The Protege System: Day 14 Update / Day 15 Selections

The Protege Day 14 – Selections/Results 25th May 2009

Opening Bank = £591.31

Carlisle 14:20 – Mandrake (unplaced); Ceedwell (Won 6/4F)

Chepstow 14:15 – Reportage (3rd 15/8)

Chepstow 14:50 – Luc Jordan (2nd 9/4); High Morning (unplaced)

Chepstow 17:40 – Dhushan (Won 8/11F)

Goodwood 13:30 – Toga Tiger (2nd 13/8F); Yawary (unplaced)

Goodwood 15:10 – Once More Dubai (unplaced); Tranquil Tiger (Won 11/4F); Yahrab (unplaced); Made To Ransom (unplaced)

Goodwood 15:45 – Just The Tonic (3rd 16/1)

Redcar 15:55 – Military Power (unplaced); Checklow (unplaced); Kingdom Of Fife (Won 9/4F)

Redcar 16:30 – Cipher (unplaced)

9 races with qualifiers

17 qualifiers

Staked (1 point (£10 win) per selection at SP) = £170.00

Return (including original stake) = £112.27

Closing Bank = £533.58


After the very rare upside of yesterday we are back down to earth with the usual bump with another losing day making this 12 losing days out of 14 since we started monitoring this “system”. The bank is now showing a loss of 46.64%.

Day 15 – Selections 26th May 2009

Opening Bank = £533.58

Leicester 16:00 – Lamh Albasser

Redcar 14:10 – Pure Nostalgia

Redcar 16:10 – Maqaam

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2 replies
  1. Dave says:

    Hi Matt, i thought i would let you know that you missed a conditions race on Sunday the 24th of May for the protege system.

    The race in question was at Newmarket in the 16 40 race.

    The selections were Euston square 3rd @ 1.64 Pumpkin 2nd @ 6.72 and Adoring won @ 22.3 these were the betfair starting prices. Like you i can not help but think that this has been back fitted, but when a big price winner comes in and lifts the bank up i can then see some merit in this system.

    Regards Dave.

  2. John says:

    Hi Dave,

    The selections were identified in the Protege post for the 24th May. The post was entitled “The Protege System: Day 12 Update / Day 13 Selections”



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