The Geegeez GeeGee Update…

Where does the week go, dear reader, where does it go?! It seems like only yesterday I was dissecting the carcass of Royal Ascot's punt-a-thon. And here we are, it's Friday again, and I'm not sure if I've been caught in some sort of vacuous vortex...

So what happened? Well, the Racing Post decided to announce its long-suspected charging model... except it's yet to tell us what it will be charging... And Matt announced the possibility of a geegeez club horse. Or a geegeez geegee if you will.

And wow! What a response from you kindred spirits. It seems the idea has really lit a fire under many of you and, judging by over 85 comments on the subject yesterday, I can't really back down now. 😉

OK, so here's what is going to happen next... I'll talk to Julia early next week and see what she suggests in terms of claiming price, likely ability bracket, whether we should go to the sales next week with a view to buying, etc.

Once I'm armed with that info, I'll report back and will be asking for interested parties to deposit funds for their share.

I'll also set up a separate bank account for the syndicate, and all monies will be held there. Payment will either be by PayPal (from where I'll transfer to the dedicated account) or directly into the bank account.

Sorry to say, but preference will be for those who can come up with the full share price (£500) up front. I'm sure you'll understand that the twin issues of administration and partial defaulters makes this the best way forward.

However, once I've accommodated those that can oblige the single payment option, I'll open up to others should there be any shares left.

If for any reason we don't get the required 50 people, then of course I'll return all monies. However, I'm very hopeful we'll be able to raise the capital for what promises to be a really exciting venture.

The timescales are looking something like:

Monies lodged in account before 10th July

Horse acquired by 24th July

All fees covered until end July 2010, at which point we'll look to sell the horse. (Of course, if enough people want to retain it, then we can discuss nearer the time). The point is that your commitment is to £500 now, and nothing thereafter.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Any prize money will be divided between syndicate members at the end of July 2010, after the horse has been divested.

More information to follow next week, so keep 'em peeled!


My sincere thanks to those of you who were kind enough to extend offers of help to me after my request for the same earlier in the week.

I'm pleased to say that I've now taken someone on, on a part-time basis and we'll see how that works out.

So, if you receive an email response to a query signed off by Marie, don't be alarmed. Marie is my new assistant and she's currently getting up to speed with all the things I do here at geegeez. That should keep her busy over the weekend!!


Finally, I did promise a couple of other things on the blog this week, namely a breakdown of the influence of weight by distance and going. I've just got the latest data update disks for both flat and National Hunt racing codes for Racing Systems Builder (another chunk of cash gone!), so I'll do some digging and revert in the next few days. Sorry for the delay: like I say, I've no idea where all the time goes.

I'll also bring another little flat system that I've researched using RSB, but that's all for next week.


I'm writing this on the train down to Bournemouth, where I'll be visiting my mum for her birthday today. I'll likely not be updating things over the weekend, so have a great one - let's hope the weather holds, and I'll be back with more racing rambling on Monday.

Ciao pronto,


p.s. this will be my last mention of the Racing Trends service, which John's been reviewing on the blog for the last fortnight or so. It's a stats based service, provided by a top drawer stats man (Dave Renham), and you can try it free for 30 days.

If this is your kind of thing, get a 30 day free trial of Racing Trends from here:

The link will not stay up much beyond the middle of next week, so get it while it's there (if you want to!)

Your first 30 days for just £1
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