The Five Year Consistency Plan – Final Review

System Claims

The author (Derek Nadin) has tested this system for over 5 years with each year claimed to be profitable.

Mode of Operation

The system itself appears very simple to operate and has no special requirements so your favourite newspaper or an online service (Racing Post or Sporting Life) should be sufficient to identify potential qualifiers. The system can be used all year round and covers Turf, AW and NH racing at specified UK meetings. The system is quoted at giving on average 4 bets per week

A more detailed overview of the system was provided in an earlier post.

System Results – 1st October to 23rd October 2009

Total Qualifiers = 14

Winners = 1

Second = 2

Third = 3

Unplaced = 8

Strike Rate = 7.14%

Total Stakes = £ 140.00

Total Return = £ 35.00

Loss to SP = - 10.50 points (- £ 105.00)


The review was terminated early on 2 counts:

1). There were too many periods of inactivity (5/6 days between selections).

2). The abject performance of the system.

The system costs £95 (apparently the "standard" price for systems these days) for a 5 page document. With the paucity of selections it would only require one decent 20/1+ winner to ensure a small profit on the month. Unfortunately, the only "consistency" in evidence was that the paucity of selections was matched by the paucity of winners and to that end I would not consider this system worthy of any further consideration.

Whilst a review of less than a month is probably not the ideal for basing a firm judgement on a particular system, I am happy to make an exception with this system. The long periods of inactivity and poor performance during the recent review period leads me to add this system to the already overflowing drawer labelled "more disappointment and failure".

Happy punting


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