The Five Year Consistency Plan – Day 1 Update / Day 2 Selections

The Five Year Consistency Plan  - Day 1 Results 29th September 2009

As noted in my previous post there were no qualifiers today.


Day 2  Qualifiers - 30th September 2009

Unfortunately, no qualifiers again.

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Happy punting


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5 replies
  1. kojak says:

    can the software be run midweek on work computer and then weekends on laptop at home

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kojak

      Yes, the software can be run on two computers. However, you’ll need to make sure there’s no problem with your work in using the software there…


  2. kojak says:

    matt thanks for the quick response I am keen to try the system
    and purchase all at one time 2 questions though if after 1 month I
    am not happy with the system can i get a refund and 2nd what
    bank in betfair would you recommend starting with to get good results

  3. gizzard says:

    What has happened to the 5 year consistency plan review? It seems to have died a death after 1 day.

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