The end of the line for

End of the line for

End of the line for

It is no exaggeration, dear reader, to say that I'm considering giving it up.

It's not that I don't enjoy it any more. On the contrary, I enjoy it more than ever, and have been looking forward to 2011 like no other in my short online history.

It's not that people have stopped reading or responding. On the contrary, I've got more regular readers - and comments of a higher standard - than I've ever had.

It's not that I have gone skint. Now whilst I can't say 'on the contrary' here, because times are harder for everyone - including me, I'm still chiseling out a living from my online endeavours (and considering myself a million times blessed that I'm able to do that, so absolutely zero sympathy required!).

No, it's none of the reasons a business should fold.

In fact, it's the most annoying, frustrating, disappointing, downright stupid set of reasons you can imagine.

Firstly, PayPal have decided not to accept more than half of the instalments to the Geegeez Racing Club (and another of my services). This is down to the fact that they don't like recurring billing payments, and seem to reject them for a variety of reasons known only to them. Suspected reason: because I deal with gambling-related products, despite that being entirely legal in UK.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Secondly, despite having an impeccable trading history for four and a half years, and a commensurately pristine relationship with my bank and my relationship manager, I'm having extreme difficulties in procuring a merchant account - which is a means of taking payment without troubling PayPal (who have grown into a monster with zero customer service, and have the power to stop a business dead in its tracks...). The reason for my difficulties in securing alternative processing options: because I deal with gambling-related products, despite that being entirely legal in UK, and despite my bank being happy to accept the transactions into the account.

Thirdly, and what might be the final nail in the coffin, my email sending company have decided to close down parts of my account (to be closely followed, presumably, by the rest of the account), including the 'Geegeez' list. The reason: because I deal with gambling-related products, despite that being entirely legal in UK.

In other words, despite not doing anything illegal; and despite being at continued pains to try to do my bit to tidy up an otherwise dirty arena; and despite having a readership that recognises and embraces that (thank you, thank you, thank you); I am not allowed by the fundamental building blocks of any business, to conduct business.

It is against the terms of service of my payment processor to process transactions for betting-related products. It is against the terms of the service of my emailing service to send emails for betting-related websites.

To put it another way, it's like being shut down by your finance and marketing departments! And, frankly, I don't really have a leg to stand on.

You see, it IS against those company's terms of service, despite what I might consider ethical and know to be legal. So ultimately I can have no complaints.

For the record, aweber - an email sending service of similar size and repute to getresponse, who are closing me down - explicitly state that so long as betting is legal in my country (which, of course, it is), they would welcome my business.

And that's where I'm headed, with some of you too. I will lose somewhere between 60 and 70% of my subscriber list in the process, which is actually a mixed blessing. [Those emails I sent before Christmas asking people to unsubscribe if they didn't read the messages... the trouble is lots of people don't even open the messages or don't use that mailbox any more or whatever. So this way, if you didn't read the message and take action, you wouldn't be signed up on the new list]

As you can probably tell from the self-indulgent rant above, I'm properly hacked off. Fed up. Gutted. I spent a long time building this place for us, and I am seriously attached to it in a very personal way. For large corporations to essentially shut me down despite me doing nothing wrong in the eyes of the law of my own country is ridiculous. And deeply upsetting.

Which is why I'm seriously considering the end of the line.

Ultimately, I'm pretty sure that we'll get over this, and that there will still be a Geegeez.

But right now, it feels a bit like losing a child. Or at least a well-loved pet. [Apologies to those who have lost children. I can't begin to imagine what that feels like.]

Anyway, not much else for me to say today, except I'm working hard to move things across. I'll probably bugger one or two things up along the way, because - as you all know by now - I'm a bit of a techno-clunker. So please bear with me on that.

And if you'd like to continue to receive Geegeez emails, please add your name to the box top right of this page. THIS WILL LIKELY BE THE LAST EMAIL I'M PERMITTED TO SEND FROM MY CURRENT EMAIL COMPANY.

Feel free to leave a message or comment of support for Geegeez below if you'd like. I'd love to have something to email to the faceless bureaucrats!!! 😉

And feel free to pass this message to other people, and encourage them to sign up to Geegeez, as we'll be a tad 'scarce' for a while, alas...


Your first 30 days for just £1
168 replies
  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Matt, you have always given your readers and customers value for their time and money, so I for one think it would be a great pity if you felt you were unable to carry on. Paul

  2. Richard Knight
    Richard Knight says:

    Best of luck, Matt. Hopefully we’ll be hearing from you again in the not too distant future!

  3. Sean
    Sean says:

    It seems that we live in a nanny state, when people who WANT to pay for a service they WANT to receive cannot do so because these companies refuse to process payment? The world has gone mad and much as I frown on the numerous con men out there in the gambling world it should be my choice what I spend my money on – what a ridiculous situation and Geegeez has my full (if sadly useless) support.

  4. steve lucas
    steve lucas says:

    Hi Matt your story sums up this country to a tee, if you try to make an honest living people are very
    quick to pull the rug from under your feet.
    Please don’t give up the site is brill and my first port of call for racing info and systems, you will
    always have my support.

    Steve Lucas

  5. Martin
    Martin says:

    It’s bad news for small buisnesses trying to scrape a living.I originally thought that maybe the bookies might have something to do with this situation but they could lose as much buisiness as you.
    Hope you don’t give in too easily .I’m sure you will find a way round this problem.
    Keep up the goodwork Matt.

  6. Graeme
    Graeme says:

    Hi Matt

    I know how you feel as paypal did the same thing to me in August and I had been with them since 1993. I am still trying to get my money off them as well after all this time so I hope you dont have much money with them incase you encounter the same problem.

    Best of luck.


  7. damien martin
    damien martin says:

    Very sorry to hear that.
    Find it difficult to understand as gambling is huge in the internet game.
    Why would they not allow you advertise gambling related content when alot of
    the big marketers get away with advertising porn related content.Mind boggling

  8. kevin
    kevin says:

    Hi Matt

    It just shows how the big guys can close you down.I’m an affiliate on Ebay and they have been changing the rules for the last couple of years.An so have closed down loads of peoples accounts,who have been putting a lot of money into the pockets of Ebay and of course PayPal.
    It makes it worse when you’ve binded by the rules and they can close your business down with redress.

    I’ve always found you Matt,to be one of the real good guys.So I wish you the best of luck in what everway you take GeeGeez.

    Kind regards.


  9. David F
    David F says:

    What a load of tosh your email company speaks! Ask them if they will also be turning away business from the financial services industry (industry! that’s a laugh) which has turned out to be the biggest gambling machine of the last 25 years. Long live Geegeez in whatever form it takes.

