The Bookie Demolisher: Day 5 Update / Day 6 Potential Selections

The Bookie Demolisher - Day 5 Results 31st July 2009

Goodwood 14.10 x 2 - 2 x Unplaced

Goodwood 15.25 x 6 - 2 x Non-qualifiers and 4 x Unplaced

Goodwood 16.35 x 2 - 2 x Unplaced

3 races with possible qualifiers

8 actual qualifiers

Loss on the day = 8 points @ £10.00 per point = - £80.00

Accumulated (Loss) = - 2.375 points @ £10.00 per point = - £23.75

Day 5 Comments

Disappointing but the system parameters must be followed!


Day 6 Potential Qualifiers - 1st August 2009

A lot of action today with a large number of potential qualifiers dispersed across a number of meetings.

Doncaster 14.40

Doncaster 15.15

Doncaster 15.50

Doncaster 16.55

Goodwood 13.55 x 3

Goodwood 15.40

Goodwood 16.15

Goodwood 16.50

Goodwood 17.25

Hamilton 18.40

Hamilton 19.40

Hamilton 20.10

Hamilton 21.10 x 2

Newmarket 14.45

Newmarket 16.30

Newmarket 17.40

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Happy punting


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2 replies
  1. Terry says:

    I have been following these picks religously since they started as £95 for such promising system claims is peanuts in comparison to the regular profits it supposedly supplies.

    I realise some of these Goodwood selections might be rocking the boat with a certain trainer fielding multiple horses in the same race leading to insane, 4, 5, or, 6 horses backs in a single race.

    I still hold hope for the system – a months trial will certainly be enlightening. Shame that the actual selections are not published so I have to rely on hearsay before purchasing the system if it all ends on a positive note.

    Thank you John for trucking on, but top hat to Ady (the plum), rock on!

  2. Terry says:

    For me todays selections should give a broader picture of the picks, as there seems to be a lot to chase in a busy days racing. Thanks geegeez, this is plenty before I ditch the turf and head to the forex!!!

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