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Geegeez System Reviews

Geegeez System Reviews

...was said to be at least good in parts, despite being bad in others.

And the same can probably be said for the services we're currently reviewing for you. Then again, had you backed every single selection from the nine featured services, you'd have had 55 successful bets from 229 (a 24% strike rate) and you would be almost £590.00 better off, based on a £10 per point basis, as five of the nine active reviews showed a profit over the last seven days.

This excellent return is largely down to the success of the week's top performer, the Racing Consultants. They emerged from a tricky Ascot week with a near 1-in-5 win ratio (12/59) and profits of 59.2pts. David Massey and Rory Delargy are respected racing journalists and teaming up as the Racing Consultants seems to be bearing fruit, as you'll see from our full review.

It was also a very good week for Michael Carr's BackLucrative service, as he achieved a similar near 20% strike rate (11 winners from 51) on his way to adding a further 12.7pts profit to his bottom line. Our detailed review lists every selection and the results from a simple to follow and well-run service.

Now, as I suggested earlier, it wasn't all good news! The previously successful High Five service took a bit of a battering this week, but remain in a very healthy position (see here for the full picture) with profits of almost 31pts and a 39% strike rate, despite only managing to find 8 winners from 27 this week and losing almost 13pts in the process.

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Things weren't much better for Selective Racing Trust, in fact the only thing that could have been worse for these guys was if they'd offered more selections! A 0 from 8 record wasn't pretty at all and a further 8pts loss on top of their earlier setbacks now puts this review in a sorry state at just 7 winners from 50 and an overall deficit of over 18pts.

I told you last week about how well Winning Trends were faring and I proved to be a bit of a Jonah for this one, as they seemed to have a bit of a difficult time, finding just three winners from 18 selections on their way to a weekly loss of 8pts. Sod's Law, eh? I'm not too concerned about this loss, as our full breakdown of the service shows they're still in a very healthy position, having a strike rate and an ROI of almost 26% each (14/54 for 13.8pts).

Top Notch Tips were another to struggle this week, as they proved to be most unlike their own name! They were hardly setting the world on fire before this week, but the last seven days have proved particularly problematical for them. 8 winners from 33 simply isn't good enough when you're backing horses at the lower end of the odds markets and this proved to be the case this week as they conceded just over 10pts to the bookies, taking their overall losses to 17pts. Every single TNT bet is listed here.

Other services that fared better this week include Over The Top, a place laying service for jumps racing. Due to the nature of the selection process, there can be days where no selections are made during the summer months, but they hit 4 out of 5 correct place lays this week on their way to a modest 1.55pts profit. Their overall review figures still show a 3.6pts loss from a couple of losing bets earlier in the trial, but they are in decent nick at present, hitting 14 correct lays from their last 15 selections for an 11pt return.

Duncan Robbins also enjoyed an upturn in form this week hitting a trio of winners from just 13 selections over the week and the 5.5pts profit they made virtually cut their prior losses under trial in half. Another similar week could see them climb out of the red for the first time since day 2, almost seven weeks ago! That would be good timing with less than a fortnight of our review left to run.

And last, but very not least we have the consistent Value Racing Tips who had yet another good week. I mentioned last week that they were going well with a 23% strike rate (22 winners from 95) and a similar ROI via 22.2pts profit, but they managed to hit another 6 winners this week from just 15 selections, producing a massive 19pts profit in the process. Our detailed review has the full story, of course, but in a nutshell they're now 28/110 (25.5%SR) for 41.2pts (+37.5% ROI) and it could very well be worth taking a closer look at this one.

For more details (or to sign up!) of any of the services we're reviewing, simply click their name anywhere on this page or on the review pages themselves.

I'll be back next week with more for you, so have a great week.

PS feel free to email me at if you want to discuss anything system or service related, including suggestions for future reviews. Alternatively, leave a comment below.

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