  10. Chris O'Bee
    Chris O'Bee says:

    Hi Matt,
    I guess wishing you a Happy New Year might not be appropriate but I will anyway !
    For once you cannot blame the ridicuously enforced political correctness that exists here in the UK but something not so far removed, effectively placing an embargo on something totally legal is just barmy !
    Anyway I have subscribed to the new list as I’m confident you are far too bloody minded to just give up !! Actually you have invested a lot in Geegeez so you must keep it going.


    PS Southampton for the Cup !!

  11. Eddie
    Eddie says:

    Hi Matt,

    It is deplorable that these big companies have taken such action. It shows the lack of customer service within these big organisations that they have not taken the time to simply look over your content and come to the conclusion that you are one of the good guys in this industry and therefore should be encouraged not kicked out.

    I for one sincerely hope that this is not the end and that you endeavour to find a way of continuing this vital bit of “cyber” space for the punting community.

    You have my full support and I wish you every success in building “Geegeez” into an even bigger empire!

    Best Wishes,


  12. Steve
    Steve says:

    Sorry to hear of all the grief, these US based companies are really towing there nanny government policies to the letter.

    US is the land of the free, they don’t know what they are missing. Poor buggers.
    Still Matt, if it does not kill you it only makes you stronger.

    Hang in buddy.

    Steve Davidson

    JOE QUIRKE says:


  14. David Jackson
    David Jackson says:

    I’m totally with you on this, Matt. I object to firms preventing us doing totally legal things. My ex-bank, Citigroup, wouldn’t let me use their card to bet with. So I moved my account to Santander. But that – unfortunately – won’t have any effect on them. I fail to see how they are allowed to impose terms & conditions which are at best arbitrary and at worst restricting (preventing) our right to trade. Feel free to pass this on if you think it will do any good!

  15. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    In this current financial climate it seems downright stupid for commercial companies to get on their high horse and do an about turn on their trading ethics with reputable and respected organisations that are providing an essential service, irrespective of the field they are in.
    It used to be just politicians who were expected to do a ‘U’ turn, how times are changing and not always for the better.
    Keep up the good work Matt and don’t let the buggers grind you down.

  16. The Sponsor
    The Sponsor says:

    1. Don’t use Paypal – Use Neteller or one of the money transfer sites that the UK offshore bookmakers use
    2. Open a trading account in Ireland, Malta, Cyprus. Go offshore. OK you’ll be in Euros, but you can get around that.
    3. Transfer to aweber for your emails.

  17. Rupen Shah
    Rupen Shah says:

    What absolute swines!

    Coudl you re-name your business and create new accounts with a new business name?

  18. graham
    graham says:

    sounds typical of the nanny state we live in Matt hopefully you can find a solution as your emails are always welcome with lots of usefull information GOOD LUCK



  19. Nick
    Nick says:

    The world of racing would not be the the same without and the Geegeez community as a whole. We are true racing fans and the information, content and insight of your blog sets the standard that all the others simply aspire to. If there is anything that the wider Geegeez community can do to help then send out the rallying cry and we’ll be right behind you.


  20. John "Ears"
    John "Ears" says:

    All I can say is, that having met you, I KNOW you are one of the most genuine people connected with today’s UK racing industry. Your integrity and honesty can not be questioned and PayPal/Getresponse et al should be thoroughly ashamed of their actions.
    I wish I knew of a way to assist you in securing a Merchant Bank Account – sadly I do not.
    However, my friend, please continue the struggle. I have no doubts that you will succeed, because the thousands of hours you have put into GeeGeez must not go to waste.
    Remember Churchill’s rousing speech : “We will fight them on the beaches……….”. Well, just let we GeeGeezers know how we may assist and we’ll stand shoulder to shoulder against those cyber monsters!
    Very Best Regards, John “Ears” Stafford.

  21. Neil
    Neil says:

    Matt, it is a sad reflection on modern times that those of us who try to earn an honest living for ourselves are continually being screwed by those who don’t appear to give a damn. Gambling is a personal responsibility, and it is not for the likes of Paypal and others to dictate to us – I don’t remember them being voted into government! Further, does “investing” in a horse, etc. really differ from “investing” in stocks and shares, hedge funds, etc. The underlying principle is the same, and it was those “investor” markets which brought the country to its knees 2 years ago; not the 2.15 at Newmarket.

  22. Ben
    Ben says:

    Hi Matt

    Best of luck mate. Let’s hope you get something sorted….oh and by the way…Saints will win the league!!!

  23. Stan
    Stan says:

    So sorry,
    Typical of this pc obsessed nanny state we are now forced to live in by subsessive controle freak governments. A curse upon all their houses.

  24. Colin
    Colin says:

    Matt – I use AWeber
    Paypal are a***holes. I use 2CO and Cannonbury(forex, horses, Casino) use Sagepay

    So there is life after Paypal and Get response.

    Keep taking the pills and see yopu on the other side!!!!

  25. Deric
    Deric says:

    Very sorry – but not surprised – to hear about your problems. Anybody who shows an ounce of entrepreneurial zeal and enthusiasm in this country faces a ridiculous number of bureaucratic and pc hurdles which make running a business next to impossible. No wonder the country is in the s**t!! Please don’t give up – I enjoy your blog and value the systems advice etc.

  26. mark
    mark says:

    Does that mean internet betting sites will not be allowed to use paypal aswell, because that is gambling related too. I think everyone should boycott paypal in the future for any sort of transaction on the net. Who are they to start looking down their noses at certain types of transactions! I wont be using them anymore!

  27. Tonyb
    Tonyb says:

    What a pity, I really look forward to your posts.

    This sort of approach seems to be the way of the world and it’s about time we all rose up and stopped these people who conctantly try to control us.

    I shall certainly ensure that I don’t use get response in the future and close my account with them. Paypal seem to make up the rules as they go along. If you find a good merchant account please let us know.

    Best of luck Matt, please come back fighting. We are all behind you.



  28. Gordon Mills
    Gordon Mills says:

    Hi Matt

    Go see your ombudsman: Paypal is a useless ornament and I would not waste my breath on it: Over the years I have had to forgo many sales because Paypal was the only method of payment at the time and I would not touch them with a barge pole: I would not give them the satisfaction of handling my business even if it means cutting off my nose to spite my face:

    I am not sure what your omsbudsman can do but its worth a try if only to rattle the Paypal cage:
    I also suggest that you fight the blighters who are trying to curtail your Email business, for they too sit on a throne of stone.
    I wouldn’t mind betting that there is a higher power behind the thrones of Paypal and the Email Jailmail rackateers and not only those two either:

    Anyway mate power to your arm whatever you decide to do but you will be sadly missed if you leave us:
    Good Luck

  29. Sandy Fife
    Sandy Fife says:

    Big Brother strikes again. Hope you can sort something out,you provide a great service

  30. John Shuff
    John Shuff says:

    Hi Matt.
    Whoa’ buddy, don’t think for one minute that we are going to let you chuck in the towel!!!!!!

