The Protege System: Day 19 Results

The Protege Day 19 – Selections/Results 30th May 2009

Opening Bank = £418.94

Doncaster 14:30 – Alrasm (Won 5/6F); Desert Forest (unplaced); Key Breeze (unplaced)

Goodwood 15:25 – General Eliott (non-runner); Yamal (3rd 7/2); Bushman (unplaced); Perfect Stride (unplaced); Unnefer (unplaced)

Goodwood 15:55 – Marine Spirit (unplaced); Rakaan (2nd 11/8F)

Haydock 14:05 – Peace Offering (unplaced); Dandy Man (unplaced)

Haydock 14:35 – Gravitation (unplaced); Montbretia (unplaced); Starfala (unplaced)

Haydock 15:05 – Arabian Gleam (3rd 10/1); Asset (unplaced); Atlantic Sport (unplaced); Laa Rayb (unplaced); Main Aim (Won 7/4F); Tariq (unplaced)

Haydock 15:35 – Take Ten (unplaced)

Haydock 16:10 – Awinnersgame (unplaced); Sayif (unplaced); Spin Cycle (non-runner); Danehill Destiny (Won 15/8F)

Lingfield 18:30 – Calypso Bay (unplaced); Secret Life (unplaced); Mooteeah (Won 9/2)

Lingfield 19:35 – Lathaat (unplaced)

Newbury 18:45 – I’mneverwrong (non-runner); Just The Tonic (unplaced); Wasmi (unplaced)

Newbury 19:50 – Trading Nation (unplaced)

York 14:40 – McCartney (unplaced); Regal Parade (Won 13/2); Tombi (unplaced); Courageous (unplaced)

York 15:15 – Friston Forest (2nd 9/4F)

York 15:45 – Siren’s Gift (unplaced)

York 16:20 – Babylonian (3rd 4/1); Sweet Sonnet (Won 11/4)

16 races with qualifiers

42 qualifiers (3 non-runners)

Staked (1 point (£10 win) per running selection at SP) = £390.00

Return (including original stake) = £242.08

Closing Bank = £271.02


Wealth warning: Haydock 15:05 – 6 qualifiers, £60.00 staked for a return of £27.50

The review ends as it began with another losing day. During this 19 day review we have experienced 16 losing days out of 19 with the starting bank showing a loss of 72.9%.

A full review of the Protege system will follow in the next couple of days.

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  1. stuart wilde says:

    many thanks for reviewing this system from a respected source(or so Ithought)It makes one doubly cautious when a prominent retailer of systems can market this rubbish.The selections being so numerous in some races makes backing the lower priced horses ridiculous.what horses win the majrity of races-33-1 shots or favourites?I hope you have saved some punters not only the purchase price but also considerable funds expecting it to live up to claims.

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