The Protege System: Day 16 Update / Day 17 Selections

The Protege Day 16 – Selections/Results 27th May 2009

Opening Bank = £520.85

Beverley 19:20 – The Hermitage (2nd 15/2)

Beverley 19:50 – Waffle (2nd 9/4); Dunes Queen (unplaced)

Beverley 20:50 – Tahayab (unplaced)

Brighton 14:10 – Kalam Daleel (Won 4/9F)

Lingfield 15:00 – Soul Heaven (Won 9/4); Sirri (unplaced)

Lingfield 16:10 – Mutheeb (3rd 3/1)

6 races with qualifiers

8 qualifiers

Staked (1 point (£10 win) per selection at SP) = £80.00

Return (including original stake) = £46.94

Closing Bank = £477.79


Same old, same old. Yes, yet another losing day, we are now on 14 losing days out of 16 since we started monitoring this “system”. The bank is now showing a loss of 52.22%.

Day 17 – Selections 28th May 2009

Opening Bank = £477.79

Ayr 14:20 – Below Zero

Lingfield 14:30 – Hallstatt; Jabroot

Lingfield 16:00 – Birbone; Wasan; Zaham

Newcastle 18:25 – Amary; Bikini Babe

Newcastle 19:35 – Charity Belle; Mexican Jay; Yashkur

Sandown 19:10 – Tastahil; Patkai

Sandown 19:45 – Conduit; Campanologist; Drumfire; Pipedreamer

Sandown 20:20 – Ashram; Spring Of Fame

Yarmouth 15:10 – Muzmin; Choral Service; Maverin; Papyrian; Fantastical; I See Nice Sea

Yarmouth 15:40 – Mutawarath; Sabi Star

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9 replies
  1. Dave says:

    If papyrian is a selection then illusive spirit is also a selection in the 15.10 Yarmouth

  2. Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    This is the worst system i have ever seen.
    How could you make a profit on the
    3.10 at Yarmouth. They would all have to win.
    I think you should declare the innings.


  3. John says:

    Hi Dave,

    I don’t understand the logic in your statement re: the 15:10 at Yarmouth. Papyrian has no link to Illusive Spirit whatsoever, two different trainers and two different owners!

    With regard to the John Gosden trained Illusive Spirit in particular, the “system” identifies George Strawbridge as a qualifying owner for John Gosden not George Strawbridge + Partners.



  4. Dave says:

    Hi John, maybe i simplified the answer. What i meant to say was if illusive spirit is a selection the papyrian must be included as well. The reason being is that the manual states clearly that it is George Strawbride and not George strawbridge and partners. Papyrian is trained by W. Jarvis and and the owner of papyrian is Lady Howard De walden, but the owner comes up as Gillian, lady howard de walden. I maybe being pedantic, but as i see it this is a selection. I backed O`briens outsider the other week and it beet his fav at a big price as i broke the rules as above because ithe horse in question was co owned by someone else that was not mentioned such as George strawbridge which would of been a bet by its self unlike george strawbridge and partners. Hope this helps.

    Regards Dave.

  5. Dave says:

    Hi John, maybe you can verify this for me also. Matt had missed a race out at Newmarket on Sunday the 24th of May. The race was the 4.40 and the selections were as follows Euston Square 3rd at betfair pices of 1.64 Pumpkin 2nd at 6.72 and Adoring 1st at 22.3

    Regards Dave.

  6. John says:

    Hi Dave,

    We are identifying the selections as specified within the manual. So in response to your points Lady Howard de Walden and Gillian. Lady Howard de Walden are the same person hence Papyrian was identified as a qualifier.

    As I stated in my earlier email George Strawbridge is a qualifying owner for John Gosden but George Strawbridge + Partners are not identified hence Illusive Spirit was not a qualifier.

    If you look at the Trainer table you will see similar instances where a partnership (owner x + owner y) are identified but not owner x or owner y as individuals. So in order to remain accurate we are following the selection criteria as defined.

    With respect to the selections you have identified for the 24th May these were posted on the 24th May and are included in the post “The Protege System: Day 12 Update / Day 13 Selections”, Day 13 being 24th May.



  7. Dave says:

    Hi John i understand what you are saying and i agree with you. All i can say is that being human we all make mistakes and what gets my goat more than anything is when selections that are mysteriously put up after the event as you will notice that papyrian now appears amongst the selections after i had mentioned it. It would be nice if i was to have a comment back saying thanks for noting that as i had obviously missed it. Like i said we are all only human and are subjected to making mistakes from time to time, but a mistake like this can show a false profit or in this case a negative profit.

    Regards Dave.

  8. John says:

    Hi Dave,

    It is unclear to me who you are addressing the comment “what get my goat more than anything is when selections that are mysteriously put after the even as you will notice that papyrian now appears amongst the selections” to!!!!! I do hope it is not a reference to this blog.

    Please read your original post and I quote “If papyrian is a selection then illusive spirit is also a selection in the 15.10 Yarmouth”.

    Once selections are put up on to the blog they are not “mysteriously” edited in any way. If mistakes are made we acknowledge them which has happened on one previous occasion.

    I appreciate all subscribers comments but unfortunately in this instance I see no further point in me contributing to this particular thread as I frankly don’t know what you are getting at.



    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Guys, please.

      Dave, as you will know, this system is relatively high maintenance, and John is doing a sterling job. I agree with both of you about the inferences that can be made from co-ownership, and I was frustrated that some of those big-priced beasties at Chester won for AP O’Brien in the wrong silks.

      However, perhaps we can all rest on the fact that – despite it being a fantastic concept (I honestly believe that) – the product has singularly failed to deliver.

      Wishing you both a great weekend – it’s going to be a hot one.


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