The Five Year Consistency Plan (Pro-Logic): Overview /Day 1 Selections


The “Five Year Consistency Plan" (Pro-Logic) system is a horse betting system that is suitable for beginners. It is fairly easy to use, if not a little time consuming with a low level of qualifying bets per week.

System Claims

The author (Derek Nadin) has tested this system for over 5 years with each year claimed to be profitable. To quote the system documentation directly, profitability is documented as follows:

The Five Year Consistency Plan based on £100 bets

Win profit to date = £54,282

Reverse forecast profits (see below) = £13,199

Total profit = £67, 481

Reverse Forecasts: On occasions, there will be two horses selected in the same race. When this happens then a reverse forecast is recommended. This happens about once each month. The profit from these bets is an additional 131 points or £13,100 betting £100 a point.

All profits are quoted to SP so backing with “Best Odds” bookies or Betfair should yield much higher returns.

The System

Is sold for £95 and is presented as a 5 page document (the purchase price also includes a daily tipping line for 3 months), the system itself appears very simple to operate and has no special requirements so your favourite newspaper or an online service (Racing Post or Sporting Life) should be sufficient to identify potential qualifiers.

The system can be used all year round and covers Turf, AW and NH racing specifically at specified UK meetings though there is no particular reason why it also could not be ‘paper traded’ at major Irish meetings to see how it fairs.

In essence the system has 7 specific criteria that must be followed before a potential qualifier can be identified. The 7 criteria applied to NH racing differ slightly to those applied to Turf/AW racing. In addition to the 7 criteria there is also a specified list of courses. However, the author does state “The system can be used at all courses but is slightly more efficient when used at courses on our list.”

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There may be occasions when there is more than one selection in a race; in these circumstances the author states “that you can make a sizeable additional profit by placing a reverse forecast” (see above).

Selection Method

1. Follow the specified criteria relevant to Turf/AW or NH using any newspaper or an Online service.

2. Bets can be placed at any time; there are no minimum or maximum odds boundaries.

3. All bets are to level stakes though E/W betting is not excluded.

This system will not suit those of you who are seeking bets each and every day as the average number of weekly bets quoted is 4. However, it should certainly suit those amongst you who use a variety of systems to determine your likely bets for the day.

Starting Bank

None specified.


Are quoted within the system documentation as £100 however, and for the purpose of the review, I will stake to £10.

The Review Period

Given the low average number of weekly bets I would be looking to review this system until at least the end of October 2009. The formal review will commence on Tuesday 29th September 2009. Note: there were no qualifiers for Monday 28th September 2009.

As with all of my system reviews I suggest that you initially paper trade the selections until you have confidence in the likely success of the system.

Day 1 Selections – 29th September 2009

No qualifiers.

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