The Shortlist 25th September 2013


Well, it had to happen, of course. No winners yesterday, and a few reverses on the place front too, with horses just failing to make the frame by small margins. A second place at 16/1 and a third at 13/2 was the best mustered, and that perhaps is a reality check for anyone who might have thought this was some sort of 'golden goose'! 😉

There's very little that stands out today, hence a short main list and a longer 'of interest' list.

The Shortlist is a simple concept: I go through the Race Analysis Reports each day to find horses which I consider to be of interest. I then publish that list of horses here. Some will win, many will lose. It is hoped that the winners will cover the losers and leave a bit of gravy on the punting platter.

Now, before I go on, I need to make (labour!) a really important point. And it is this:

the Race Analysis Reports are deliberately interpretive. That is, different people will highlight different horses depending on whether they're using the win or place statistics, and which columns they sort on (based on which elements they consider most important in a given race).

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So, these will be the horses on MY shortlist. Feel free to do with them what you will.

You may have a different shortlist, and you are most certainly encouraged to go and play with the numbers to find what works best for you.

Today's racecards are here.

OK, with that said, here is today's Shortlist, along with the best odds (all best odds guaranteed prices) at the time of writing.

5.40 Per - Emily's Flyer e/w - 13/2 Hills - WON 6/1
8.00 Kem - Cat O'Mountain - 7/4 Coral - WON 10/11


My 'also considered' list comprises:

3.15 Red - Joburg - 9/4 bet365 - 3rd 7/2
3.25 Per - It's A Man's World - 5/2 bet365 - 3rd 5/1
5.10 Per - Scotch Warrior - 15/2 BetVictor - 6th 13/2
5.20 Goo - Where's Reiley e/w - 10/1 Coral - 7th 8/1
7.30 Kem - King Olav e/w - 12/1 Betfred - 13th 20/1
8.30 Kem - Dancing Welcome e/w - 12/1 BetVictor - 4th 12/1
9.00 Kem - Red Rameses - 15/2 Hills - 7th 7/1


As regular readers will know, it makes absolute sense to get the best price you can about any selection you're backing. Put another way, it makes no sense whatsoever to accept a shorter price than the best available unless you've got too much money and are keen to give some away! 😉

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8 replies
  1. Avatar
    Richie says:

    If I were you I wouldn’t bother labouring the point on interpreting the analysis. If you’re getting complaints or whingers then that’s their problem.
    It is a wonderful tool for form analysis and aiding the lazy among us, and/or those who don’t have time to go through the form with a fine tooth comb.
    I have definitely seen an improvement in results and also a couple of placepot up.
    You are giving this away for free and constructing under your own steam so I would tell them to not use the service if they have an issue.
    Its basically everything already available at any punters disposal but condensed in a wonderful easy to use tool.
    Keep up the fine work,
    Your loyal and grateful follower

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richie

      Thanks for your support. Nobody has complained (so far!), and I think most if not all understand it is what it is and can be used as the user sees fit. That, for me, is its beauty.


      p.s. It’s going to get better in the next day or two as well! 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Starburst says:

    I enjoy using the race analysis for finding winners. I took on board what you said in the video and through discipline i have found winners, thanks for that Matt. Keep up the good work.

  3. Avatar
    pete new says:

    Hi Matt, Well all I can say is it’s a good job Richie isn’t your customer relations manager,
    you wouldn’t have many readers left. You are doing a damn fine job as it stands Matt,
    it’s a very good piece of work, don’t even think about it.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      I think you’re both violently agreeing! 😉

      Nothing to fret about. Nice double today…


  4. Avatar
    Mrjokerboy says:

    With the exception of Dancing Welcome I had the same selection as you (plus a few others), which I find very re-assuring, means I’m probably doing something right 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it’s going to get better

  5. Avatar
    Stuart says:

    Anyone complaining about this site wants their head testing.

    Great job today guys, and it’s not over yet either.

  6. Avatar
    roy says:

    If it gets any better i will lose the rest of my accounts. Keep up the good work matt i love the bookies not sending me christmas cards any more.

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