The Shortlist 28th September 2013


One of those days yesterday... and we'll have plenty more like that, for sure. A typically tough Saturday with competitive racing everywhere. There's one at Wolverhampton at a big price tonight, which could run a stinker... or win!

And a couple of each way value pokes this afternoon.

The Shortlist is a simple concept: I go through the Race Analysis Reports each day to find horses which I consider to be of interest. I then publish that list of horses here. Some will win, many will lose. It is hoped that the winners will cover the losers and leave a bit of gravy on the punting platter.

Now, before I go on, I need to make (labour!) a really important point. And it is this:

the Race Analysis Reports are deliberately interpretive. That is, different people will highlight different horses depending on whether they're using the win or place statistics, and which columns they sort on (based on which elements they consider most important in a given race).

So, these will be the horses on MY shortlist. Feel free to do with them what you will.

You may have a different shortlist, and you are most certainly encouraged to go and play with the numbers to find what works best for you.

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Today's racecards are here.

OK, with that said, here is today's Shortlist, along with the best odds (all best odds guaranteed prices) at the time of writing.

2.55 Nav - Big Generator - 10/1 Seanie Mac - 3rd 12/1

3.10 Newm - Duntle e/w - 12/1 Coral - 3rd 8/1

3.30 Hay - Lady Gibraltar e/w - 14/1 BetVictor - 6th 12/1

3.45 Rip - Seeking Magic e/w - 6/1 totesport - 3rd 5/1

8.00 Wol - Dangerous Age - 11/2 BetVictor - WON 12/1


My 'also considered' list comprises:

2.00 Newm - Washaar - 9/1 BetVictor - 4th 9/1
5.00 Newm - Majestic Moon - 10/1 Betfred - 4th 10/3
2.15 MR - Hawkhill e/w - 25/1 Hills - 8th 25/1
2.50 MR - The Disengager - 9/1 Ladbrokes - 4th 10/1
4.30 MR - Monkey Milan - 5/1 BetVictor - 6th 5/1
4.15 Ches - Quatuor e/w - 9/1 bet365 - 6th 6/1


As regular readers will know, it makes absolute sense to get the best price you can about any selection you're backing. Put another way, it makes no sense whatsoever to accept a shorter price than the best available unless you've got too much money and are keen to give some away! 😉

So, if you don't already have accounts with all the main bookmakers, you should get them. Seriously. Not only will they give you free bets when you start, but you'll also - more importantly - always get the best value on any bet you make by ensuring you take the top price. It's just daft not to.

Here at geegeez, we've got a special software tool which takes the hard (and dull) work of opening accounts, and makes it easy. You fill out a single form, and our software does the rest, opening up to twelve accounts for you with all the major bookmakers.

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Your first 30 days for just £1
11 replies
  1. Avatar
    Starburst says:

    Morning Matt iv’e came across these.

    310 Just The Judge e/w @ 7/1
    350 Boonga Roogeta e/w @ 66/1
    500 Majestic Moon e/w @ 9/1

    Market Rasen
    250 The Disengager e/w @ 8/1

    450 Laffan e/w @ 8/1

    345 Spinatrix e/w @ 11/2

    800 Dangerous Age e/w @ 11/2

  2. Avatar
    Stuart says:

    I wish you both the best of luck – and indeed all fellow Geegeez readers/members.

    One point about checking odds though. I’ve no idea what was on offer when you checked, SB, but for example as I type Boonga is now at 80/1 at three different BOGs bookies, and as much as 95.00 on Betfair.

    If you land a 66/1 winner, I imagine you’ll be over the moon anyway – I know my feet wouldn’t touch the ground again until the next day! – but maybe you could remain airborne until tomorrow lunchtime if you’d got 50% on top of that? Of course, assuming you went BOGs (and after all Matt’s nagging, can there be people left on here who don’t?) if he drifts you’ll be OK, but not if the price shrinks.

    But I still hope you get a 66/1 winner, if nothing else! 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Starburst says:

    At the moment Stuart i only bet with bet365. I limit myself to a small bank of £50 each month. So if i lose it in the first day thats me done for the rest of the month. I won a free £50 bet at the begining of the month on another forum which is sponsored by bet365 so that is the main reason my bets today are with 365. Thanks for your reply i may look into opening accounts in the future, and good luck with your bets today Stuart.

  4. Avatar
    Jim Cannon says:

    Great stuff Matt.

    I have had a lucky 31ew and ew acc for small money but if they come in……

    fancy Queensberry rules for Cambridgeshire.


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Tigerino, David. Probably a clunk, but has the best track/trip/going form… and is 33/1!

      • Avatar
        Stuart says:

        I hope the two pounds (one E/W) he’s now carrying for me don’t jeopardise his chances too much!

  5. Avatar
    Stuart says:

    Nice one, Matt – thanks. And Dangerous Age? Nicer!

    Great job, this week – much appreciated.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Real oversight that I didn’t put the Wolverhampton rag on the list. I’ve no idea why I didn’t!

      But yes, another good day at Wolves, and a fun week. 🙂


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