    There are other ways to take payments… you don’t need a merchant account to accept cheques/postal orders…. and I’m sure one or two of us will be sifting out other ways to help… how about one of the well known online publishers helping out?
    As for the emails, we all know you ain’t a loser Matt, so come on buddy this is just a hurdle, not beechers brooke. I’m sure I speak for all of our enthusiastic members on this… so lets remount and tackle the rest of this head on.

    The best to you Matt…

    John Shuff

  31. Paul R -
    Paul R - says:

    Getresponse are wrong wrong wrong.

    This is very depressing Matt.
    I do feel your pain as I know how hard you work.

    You know its a matter of picking up the pieces and coming back stronger.

  32. Ronnie Combo
    Ronnie Combo says:

    Stick with it Matt, you are one of the few “voices of reason’ in this business!

  33. geordie
    geordie says:

    Hello matt
    Well I am gobsmacked I realy dont know what to say other than that what ever you decide to do in the future I wish you all the best.

    Kind regards geordie.

  34. Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan says:

    Hi Matt
    Big brother has struck geegeez. It had to happen at some stage, as you were giving a genuine service to us. THEY always go for the nice guy, while others (name any betting site!!!) get away with it. I find it utterly deplorable that your email company and paypal are behaving in this manner. I and many others in your client list will be following you for sure, wherever you go. Don’t give up….please.
    All the very best

  35. john anderson
    john anderson says:

    stay with it , and stay strong mate. its just another sign of the times we are living in. Just one more backdoor conspiracy of governments to keep ordinary people down. Carry on and best of luck. Regards, John.

  36. Davey Irvine
    Davey Irvine says:

    Hi Matt

    Another blunder by bankers. Now, why shouldn’t that surprise us?

    Anyway, best of luck in any future ventures. Take Care Friend

  37. Bob
    Bob says:

    I’m just an ordinary mug punter, although not so much a mug now as I used to be before I started reading geegeez. You have given me a lot of enjoyment, pleasure and cause for thought and I would be really sorry if this were to be your last post. Please see if there are alternative ways you can continue to educate and amuse us all
    Best wishes

  38. Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan says:

    Have checked my email inbox as well as the spam folder, but no link has arrived to activate. It may be too late.

  39. jim davidson
    jim davidson says:

    Sorry to hear that you are having to give up , a great site and very informative e-mails . Good luck in the future and all the best


  40. David Hughes
    David Hughes says:

    Hope all turns out well and you do not have much money in your paypal account.I personally hold nothing in it just my card details for transactions.You do a great service for us Mat.I’m sure once you have changed things over to people and companys that don’t work for the PC brigade things will work out fine and we’ll be back on the road again.

  41. Phil
    Phil says:

    Sorry for all your troubles and I hope you decide to continue.
    It is strange that in today’s economic climate you are having your business turned away.

  42. Simon Parker
    Simon Parker says:

    Have very much enjoyed your open and frank comments and your advice re horse racing. Would hate to see the bastards win so please find a way to continue. Looks like you have plenty of supporters. Good luck!

  43. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Hi Matt

    I also subscribe to another betting site, ‘Bet Fan’, they also use paypal and never have any problems receiving payments from me. I find it strange that you are having difficulties with them. I do a lot of business with paypal, because after being ripped of, I never buy anything except through them. It’s a great comfort knowing my information isn’t readily available to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

    So you should ask questions as to the real reason why they have stopped your account, while others carry on using their system.

    Good luck for the future.

  44. Jane
    Jane says:

    Dear Matt – Very sorry to hear of all your problems. I have enjoyed reading your e-mails and will miss you if you aren’t reincarnated!

    All the very best in your endeavours………….x

  45. Leo
    Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    From all your friends here in Australia, do not let the sods beat you.

  46. Ray
    Ray says:

    Hi Matt
    Commiserations! I can count on my left hand the “gambling” services I trust – you are right when you say its a murky area. Thats why its so important to move heaven and earth to continue. All the best for the future and thanks for all your great work in the past. Obviously I dont always agree with you or your opinions but I always know they are your HONEST opinions and thats worth its weight in gold (perhaps you should have put your money in gold four and a half years ago!
    Best Wishes

  47. Martin
    Martin says:

    Hi Matt,

    What a fantastic site you run, the cretins at paypal and ebay should not be allowed to operate in this country, but then they are from the land of the free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha what a joke

  48. Ian Foster
    Ian Foster says:

    I know it gives a bad impression, but there are SOME reputable services who use Clickbank for regular payments.
    There are also Neteller and MoneyBookers.

    It is a shame that the USA imposes it laws on the world at large, but thats just the way things are. Ask any US or Canadian Forex trader what they think about the recent US regulatory restrictions – they are not allowed to open an account with any non-American/Canadian broker who does business in the USA – and this is after they watered them down due to the huge protest!

  49. Alan
    Alan says:

    Shame and hope you can keep going somehow – there surely must be a lot more deserving causes for this sort of action than a genuine helpful site like yours.
    Don’t let them grind you down as they say.

    Kind regards


  50. Harvey Field
    Harvey Field says:

    Sorry Matt you are just another statistic of this “WORLD GONE MAD” I just hope some how you can manage to continue in some form or other.

  51. Austin
    Austin says:

    its all been said Matt chin up don’t give in. They don;t like to see anyone get on these days only themselves.

  52. Sholto
    Sholto says:

    Hi Matt
    I have just had an email from The Betting School and they are telling the same story, perhaps you could contact them and find out how they are getting around the problem.
    Don’t give up, if you do then they win.
    Best of luck


  53. Dave Lowe
    Dave Lowe says:

    Myself and my pals will mourn the loss of Geegeez if it is allowed to die.
    Kind regards

  54. ged simpson
    ged simpson says:

    Hello Matt

    We have been friends and fellow Cherries supporters since 2006 or thereabouts. I have always found you to be honest, straightforward and a great person to deal with. I am sure there is a way to overcome the American way and it is about time somone showed them there are other people in the FREE world.
    Free of their bad habits. Keep Fighting! I shall miss you.

  55. Graham
    Graham says:

    Maybe you could find out which bank(s) Betfair, Ladbrokes, Racing Post etc use (may be in their annual accounts) and approach them. Surely it would be hard for them to justify turning you down?


