The Shortlist 18th October 2013


More placed action on Thursday, with two fair priced 3rd's, a shortish winner, a loser and a non-runner. Friday's picks are below, no odds at time of writing. I will update in the morning. Feel free to find your own from the racecards... 🙂

Today's racecards are here.

3.15 Che - Captain Sunshine e/w - 5/1 SJ
3.40 Red - Cinderslipper - 16/1 Betfred
4.40 Hay - Late Night Request - 9/4 Boyles
5.25 Wol - French Press - 5/1 Betfred
5.40 Hay - Rocktherunway - 9/1 Ladbrokes
6.25 Wol - Fine Art Fair - 7/1 PP
8.00 Wol - Shyron - 5/4 PP


My 'also considered' list comprises:

5.10 Hay - Number One London e/w - 16/1 PP
8.15 Dun - Hawkswood e/w - 5/1 Coral

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The Shortlist is a simple concept: I go through the Race Analysis Reports each day to find horses which I consider to be of interest. I then publish that list of horses here. Some will win, many will lose. It is hoped that the winners will cover the losers and leave a bit of gravy on the punting platter.

Now, before I go on, I need to make (labour!) a really important point. And it is this:

the Race Analysis Reports are deliberately interpretive. That is, different people will highlight different horses depending on whether they're using the win or place statistics, and which columns they sort on (based on which elements they consider most important in a given race).

So, these will be the horses on MY shortlist. Feel free to do with them what you will.

You may have a different shortlist, and you are most certainly encouraged to go and play with the numbers to find what works best for you.

As regular readers will know, it makes absolute sense to get the best price you can about any selection you're backing. Put another way, it makes no sense whatsoever to accept a shorter price than the best available unless you've got too much money and are keen to give some away! 😉

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3 replies
  1. gordon says:

    a little anomaly that crops up in the race-cards occasionally. For example today (18th) at Redcar in the 16.50. 13 runners are declared but only 10 are listed in the race analysis prior to the race, yet after it is run the analysis has added two more to the bottom of the list so that all 12 that ran are now listed. Is there a valid reason for this or is it a glitch?
    Finding them very useful.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gordon

      No, all explainable. Basically, there were thirteen declared for that race, and one was a non-runner. There were two horses that hadn’t run before, so they didn’t appear in the grid. However, after the race has run and the starting prices are known, those two horses are added to the grid with their SP’s.

      This only happens with unraced horses.

      Hope that makes sense, and explains the apparent anomaly.


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