The Protege System: Day 2 update / Day 3 Selections

The Protege System - Day 2 - Selections/Results 13th May 2009

Opening Bank = £978.50

Bath 18:40 - Toga Tiger (2nd 4/11F)

Naas 17:50 - Lillie Langtry (2nd 10/3)

Naas 19:50 - Johann Zoffany (Won 5/6F)

Naas 20:50 - Buiochas Mor (unplaced)

York 14:40 - Enticement (3rd 7/4F); Sariska (Won 3/1)

York 15:10 - Hatta Fort (unplaced)

6 races with qualifiers

7 qualifiers

Staked (1 point (£10 win) per selection at SP) = £70.00

Return (including original stake) = £58.33

Closing Bank = £966.83

Day 2 Comments

As stated in my previous post I was not sure about whether or not Irish racing should be included, I now understand that it should be excluded. Future postings will now exclude Irish race meetings.

Day 3 - Selections 14th May 2009

Opening Bank = £966.83

Newmarket 17:45 - The Hermitage

Newmarket 18:50 - Alhaque; Mared

Salisbury 13:50 - Aromatic; Entreat; Jumaana; You Say I Say

Salisbury 14:20 - Kalam Daleel

York 14:10 - Crystal Capella; Changing Skies

York 14:40 - Freemantle; Glass Harmonium; Kite Wood; Nehaam; Redwood

York 15:10 - Yamal; Furnace; Lang Shining; Wasan

York 15:45 - Brenin Taran; Waffle

York 16:20 - Almadaa; Beethoven; Fine Sight; Trade Secret

Note: All qualifiers in each race must be backed. All selections to level stakes.

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3 replies
  1. nikibarton says:

    you should use this as a lay system i layed all of the 14.40 york horses and very glad i did never underestimate mr ap o brian 50/1 winner inplay betting on betfair

  2. Matt Bisogno says:

    Sorry Niki, I think you were extremely lucky. Given that the winner is in the same ownership (though under a slightly different name) as the 2nd, and that he only got up on the line, to say use it as a laying system is, erm, a bit daft.

    Especially considering that Aromatic won, and Yamal has just won.

    Let’s try to keep the comments sensible, please.


    p.s. Freemantle was also Mr A P O’Brien…

  3. nikibarton says:

    matt if you would have done your maths you would be up on the day if layed,so i dont feel my comment was unreasonable, i have tested this system and come to this conclusion after just a week yesterday you would of lost 100 and made 210 if you layed instead of backed it makes no sence backing five horses in one race if the lowest odds are 4/1????

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