  56. morton wishart
    morton wishart says:

    Perhaps you should look at changing your religious outlook then maybe you could shout like others, this is pure diabolical racism. Or stick a black or coloured cloth over your head and apply to use paypal as a female.
    Comrade, Brother, or whatever else is used in all sorts of creeds, I send my condolences for the demise of a good, fair, honest worthwhile output of information .
    I forget the whole of the quotation but is like, don’t let the illegitimo and carborundum are used in getting you down.
    Kind Regards,

  57. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hi Matt,

    Never posted before, but have experienced similar problems to you – not ideal, but have you thought of “clickbanking” your service/sites as an interim measure – they won’t close any account and will process recurring payments as perhaps an interim measure whilst you secure a merchant account – just a thought as we desperately need people like you to stay in business!!



  58. Jeremy Atkinson
    Jeremy Atkinson says:

    All the best Matt. It’s absolutely bl—- ridiculous. I love receiving your emails and fail to see what the hell you’re doing wrong!!!

  59. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hey Matt , if moving from Paypal is a nuisance then just rename your website/business to something like Saint Mary’s Childrens home Fund or It’s Just Not Cricket or UK Light Entertainment and Skittles or Ramblings from a very distant cousin of The Queen . That way you could still receive regular “donations ” for your baubles and trinketts . It would just be a shelf company so you can still pay all your TAXES . Otherwise you sound a bit like the Aussie Cricket Selectors wondering “what will we do ,what will we do “?

  60. Alan
    Alan says:

    Look at, similar thing has happened to another company dealing with PayPal.



  61. Ian Parsons
    Ian Parsons says:

    To quote a famous ancient Roman : ‘Nil illegitimo carborundum’ which being translated reads ‘Don’t let the b******s grind you down! . Keep up the good work!!!’

  62. Chris
    Chris says:

    I think it´s all been said Matt, which shows you have so many supporters who appreciate one of the few
    ethical and honest gambling sites on the internet.
    You´ll be sadly missed if you decide not to continue, so please try to stuggle on.

    Chris A

  63. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    I am increasingly becoming one of those ‘grumpy old men’ and here is yet another example of the world gone mad. Bureaucracy for the sake of it with no value. Please keep going Matt

  64. David
    David says:

    sorry to hear of your plight Matt.
    how about making lots of micro sites with limited memberships and then joining them all up within a forum,
    i know you hate forums but if its a lifeline even as a tempporary measure.
    also you could then use a few moderators which would ease the work amount giving you time to reassess the problem but retain the readership.
    as for web content couldnt you use a portal where we go to collect the daily dose of news/views and system reviews or even a digital edition style magazine.
    theres got to be a way to bite back

  65. Andy
    Andy says:

    Hi Matt

    As said previously, Don’t Give Up!

    Always look forward to your interesting & informative news/reviews….



  66. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    I’ve just sent this to GetResponse:

    It seems you have decided to take the moral high ground by closing down anyone using your services relating to the gambling industry. Will you be taking similar stands against everyone involved in the alcohol, tobacco, and various other industries of dubious moral principles? If so, why and why now? If not, why just gambling? It’s an entirely legal pursuit whether you approve or not, and I for one will be boycotting anything and everything I see with your name on it until I am given a satisfactory explanation.

    If a few more follow suit it’s hard to see how it can hurt. I shall be sending something similar to PayPal shortly. T*ss*rs.

    DAVE YEATES says:

    Hi Matt, I recently joined up with the Trading Elite Club which is a forex trading service and the guy there has had exactly the same problems with Paypal who, in their Daily Express moral dictatorship, decided not to pass on his payments which, at £100/month per member and 200 members, is not insubstantial. They refused to listen to reason and eventually he was forced to change his payment agent to Moneybookers.

    Don’t give up on it Matt, there are too few of the good guys in our fraternity to counteract the effect of the myriad bad guys. Those punters of us who bet sensibly, legally, with level heads, need you


  68. Bob Keers
    Bob Keers says:

    With the greatest repect to Matt ……………Its not over till the fat lady sings, in others words lets hit every racing fan on your database and any other form of protest we can muster to keep Geegeez going. So lets start with Paypal(t*ss*rs) if you have an account, then contact them telling you are going to leave, its a start, lets all Geegeez members write to the Racing Post, inundate them with requests to help out. This is my starting point i will be back with more ideas when i have checked more things out, so come on all you racing fans and fans of Geegeez lets at least try and help Matt out the best way we can, look at all the help, fun and pleasure he has given to us…………………….


    DAVE YEATES says:

    And by the way, Paypal seem perfectly happy to process payments for Betfan subscribers, of which I am one, as well as Steve Davidson’s many systems, so they’re not having a blanket ban

    BERNARD says:



  71. Gordon Calvert
    Gordon Calvert says:

    Sorry to read about you’re predicament Matt, its like a bolt from the blue, its simply unbelieveable, gambling is totally legal, we’re over 18, so what the hell is their beef. Anyway Matt i’m sure to be following GeeGeez where ever it goes. All the very best, Gordon

  72. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Nil carbarundum Bastidio
    Dont let the b******s grind you down
    You will end up with a quality list at the end of it anyway

  73. Gav
    Gav says:

    I understand how you’re feeling & don’t blame you for it.
    As usual, it’s more hypocrasy from the people with the “power” …
    & “not fair” doesn’t really get anywhere near it, nevermind cover it.
    It would be a shame for you to give up – where will that leave you feeling about doing ANYTHING at all in the future?
    For me, it opens up a big fat can of “establishment” worms that just make you want to firebomb the baskets,
    whilst wondering what on earth you CAN do to be individual with minimal suppression.

    So, whatever you do do (ron ron) in the future –
    Good Luck Matt

  74. Aussie Steve
    Aussie Steve says:

    Hey Matt

    What a load of bollox. Surely being over 18 we are old enough, stupid enough and ugly enough to decide for ourselves what we subscribe to read and spend our money on. What’s next? Meanwhile there are people out there making fortunes selling kiddie porn and the like and you get closed down for offering a few humble opinions and making a few honest bucks. We’ve got a politician in Australia that is trying to make sports betting illegal, frightening stuff. We may as well all offer up our wrists and jump in the cell the way things are going, just ridiculous. It’s always that 1 in a 1000 that ruins it for the rest. Anyway I am most distressed to be potentially missing out on your future musings and investment opportunities. Who are these morons.


