Geegeez Review Update

The Calm before the Storm…

Geegeez Review Update

Geegeez Review Update

Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup, 16/09/2015

Due to my holidays and then spending the past week trying to get myself back into the daily routine, we've not added any new reviews for a few weeks, so we're currently down to 7 active reviews, but I've been busy behind the scenes lining up services to upload to the site over the coming week, so this is that lull before the deluge!

Of the seven active reviews, just two showed a profit on the week, with this week's star performer being The Specialist. Six winners from twenty (30% SR) generated profits of £164.76 at Betfair SP and puts this one in with a good chance of a positive report when the trial ends in nine days time. The current state of play can be seen in Ernest's review right here.

The other profit maker was (unsurprisingly) the Elite Ratings System, who despite still suffering from some technical/communication issues continue to churn out the profits. They found another 9 winners this week and from just 34 selections, that's a pretty good strike rate (26.47%) and our man Ray has logged every bet for you, so why not read his review?

At the other end of the spectrum, there was a closely fought battle to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon and despite a run of 7 winless selections this week, the £70.00 loss suffered by All Weather Profits wasn't quite the worst result we got. Obviously in terms of strike rate, 0/7 was the worst, but a lack of draws was bad news for our football review.

Draw Day Demolition's Back The Draw strategy came a cropper this week, when only 2 of the 14 selected games ended in draws, meaning a weekly loss of £72.50 and if you want to see the kind of games they select, Phil's got the lowdown for you.

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And here's the overall state of play...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Elite Ratings System £1,011.40 (at day 54) 54 £70.00 Click Here
All Weather Profits £543.18 (at day 38) 38 -£70.00 Click Here
The Knack £296.60 (at day 56) 56 -£35.25 Click Here
The Specialist £260.27 (at day 51) 51 £164.76 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (BTD) £48.60 (at day 45) 45 -£72.50 Click Here
Percentage Form Edge -£41.12 (at day 41) 41 -£32.29 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (DC) -£51.00 (at day 44) 44 -£3.70 Click Here

As you can see, only PFE and the Double Chance element of DDD are in the red and with respective losses of just £41.12 and £51.00 with 19 and 16 days left of their trials, it's not quite panic stations for either of them just yet, as both seem to have every chance of turning an overall profit under review conditions.

At the top end, Elite Ratings System continue to churn out profit and they're through the £1000 barrier now and with six days to go of their review, it's highly likely that I'll be recommending this one to you next week. They have had some administrative issues, but solving those is easier than fixing poor tips and these selections are excellent.

All Weather Profits lie second despite having a poor week and they're also very well placed to make £1000 whilst on trial, if they can continue the quality shown prior to this week. They really should be coming into their own very soon, as the Flat season winds down. I'd be inclined to start watching this one more closely from now on and if you need a recap of their style, check out James' review.

James likes it so far and he's been quite fortunate to land this one for his first review, I have warned him, though, that most services we see aren't this good!

Back next week with loads of new stuff for you, including American Sports, Football, Golf and maybe even some horse racing! 😀

Have a great week,
Chris & the team.

Your first 30 days for just £1
2 replies
  1. Hopper says:

    Disingenuous of You/Ray not to quote the Cost of Services inclusive of V.A.T.; viz. Elite Ratings System @ £71odd for the linked-through 3mthsFor2…? Also, what kind of “administrative issues” have affected the impressive-lookin’ TableTopper?
    PaulJo $

    • Chris Worrall says:


      Our review clearly states that they charge £29.95 plus VAT per month.
      If they’re doing three for two, even better.

      How are we being disingenuous?

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