(The) Life (System), The Universe, and Everything…

So here we are at Thursday already, dear reader, and another week seems to be fizzing by without me noticing... I've got a packed post today, including the great weight for age debate; The Life System; the man with the most bulging eyes in the universe; and a Night Orbit update to boot.

So let's get cracking!

First up, thanks to all those who added their weight (terrible pun) to yesterday's discussion point. Seeing as it was so popular, I'm going to try to get my anti-establishment thinking buddy Rob to share some of his other pearls of wisdom in the future. Rob, if you're reading, do you fancy sharing your views on the futility of jumps racing? 😉

Some excellent points, and I'll try to look into the effects of weight in handicaps, by race distance, and by going. Incidentally, the research I did was based on flat racing. It seems a little unseasonal to undertake similar research for NH races, but again - at some point (if I remember) - we can look at that too. I have the technology!


One or two (actually, more like eight or nine) of you have been asking me about The Life System, and whether it's any good. I've had a copy since Monday, and I've the following observations.

It's certainly an interesting system, taking as it does a 'dutching' approach to the racing. That is, it advocates betting more than one horse in a race. Now, of course, I'm not going to give the game away here, but suffice it to say that this system WILL find big-priced winners.

The question is whether it will find them regularly enough to cover it's losses. I don't know the answer to that point, so am watching the live results page with interest. You can view that results page here:


My advice regarding this system is, despite the threat of price rises, to hang fire and check the results. If the results are good, and it costs £15 more, I think that's better than paying £15 less and the results being not good.

Hope that makes sense...


I've had a quick squint at today's racing, and there's one I have a fancy for later on.

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

Before that, though, I can pass on a good word for a horse called Arcano in the opener at Newbury. It's been working very well ahead of debut today and, if getting the hang of things first time up, is expected to run well.

The one I really like though, in the 2.40 at the same venue, is a course, distance, grade and going winner.

Apple Charlotte ticks a helluva lot of boxes actually, and if box-ticking is your route to betting (as it often is mine), then she's got to be of interest.

Although circa 11/8 is not everybody's mug of Tetley, and today's race has a number of unexposed young ladies preparing to reveal a bit more leg (sorry, lost myself in an exposure analogy there!), I think 'Sir' Henry's filly looks spot on, and will be punting accordingly.


Moving on to tomorrow's racing - hang on Matt, we haven't even started today's racing yet! - and Night Orbit is taking the looooooooooooooooooooong trip up to Aintree for a novice hurdle. It's a step up in class and in trip; I'm not certain the flat track will be in his favour; and he has to concede 7lbs to some dark ones further down the card.

Moreover, there are some sneaky Irish raiders in the field that, as they say, could be anything.

And... as a last time out winner, he's likely to be overbet and therefore represent no value.

Despite all of these negatives, I'll be punting him as I am honourbound to do. And, should he have a chance on the run-in, I'll be hollering to the fullness of my lungs' capacity!

The one thing Night Orbit does have in his favour is that he's a tryer. He's a little bit slow, but he's definitely a tryer.

Good luck fella!


Finally today, as the fourth day of the traditional working week, named after the Norse god of war (I think), Thor, it's time for some Thorsday Fun. And I was reminded the other day of the legendary Marty Feldman, and his ridiculous and utterly brilliant 'Just One More, Please' sketch. Alas, not for the first time I wasn't able to find it on the web, so can't share it with you.

However, I did track down the rather marvelous (well, I think so anyway) 'Loneliness of the Long Range Golfer'. Gorgeous soundtrack too...

Until tomorrow,


4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
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  1. Chris Durham says:

    Hi Matt, I have a copy of The Life System and am paper testing it. However, there is a glaring error in their results page. The 54.75 point winner, Cipher, in the 4.45 at Redcar on 9/6/09 was in a non qualifying race (by rule 6 on page 10 of the ebook). This alters the running total greatly! All the best, Chris

  2. mattgiffin says:

    the life system
    Brought to you by James Fitzmaurice.com
    Ladder Systems.

    is this the same system matt

  3. Terry says:

    Is Rob the guy who rubbished iMacs?
    If so no one should pay any attention to his opinions on anything.