  75. Janet
    Janet says:

    Try finding out which banks do business with the Bookies sites !! Then let them tell you they don’t do business with gamblers. Keep up the good work

  76. roy
    roy says:

    Long live king matt dont let them grind you down.It would not be the same without you

  77. Bob
    Bob says:

    I am 64 and have seen ‘Common Sense’ dissapear over the years. Whilst this governement talks of bringing it back I see no vision yet of it returning. It is the individuals decision if he or she want to have a bet – no one forces us. Soon even the freedom of having a gamble will be removed from the human race. We are on our way to that wonderful series called ‘The Village’ with Patrick McGhoogan ( if I got that right) some of the olders ones will remember! Sorry Sorry state>

  78. tony
    tony says:

    Hi Matt,
    Dont you dare even consider not carrying on. I agree with most of your re-sponders it beggars belief.
    I dont know what I would do if it were not for your cheerfull messages and sound advice every now and then. I am a 63 year old disabled man who has been betting horses since I was twelve. I used to take my dads bet down to the local bookies runner who used to hide down the lane alongside a nearby pub.
    I started having a small bet then and still do to this day, although with varying degrees of success.
    Keep up the good work and thank you.
    Regards, Tony.

  79. Paul
    Paul says:

    Absolutely gobsmacked here, trying to make sense of it but cannot! You know my opinion of what you do and produce…

  80. Brian Morgan
    Brian Morgan says:

    So dispiriting, isn’t it Matt?
    Yours is the fourth racing site this week to be ‘legally’ prevented from doing something legal! If Kafka was still around there’d be a book about it in a few months…maybe we should get together and write it?
    Sadly, this is the kind of freedom the fundamentalist financiers in the US want to export worldwide – the freedom to do things the American way…you can rip billions of dollars off investors (Madoff), run a Ponzi-scheme bank (Stanford), or just screw the world’s money systems with toxic mortgages and help from the biggest gamblers of all – investment bankers. But Gawd help you if you want to enjoy anything that might incur a risk – such as drinking, smoking, playing sport, betting…and before long breathing.
    But don’t you stop Geegeez breathing old son…hang on in there and we’ll hang along with you.

  81. Paul
    Paul says:

    Matt, you’re probably better off laundering drugs money through your bank a/c, they probably wouldn’t spot that… P.S. I used to work for NaffWest for 24 years…!!!
    I also had trouble depositing money through |Moneybookers to a new bookmakers, my Bank (still Naffwest) blocked the transcation and suspended my on-line banking a/c, so perhaps you could start your own “Gamblers accepted Bank”.. just need a suitable name for it..

  82. Francis
    Francis says:

    I am really sorry to hear of the situation. I enjoy reading your blog and comments very much.
    Best Wishes for your continued success,


  83. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    Hi Matt,
    When I met you I thought what a lovely and down to earth guy you are.Please don’t let these idiots beat you.I’m sure you will be able to get through this as you will have oodles of support.All the best.

  84. Andy
    Andy says:

    Hi Matt, on your end of line picture….look to the right and you will see a track that continues on…..thats all we need to do…move to a different track that takes you and us forward.

    Look forward to your emails in the future


  85. craig
    craig says:

    Pay PAL.

    I think you should inform trading standards that Paypal is a misleading trade name. They are misreprepresenting themselves in their advertising. You see it is derived from the word PAY (the process of facilitating a means of exchange for goods and services ) and PAL (a close, intimate friend; comrade; chum).

    Now, I wouldn’t expect any company to be friends with purveyors of illegal drugs, exploitative (as opposed to consensual) pornographers, terrorists and murderers want to sell the means to blow people to bits over the internet and so on.

    BUT, if someone like yourself, running a reputable and legal business, is being restricted and restrained on a purely MORAL basis, then PAYPAL is neither of the things it claims to be for those who wish to do business with you. Furthermore, they are acting as arbiters of the law.

    I had problems in the summer trying to make a payment for a gambling related product. After numerous pointless e-mails in which I got standard replies that completely evaded and misunderstood the point, I got hold of them on the phone.

    I was told that Paypal is about protecting their customer’s from fraud and that because they had recognised it as a gambling product they were (to paraphrase) doing me a favour by blocking the transaction. I told them in no uncertain terms how I’d been ripped off several times on Ebay (their other arm), by people selling me fake, misdescribed and otherwise fraudulent clothes, collectables etc. Yet Paypal had failed to reimburse a penny in those cases. So who is protecting whom?

    Furthermore, I pointed out that gambling is one of the most popular LEGAL pastimes in Britain. Some people win, others see it as a leisure activity in which they know they will probably lose over the long term but they enjoy the sport and the hope of winning. No different to playing the lottery. Is that a rip-off?

    The reply from the buffoon on the phone was that Paypal don’t encourage gambling businesses because gambling is illegal in SOME countries!

    Well, if we ran the world like that, no one would do business with anyone. In some countries it is illegal for women to have access to work or education, in some countries it is illegal to eat certain animals but in other countries those same animals are part of the staple diet!

    There are very few things on which the whole world agrees…..even the legalisation of drugs. So the only way a business can and should trade is according to the LAWS of the country they trade in. Therefore if Paypal wish to trade in the UK they should either accept legal and legitimate businesses and customers of those businesses or f’ off back to the ‘land of the free’….AKA The United States Of Hypocrisy.

    I did get my payment processed following the conversation, showing that when Paypal make a moral stand, they apply it in a way that shows they have no moral integrity or consistency whatsoever!

    Carry on Matt…..there are ways and means of showing yourself to be bigger than this setback and a far better man than the mylon suits and suitesses of the corporate world.

  86. Robin
    Robin says:

    Just another example of the bureaucratic lunacy that infects this country nowadays. I hope you find a way through through this nonsense and decide to continue – like so many others, I enjoy reading your views on racing, etc. Thanks.

  87. john cutler
    john cutler says:

    Being an ex soldier some time ago, my attitude is the British way of life is dissappearing this country is heading towards a : none drinking, none smoking, none gambling, whicjh will leave us with none thinking boring Ars….s (did smoke but my choice to pack up not someone else’s)
    Do not give up talk to Cherry Blair seems she never lose’s a argument probally batter paypal & collect substantial compenstaion .

  88. aalan
    aalan says:

    Sorry to hear the disasterous news –the passing of another era–Good luck in any future ventures

  89. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Hi Matt
    Please don’t give up, there are so many “rotten eggs” out there so finding someone like yourself is really important. I hope you can get things sorted out.


  90. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    Ridiculous..BLOODY RIDICULOUS as a 70 year old I have seen a lot of strange things come to the ordinary people in this FREE!?!?! democratic country and I have to say this though it pains me to say it you are WRONG COLOUR & WRONG FAITH! I hope you can find a way around this problem that blights this once free country.

