The Best Value There Is: No Charge!

Topping and tailing the week on value, dear reader, I've had a little surf through cyberspace seeking specials. Having toweled myself down, and dried my hair, I can now share with you a bunch of 'nothing to do with racing, nothing in it for Bisogno' freebies or discounts that many of you may be  able to avail yourselves of.

We're talking money off food, free samples of stuff, and so on. If you like paying full price for everything, then fair enough. If you're like me, however, and can't resist a bargain, you're in for a treat...

So let's get cracking. There's stuff below covering stuff as diverse as credit reports and toiletries!

(One small statutory point - I haven't used all of these offers myself, so please check the small print before you take them up. I've had a cursory squint to make sure it 'looks' ok, but that is not tantamount to me saying it is ok... hope that makes sense).

And one other point - the promo codes have been sourced from two sites called and Any codes in the below offers may give them a kickback, but you have my assurance that there's nada in it for me. I'm just trying to give something back to you lovely people! 🙂

Greyhound Racing

If you live anywhere near Poole or Swindon, you can get free entry, a racecard and a drink by printing off the relevant coupon below.

Poole -

Swindon -

Wimbledon - Dine for £1 and get free admission with this voucher:

Sittingbourne - Two for one entry with this voucher:

DVD Rental

Lovefilm has a two week free trial of their 'posted to your door' DVD rental service. Get free postage both ways, no obligation, no contract, and no due dates or late fees. If you decide to become a member, they also have over 1500 films you can watch online then and there (assuming you have a broadband connection - do not try this with dial up!)

Offer link:


GAP - 30% off everything at GAP between 21st and 29th September. Sign up here if you're interested:

La Redoute - Seeing as we were looking at the Arc yesterday, I thought this cool French clothing company might be of interest. They're offering £15 off an order of £20 or more. So, basically, you can get a £20 shirt or blouse or whatever for a fiver.

Code is 8401, and the website is

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

Dorothy Perkins - if you or someone you love is a fan of 'Dottie P', then you/they can get 20% off until Sunday.

Code is DPVIPA, and the website is

Food / Drink

Toby Pubs - If there's a Toby Carvery near you, this is a cracking offer. Two courses (including a roast dinner) and ice cream for a fiver! You have to eat before 6.30pm, but that seems fair enough to me...

Print the coupon here:

Pizza Hut (Delivery) - Buy one, get one free on all delivery pizzas ordered online.

Code is PFECOL1EB, and the website is

Pizza Hut (eat in) - get 50% off your food the next time you go to Pizza Hut.

Go to and follow the prompts.

Pizza Express - my favourite pizza restaurant by an absolute mile (since my dad closed his place anyway!). And they're doing a lunchtime offer of two pizzas for a tenner!

Go to and follow the prompts.

Strada - aside from Pizza Express, the only other Italian 'chain' restaurant I eat at. Their pasta is great. And until the end of September, you can get a starter, main course and a glass of wine or a beer for £15.

Go to and follow your nose...

O'Neill's - A confession: my friends and I regularly have 'football boys' nights out at O'Neill's, and we tear the place up! So, to help me and my muckers line our stomachs first, the fine people at O'Nelly's are offering a free pint with your tuck.

Go to and do as it says.


Molton Brown - The posh soapsters (further confession: I love their stuff!) at MB are offering not just free delivery but also a free men's grooming kit worth £15 on every purchase of over £35. So you can buy a loved one a Christmas present, and treat yourself at the same time! Perfick.

Code is MENS, and the website is


Mesh Computers - If you need a new PC, then you might consider these guys who are offering a free 8Gb USB Pen Drive with purchases of their Mesh ICE computers. (If you don't know what a USB Pen Drive is, you don't need one!)

Code is 8GS301009COMP, and the website is

Hopefully something in the above might save you some money. If you want to keep up to date with these offers, there's a great website with lots of changing offers from week to week at


Finally, time for some Thursday Fun. And, seeing as I'm in penny-pinching mode, it has to be my old mate Rigsby. Leonard Rossiter is in my opinion the greatest comedy actor of all time, and Rising Damp is an absolute classic.

Here we find Rigsby in customary buffoon mode, as he attempts to woo Miss Jones... again!



p.s. Were the voucher codes of use to you? Leave a comment, good or bad, and let me know. If it's not of interest, then I'll not do it again! 🙂

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
11 replies
  1. DaveS says:

    Different today Matt but interesting. The Pizza Express website nearly always has a good offer on it so much so that it usually is worth logging on evry now and then. It becomes difficult to pay full price for their pizza, and I agree with you that they are the best!

  2. John Shuff says:

    Brilliant Matt.

    Used to luv Rising damt along with Dads Army and Eric & Enie… oh wher did those days go………………

  3. david says:

    Thanks Matt

    Will definitely be using the molton brown offer, misssus spends a bloody fortune there!
    As for eating at O’neils…hmm,dubious!

    Any update on the h’cap mark for Obvious btw?
    Dave W

  4. Steve says:

    Great to a clip of Rigsby. As with John S used to look forward to it along with Eric and Ernie, my favourites, and all the comedies of that era. They new how to make people laugh without the bad language that seems the new writers think they need to drop in now and again.

  5. hershman says:

    Thanks for the info on the vouchers – I know that they are out there but usually cant be bothered to find all the sites so it’s very helpful that you have done it for us.

  6. Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    Could you send me a return ticket to Sydney
    so as i get onto those offers.

  7. Henry says:

    Nice one Matt, if you fancy getting a list of this stuff every week without having to trawl through it yoursef then go to MartinLewis’s web site, he’s the guy on GMTV. If you sign up to his mailing list/alerts he sends all that kind of stuff on a weekly basis. Most of the stuff on you list is on his. The address if or anyone else wants is:
    later Matt

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Henry, good tip – wish I’d known that before I spent two hours this morning wading through what was out there!!


  8. Victoria says:

    Hi Folks,

    How about combining horse racing, and saving money?

    Just discovered

    For the last race of the season, on 26th September 2009, if you’re a badge holder, you can get a bottle of house Champagne for £25 before 1pm in the Champagne Bar. Sounds like a bargain to me!

    If you were going to Chester anyway, then why not take advantage of this, and if you weren’t going to go, perhaps you will now!

    Have a great weekend!


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