added some new content to the website, which includes fresh reviews of my favourite five best horse racing systems.

There is a backing system; a laying system; a trading system; a stop at a winner system; and, a laying guide (less absolute in system rules terms).

The top five are as follows:

1. Favourites Phenomenon - brilliantly effect system for making regular incremental growth of your betting bank. A staple of any punting portfolio.

2. LS Trader - far from the norm for a racing website, but this commodities trading service has been making hay in these uncertain market conditions, and looks set to continue along that path for some time yet.

3. Laying System - possibly self-indulgent to include my own Laying System service, but I know the time and effort I put into compiling it, and the results to date have been very good.

4. Racing Secrets [Exposed] - currently off the market, but due to relaunch soon, RSE is a brilliant no-nonsense guide to laying and, for those with some time to go through the process, will assist enormously in locating 'shorties' to oppose.

5. TrainerTrackStats - now in its third season of profit, TTS has proven itself to be a hard perennial. Again, a must for any betting systems portfolio.

So there they are. The five best horse racing systems I've reviewed and trialed to date. I'm sure that there will be some new kids on the block in 2009 that give these a run for their money. As and when they appear, you can be confident they'll appear on this site in trial / review form.


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