  91. Colin
    Colin says:

    Sit back – take a breath – count to ten – or whatever else one does when they hit a barrier. Whatever else you do – don’t give up – there are too many of us out here now who will miss your friendly, witty, funny and more often than not profitable messages, so please, please, please try find a workaround to keep the community going and growing

    Best Regards

  92. chris marsland
    chris marsland says:

    Yet again someone who is doing his best to provide a service is b*ggered up by the nonsence that is G.B. today. I wish you success in your attempts to shine a light on the idiots who perpetrate this unthinking behaviour. All strength to your arm
    regarsd chris

  93. mr. john murray
    mr. john murray says:

    dear matt,
    my god what a sad sad time. when such an honest and trustworthy site, wanted by a huge fanbase, is faceing such childish reasons to close this site. i for one matt, and i can only speak for myself, have been a geegeez member for a long time, and yes i lost my first child, the pain attached with that never leaves you, and that was just over 40 years ago. in 2002 i faced death, life left my body, on more than one occassion, in intensive care for 7 months, but miracles do happen, there has been one happened to me, but no pity and no charity, i am alive, and happy to be. matt, this exact feeling is happening again, to have a totally honest person in the racing game is hard to find. matt, hopefully i will keep in contact with geegeez, but i feel so sad. you will survive this matt. onwards and upwards.
    john murray

  94. Neil Durant
    Neil Durant says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have sent you a personal email with a possible solution, but would like to add to this thread and speak from personal experience. Our company (Big Mike Betting) also have been where you are right now and last August the PayPal Gestapo, suddenly and without any reason unsubscribed our entire membership and froze our PayPal account.

    It is impossible to speak to anyone in authority at PayPal and they are literally a law unto themselves, I established that when you open an account, that you effectively agree to allow them to do whatever they damn well like – they become the judge, jury and executioner on all matters and answer to nobody. Also, because they are not a bank they do not have to conform to our banking laws.

    I explained in one of many emails to Paypal, that a 60 second search on Google at the time, revealed numerous betting related products being sold via Paypal accounts, to which they simply responded that they (paypal) had changed their policy and now viewed our industry as high risk – therefore I am not surprised to hear that slowly they are closing any accounts related to betting products.

    If you are selling betting products via paypal, then be warned, eventually they will catch up with you and close your account without notice. Any money in your account will be frozen for 6 months – Paypal must be literally sitting on millions of pounds worth of other peoples money worldwide.

    I gave up trying to get them to re establish our account and decided to look elsewhere, however it rapidly became apparent that the banking industry (post credit crunch) had become extremely risk adverse and trying to find a bank that would provide a merchant account to a betting related company, was proving impossible.

    As a temporary measure I managed to set up a merchant account with Moneybookers, however, setting up recurring subs is proving difficult for my clients and long term I don’t see them as being the solution.

    My sympathies are with you Matt, but as I say in my email, I can put you in touch with someone who might be able to get you a Merchant Account albeit with slightly higher commissions than with Moneybookers.

    Best of luck and don’t let them beat you.



    Big Mike Betting

  95. Christine Leonard
    Christine Leonard says:

    You have shone out with the quality of your service and advice Matt, and with all the good ideas folk are coming up with now to save you, perhaps something along the line will keep you on our list of intelligent mailers. Chin up!


  96. Chris Brown
    Chris Brown says:

    One solution is to go use a company that openly supports betting products AND will offer recurring income by default, (and has a far easier back end to enable integration with a web site’s back end; far easier than that PayPal IPN nightmare)

    I refer to the age old favourite: ClickBank

    True, you do pay a rather high fullfilment rate – I think it’s about 9.9% commission plus $1 per sale – but hey, they do all the processing, handle refunds without any problems, have affiliates to promote the membership site / extra products, run their own version of Adwords (HopAds)

    I will be using them when I set up my own membership sites ( which incidentally other people will run for me!)

    As for autoresponders, don’t have a solution to that one I’m afraid.

  97. geoff edwards
    geoff edwards says:


    what a load of B—–S

    hope and want you to keep going

    as the song goes keep right on to the end of the road

    all the very best


  98. David
    David says:

    It’s all been said above. But to be honest I am surprised you haven’t been done by Health & Safety as well!! Poisoning peoples minds like that, disgraceful.
    Hope you find a way to keep going Matt, yours is the first e-mail I open on the day.
    Best of luck

  99. Duncan
    Duncan says:

    PayPal Has Become a JOKE.

    This is just another example of big company bullying tactics.

    Good Luck Matt, I hope you keep it going.

    Maybe a new venture – GamblersPal : A revolutionary new payment handling service that lets interested people purchase gamblng oriented materials. Hmmmmmmm


  100. Joe
    Joe says:

    Hi Matt,
    Had another person who i get an email off saying the same thing, i thought he was pulling a fast one.
    On Clickbank if you get a dodgy purchase you get a refund no messing. I just wondered if people where after the same on PP and they where getting fed up with it.

  101. herbert
    herbert says:

    Matt What can i say thats not already been said except if you throw in the towel pay pal the us multi national as beaten another british institution

  102. Bill Waite
    Bill Waite says:

    Just to echo all the foregoing . Sounds to me like you’ve upset the internet’s version of Local Councils Jobsworth Brigade

  103. John O'Brien
    John O'Brien says:

    I am really sorry to hear of the situation.
    I enjoy reading your blog and comments very much.
    Best Wishes in your efforts to keep your biz alive.

  104. ron.goodall
    ron.goodall says:

    to matt
    just read your comments i am also gutted [ whats becoming to my country] when you have been straight
    has a die paypal sucks now with me d.d or s.orders from now on [or visa] lets stop using paypal take them e.u rights bring back oliver cromwell i best stop before i really get going [please stay in touch]
    all the best from ron’

  105. Paul Reynolds
    Paul Reynolds says:

    try – i used to help in support for this site a while back and the guys running it are good people. Worth a look at the very least I suggest.

  106. Alan
    Alan says:

    Hi Matt, sorry to hear your troubles. I can understand them wanting to stamp out rogue betting sites but you provide a service that people are quite happy with. I suspect it is only the horse racing connection that puts you on the black list; I bet they aren’t shutting down forex traders! Perhaps you could re-brand yourself as a trader in “equine futures”!!

    I hope you manage to sort something. Cheers, Alan

  107. Dave
    Dave says:

    Matt, why don’t you use Moneybookers for taking payments ?

    They are a lot less strict then Paypal.

  108. Crispin
    Crispin says:

    Dear Matt,

    Don’t give up! Challenges like these can only make you stronger… that is… ONLY if you don’t give in!
    It’s a real shame that this world we live in is getting less and less liberal, and more and more controlling, especially by religiously influenced “morals” and opinion, and political correctness. Both of which have no place in an intelligent society, and that is my legitimately strong opinion.

    Keep going, no matter what, otherwise the faceless corporates win, as usual.
    Keep your spirits up.

