The Bookie Demolisher: Day 8 Update / Day 9 Potential Selections

The Bookie Demolisher - Day 8 Results 3rd August 2009

Carlisle 17.45 - Unplaced

Carlisle 18.15 - Won

Carlisle 19.15 - Unplaced

Windsor 20.00 - Non-qualifier

Windsor 20.30 - Unplaced

5 races with possible qualifiers

4 actual qualifiers

Loss on the day = - 3.50 points @ £10.00 per point = - £35.00

Accumulated (Loss) = - 6.855 points @ £10.00 per point = - £68.55

Day 8 Comments

Just the one winner at a skinny price which was then subject to a Rule 4 deduction of 40p in the £, happy days. The system is losing money at the moment but there is still over 2 weeks of the review remaining.


Day 9 Potential Qualifiers - 4th August 2009

Only one potential qualifier today.

Catterick 14.50

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Happy punting


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  1. bob marsden says:

    hi just started reading your review on bookie demolisher i purchased two very similar systems from this company both for n hunt and flat they are now confined to the back of my very large desk along with hundreds ive brought since i was a youngster ………..i just wish a site like yours had been around then …..i am now oap……….. i only now use matts profiles and a system reguarding days since horses last ran they are both showing me a profit lots of luck to all those people who try all these new systems i wish you all the luck in the world ps the only one i will honestly recomend to your readers is matts profiles

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