The Full Circle – Final Review


"The Full Circle” system is a horse betting system that encompasses both Flat and National Hunt racing.  To understand the system requires no previous experience and is suitable for beginners.

Selections can be found using either Racing Post Online (recommended by the author) or Sporting Life Online though whichever you choose will be a matter of individual preference. There are currently no costs associated  with viewing the requisite information on either site.

The selection method is clear and unambiguous so everybody should identify the same selections on any given day.  To quote the website directly "Full Circle works all the year round with a wide range of Flat, National Hunt and All Weather races. As with all my systems I recommend you place no bets during April – a really dodgy month for all sorts of reasons. You can normally reckon on between 2 and 3 bets a day (none on Sundays) and the number of bets varies only a little from month to month, even during the summer months."

System Claims

The banner headline on the website is "£831 average profit each week (£100 stakes)", so 8.31 points profit on average per week. Those of us with more modest sums available can thus expect c£83 on average per week to £10 stakes.

The quoted profits (August 2009 - May 2010) to £10 level stakes are listed in the following summary Table.

Month Profit
Aug-09 590
Sep-09 271
Oct-09 329
Nov-09 202 (Two weeks)
Dec-09 321
Jan-10 503
Feb-10 234
Mar-10 229
Apr-10 No bets
May-10 231 (Three weeks)
TOTAL 2910

The website also states "Detailed results for Full Circle of every bet placed since 1st January are available elsewhere – they are fully checkable once you have the system." Unfortunately, I don't know where "elsewhere" is, the information is certainly not on the website and was not included in the manual I received (this may have been an oversight).

System Results – 29th June to 31st July 2010

Selections = 70

Your first 30 days for just £1

Winners = 15

Second = 11 (only 2 of these were system place bets and provided a return)

Third = 8

Unplaced = 36

Strike Rate = 21.43%

Total Stakes = £700.00

Total Return = £525.51

Loss to SP = - £174.49 (- 17.449 points @ £10 per point)


Unfortunately the results during the review have been very disappointing, based on the system claims, we would have been expected to have seen a profit of around 35 points during the review period rather than the level of loss we actually experienced. When you add to this the initial cost of the system (£95) and/or £40 per month for the tipping service, then I wouldn't expect anyone to get rich soon nor indeed achieve the quoted profitability experienced over the quoted 9 month period. I have emailed Matt a spreadsheet containing all of the results for the review period.

I could not, based on our review, recommend this system as a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, another system that I will consign to the already overflowing drawer labelled "more disappointment and failure".

Happy punting


Postscript:  I have continued to monitor the system (1st August - 11th August 2010) and the losses continue to mount.

Your first 30 days for just £1