  109. Tony Booker
    Tony Booker says:

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear of the problems. You really couldn’t make it up could you!! It’s all a bit “Big Brotherish”.

  110. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Matt. You simply have to keep going. There’s not too many independant reviewers out there. I always read your articles and learn from them. Plus, you always respond to enquiries promptly. Keep up the good work. Dave.

  111. peter
    peter says:

    Please don’t give up. Don’t let the b!!!!!!ds grind you down. I think you have enough fans to keep you going.

  112. jay
    jay says:

    Big American Companies, all do gooder Christians ie control freaks. And wonder why they get bombed.

  113. George
    George says:

    Best of luck, Matt. Hope you find a way round it. You give us all a great read and a lot of excellent advice.
    Best wishes

  114. Stu Hazelwood
    Stu Hazelwood says:

    ” Nil illegitimi carborundum “. Dont let the B*stards grind you down.


  115. Robert Grubb
    Robert Grubb says:

    So sorry to hear this, Matt. In all the time I’ve been involved with you you’ve always been 100% honest,ethical, and an absolute pleasure to do business with. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the matter to be able to offer any helpful suggestion but I sincerely wish you all the best and hope you overcome this problem.

  116. Terence
    Terence says:

    Sorry to hear of your bad news matt. My days are now a bit more cloudy. Do your best to keep going. Best of luck

  117. zen
    zen says:

    Sod the net!

    I reckon once a week we all come to GeeGeez towers, go down the loacal and you get your soapbox out in there!

    On a serious note Paypal seem to be targeting certain sites lately, I too joined the tradingeliteclub and the problems Paul has had there are bad, really wouldn’t surprise me if some riled up internet scammers have mailed Paypal with complaints…….


  118. john cutts
    john cutts says:

    tough luck matt and yet another example of WORLD law being US law ! i had a website called percentage betting in 2004 which made enough to pay the bills and was building nicely till the US govt told google decided to ban gambling related advertising, which, of course, was applied to america’s errand boy – here, the UK ! Seeing as how i was getting all my new clients from google adwords that finished percentage betting off .
    However, your operation is a lot further developed and a lot better known. With your reputation, ( and Gavin’s, i bet it affects him too ? ) it may take awhile but you will build things back to where they were, i am sure.
    I have found you and your associates, honest and reliable, not to say generous ( Gavin lent me 2 RSB discs for weeks without so much as a grouch ! ).
    Getresponse’s loss is aweber’s gain. I had a similar message from another serivice i use and it looks like – in a recession ( ok, i know we are in ‘recovery’ officially ! ) – they are going to lose all the gambling business and aweber will gain it. Anyone know if aweber are a PLC ? if so, buy now 🙂 . also, do the bookies use these services. I would bet they won’t be getting such messages !
    Anyway, i will be changing over with you and get response won’t be getting anymore reponses from me !

  119. marilyn
    marilyn says:

    All pay and no pal, sod em Matt, find the third way mate, the comments left here by your supporters should be all the encouragement you need.Good luck.

  120. Gary
    Gary says:


    i would feel exactly the same…. gutted for you!!!

    hope it all works out, i enjoy geegeez as im sure all the other people that have commented here

    i wish you well my friend and keep my fingers crossed that it works out the right way….. and that is geegeez STAYS, we will all miss it

    all the best either way


  121. Tony McEnery
    Tony McEnery says:

    Pay Pal are a load of b******s, i don’t like using them but find you get directed to them.
    Why is this?. Can’t you just take payment via a credit card.
    I’m in my 70s now and not as vocal as i once was, but i love the Gee Gee’s and your site,
    but it took your current problem to tell you. Now that is remiss of me.
    Best of luck Matt.

  122. Damian Selak
    Damian Selak says:

    Well that is just to say that this Country (or maybe lets say “THE SYSTEM”) is just going from bad to worse. I experienced that when I was homeless for 9 months last year. Lots of bureaucracy nonsence. Maybe they should change the word into bureaucrapcy.

    Just carry on. Don’t let the ” Machine” shut you down.

    All the best


  123. Ed
    Ed says:

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to read your plight.

    I thought the Internet was the last frontier for freedom of speech, I guess its not according to these email services. Paypay and the other money transaction companies are under the thumb of the big brother. Big brother is now monitoring these services and companies after the escapades of wikileaks informing the general public of whats going around the world. Sorry I dont want to get my Soap Box, and give a talk about the shits thats on with the banker’s in Barclays and elsewhere in the world. The average man is been squizzed out of business, like you Matt.. So, my advice is, continue with your intersting blog and here’s another point. Your product is Educational right, well that’s how you market your program. After all im sure the punters here, just like me, are learning for the content you supply?

    Ed 🙂


    I’m using the last educational program HorseRaceBase you recommened, your subscribers should check this out, and learn how to profit, from a little ” Donation” after the free trial is gone…

    Wow.. amazing program, the guys at HorseRaceBase gave me a 7 free trial because I had a technical issue at first, nice guys….

    Keep up the good content Matt, YEEHA !

  124. westhamray
    westhamray says:

    matt i closed my paypal account after the way they dealt with wikileaks they are crap. good luck whatever you do stick with it cheers mate

  125. Crawford Graham
    Crawford Graham says:

    Have you considered using Facebook and the like? I find I’m unsubscribing from mailing lists where there’s an option of Facebook updates instead. Saves cluttering up my inbox and keeps up my updates in the same place. Just a thought…

  126. chas
    chas says:

    sorry to hear matt like all of your freinds i read you first and hope everything goes well for you in the future

  127. roddo
    roddo says:

    Sorry to hear about your problems.The racing world would be a massive loser if you left it.
    If you recall i have been having problems with paypal for some time.Im sure its because i have dealt with a lot of gambling products and related sites.I cant prove it though.
    Good Luck Matt

  128. Rick Ford
    Rick Ford says:

    Hi Matt,

    If I subscribe to one of your services for a decent period of time (say, 6 months) and pay by Credit Card via paypal I can turn round to my credit card company and say this was an illegal transaction and i have.

    Paypal are obliged to give the money back to the credit card company because their is no real proof of delivery/no physical product and this is the reason paypal are taking their stance. I lost nearly £600 in subscriptions last year due to this problem and paypal lose out on it.

    Harsh it is, but it’s business.

    With relation to GetResponse they are just up their own arse :-). All this will change again when worldwide gambling will get legalised in America again!

  129. Mezza
    Mezza says:

    Chin up Matt,
    there’ plenty of love for you in this room.
    It’s disgraceful what they try to pull these days, it’s simply putting good, decent hard working people out of business and it’s about time they stopped from doing so.