  4. Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    Brilliant debate yesterday. Am interested in paper
    trading the top weight plan on tight courses.
    Would you have a list of tight tracks that i could follow.
    Would be more than willing to keep all informed.

    Regards from Auz,

  5. Graeme says:

    Hi Matt, I got a copy of this last year when I think was the first release date. It had a great month then a bad month so they kept changing the staking plans etc to make the profits look great but then it was taken off the market due to it standing still or making a small loss. So we will see if they change the staking again if the results change for the worse.

  6. tony says:

    Hi Matt going two Aintree tomorrow night might have a dabble on the Orbit depending on what price big step up in trip though will he stay is the question what do you think??keep up the good work pal.
    Regards Tony

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Tony

      If there’s one thing that probably is in his favour, aside from experience, it is the fact that I believe he’ll stay. He may actually have found his metier in hurdling, so whilst I gave a fairly downbeat assessment, I’d be hopeful of a good run, and not worried about the trip.

      Have a great evening,

  7. sandoz says:

    “However, there is a glaring error in their results page. The 54.75 point winner, Cipher, in the 4.45 at Redcar on 9/6/09 was in a non qualifying race (by rule 6 on page 10 of the ebook)”

    Is this not usually called “cheating with the results” ?

  8. Jack Crompton says:

    Re the Life System.
    I paper traded this for three weeks from mid-May to early June.
    Strike rate was 10.5%, let’s call it 11%, ie 1 winner every three races.
    To make a profit, therefore, you need average winning odds of over 8-1.
    Unfortunately, in my sample, average winning odds at SP were 6.27-1.
    Ok, you may improve on this by taking early prices, sticking to BOG bookies or lumping on at Betfair SP. But I don’t think you’ll cover the extra 28%+ you’d need.
    I’ve filed this one under ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’.
    I’ll be interested to see how your results compare, Matt.

  9. Jon says:

    I got the Life system for free (can’t even remember who gave it to me now), but in any case it was cracked (by perusal of the results) by someone on a forum I regularly attend.

    It’s actually not a bad system at all. It’s level stakes (which makes a change, so many commercial systems are SAW with hugely increasing liabilities), and the stop loss won’t cripple you on any given day, as a percentage of the bank. JM reckons that the bank can’t be broken, as it covers you for 10 days without a winner, which ‘can’t happen’ – I agree, it would be impossible to go 10 days without a winner, though a succession of stop-start days could severely reduce your bank.

    It’s fun. You’ve got a good chance in every race of getting the winner, and a no less good chance of getting the modest minimum profit aimed for each day. Some days, thanks to the long prices often thrown up by winners, you’ll get big profits – 20 points and more is not uncommon.

    I have watched this system on and off for quite a long time, now (some 6 months or more), and I am certain it is profitable. I just haven’t got round to backing it consistently, but keep telling myself to do so. I think this just about the only commercial system I can recommend. Thing is, though, people who buy it will be like me – they will be so involved in other stuff they won’t concentrate on this one like they should do. That is the overall gambling problem – we constantly diversify our resources in a way that weakens profits we can get.

    When you get the system you may think ‘this is just too b****y obvious’. However, it isn’t, really, because there are certain very crafty factors (like the particular profit aim for each day) which I believe swing the percentages your way. This thing is simple but effective. personally, I can do without complications anyway. Life is far too complicated already. I prefer this ‘Life’! lol.

    Damn, I should be on commission for writing all this. believe you me, I can’t remember the last time I praised a system.



  10. Susan says:

    Is this the Jon who`s testimonials make up several pages at the end of the system?
    Well Jon, I hope you looked at today`s (Sat 13 June) results.
    It was somewhere over 40 pts. loss.

  11. mattgiffin says:

    this sytem was given free on ebay about a yr ago under a free fun system with small stakes

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