  130. David Bowles
    David Bowles says:

    There is nothing I can say that has not already been said Matt. but just remember my favourite quote taken from the book “Against the Odds “written by David Lee Preist..

    “Some Psychologists woul say that your self esteem and to a lesser extent your happiness are in direct proportion to your willigness to take risks. I you have dared to reach out and touch your dreams then you can hav no regrets and this is a most enviable state”

    I concider you to be to be personal friend having met you you on a number of occassions
    Perhaps we can meet in London or a racetrack sometime to discuss better times ahead including that trip to Hong Kong.


    Just remember my favourite quote taken from the book “Against the Odds “written by David Lee Preist.

  131. steve holmes
    steve holmes says:

    hi Matt please try to keep going, find a way your the best out their , all the very best hope you succeed you derserve to, your reviews are the best good luck

  132. steve
    steve says:

    Stuff PP and Getresponse. I`d never go back to either now. They can keep their scammers. We don`t need them. Maybe your`e that good Matt that the big 5 have had a word, how many accounts have they closed in the past? Good luck ombre.

  133. Paul
    Paul says:

    Keep going Matt or Pay pal win. I will not use paypal in future to buy or pay for anything and hope that they become the real losers. Regards Paul

  134. Peter
    Peter says:

    Matt, my comments echo many that have already been made, as far as payments is concerned, you could try moneybookers.
    All the best

  135. Bill Stirling
    Bill Stirling says:

    Hi Matt,

    Another service I’m with, Elite Trading Club, got this treatment last week and changed over to Moneybookers. Apparently this solved the problem. Try doing a deal with them perhaps.


  136. Dave
    Dave says:

    Understand your frustration Matt but hopefully the number of responses here shows that giving it all up is not the answer.

    Hope you can find an acceptable way for you to keep it all going.

  137. Joe H
    Joe H says:


    long time reader & long time fan. hope you soldier on and find solutions to these outrageous attempts to stop an honest business from providing a good service. the fact the you are within the parameters of the law, the mind boggling actions of these companies is bo%#%#ks.


  138. Desmond Whitford
    Desmond Whitford says:

    I sincerely hope you are able to continue your much appreciated sevice.It has been a great help to me in my quest to better understand our beloved sport of horse racing.
    As far as I am concerned you are a man of integrity and decency who provides an invaluable service laced with humour and self-deprecation.
    I am fervently hoping the suggestions of some of those much cleverer correspondents than myself will lead to a successful resolution of this impasse.
    I am willing to sign a petition in your support if required.
    All my best wishes,
    Desmond B Whitford.

  139. Gordon Mills
    Gordon Mills says:

    Matt: Why dont you gather all the replies on this page and send them to Paypal and your Email provider and tell them we all said “UP YOUR’s!

  140. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Good luck whatever you decide Matt. It’s a long time since we’ve been treated as individuals … we’re just numbers now … and subject to the most pedantic nannying and potential litigation.

    Thanks regardless of your decision.

  141. John
    John says:

    Hi Matt
    The world gets more barmy by the day. The ‘freedom’ of western democracies is being eroded in all western countries by the treacherous ‘pc’ brigade and politicians.

    Good luck with the new set up.


  142. Barry
    Barry says:

    Hi Matt sorry to here about your woes,,stinking bureaucracy,,shot the lot of them,red tape and bullshit,,as you may know i live in Canberra Australia,,and survey has just come out to say that Canberra is the second worst place to have a business,i dont know what the first is,,but they did say that red tape and taxes here were the main problem,i feel sorry for you guys in England,after all you have David Cameron,,but we have his female counter part here in Julia Gillard,,,God save us all.I decide a long time ago im going to find a cave to live in,but the wife is not happy about this,because their will be no shops around for her to spend the little money i have.Anyway what can you do,,but seriously i hope things work out for you,,dont let these w**kers pull you down,,just remember you have a lot of people out their that love what your doing,im one of them,,good luck,,,Barry

  143. Chris
    Chris says:

    It’s been a lot of fun – may you continue the good work & retain your sense of humour

  144. john
    john says:

    chin up hope it turns out well for you all the best for the future matt we will definitley miss you

  145. kevin
    kevin says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how difficult it can be to even get a racing post some days in many so called newsagents. Ridiculous when you consider the amount of filth available in those places, and i dont just mean the Daily (hate) Mail!!!

  146. highlander
    highlander says:

    come-on-mate sorte this out .o this a good site ,german took me three minutes to open an account .that was sweating .see you soon, all thebest the highlander.

  147. Darryl
    Darryl says:

    Hi Matt
    Really like your approach to what your doing, but flag them, you’ll find a way out.
    Really good service which is hard to find on this side of the world.
    yours NZ.

  148. johnny25
    johnny25 says:

    i agree with all the comments already made and may god give youthe health
    and strength to beat the yankee cowboys.
    And the best of BRITTISH luck.

  149. david
    david says:

    Do not give up mate, there are ways round these problems you just have to dig a little, never give up
    good luck.

  150. Steve
    Steve says:

    Matt as a relative newby I find the information / service GeeGeezgives is second to none compared to a lot of other websites claiming to offer independent advice but within a few hours of registering I have been bmbarded with spam.

    I hope you find a way of keeping going.



  151. Willie
    Willie says:

    Best of luck, Matt. Don’t let the b******s grind you down. If I can help with anything, let me know.

  152. Pat
    Pat says:

    Hi Matt , hope you find a way around this and remember , dont let the b******” s grind you down ! Best of luck Pat.

  153. Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones says:

    Give someone a little bit of power over someone else and it will only escalate exponentially. I really hope that you will continue on somewhere else and stick it right up ’em. All the very best,


  154. pete
    pete says:

    Sorry to hear the jobsworth red tape brigade are making it hard for you to carry on giving loads of people a little bit of advice I enjoy your blogs and hope you are successful in setting up an e mail address elseware keep up the good work MATT hope to hear from you soon.

  155. Mike
    Mike says:

    Matt, keep your chin up, even though they keep hitting it, if you don’t you won’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and try to keep smiling, hope it all works out cuz your emails always have something of interest. Thanks for the past and will see you in the future

  156. Richard
    Richard says:

    I am disgusted at your treatment by Big Brother and of course the little person stands little chance against these huge organisations. Why don’t you reconfigure to a Poetry website so that every Email starts with a peom and then move on to your betting comments afterwards (or some such ruse).
    For some time I have been compiling two lists – one of the parasites who sell complete rubbish with amazing promises of your first million in the first week etc. – and a second list of internet stars who give useful information and are not out to rip people off. Matt, as far as I am concerned you are one of the stars of the internet and it is a complete disgrace that you are being hounded and victimised by these overpowerful organisations. Please find a way to keep going…your audience needs you!!

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