The Shortlist 3rd October 2013


A really (really!) good day for the main list yesterday, with a non-runner and two winners, at 14/1 (available as big as 20/1) and 5/1. You'll know how I did by my last line yesterday:

"I especially like Bowstar, and have wagered her accordingly." 🙂

I know many of you had a good day too, some even coupling the two winners in 100/1+ doubles. Now that's a nice number!!!

Today is another day, of course, and I like five on the main list, especially Hannah's Turn, who reverts to the scene of her four career wins, from five starts. True, she's a lot higher in the weights now, but - Upper Grosvenor (has to prove a liking for this tricky surface) aside - it's not a strong race. Anyway, we'll see.

Today's racecards are here.

OK, with that said, here is today's Shortlist, along with the best odds (all best odds guaranteed prices) at the time of writing.

Your first 30 days for just £1

2.40 War - Finn Class - 12/1 bet365
4.00 Sou - Britain - 11/4 Hills
5.00 Sou - Hannah's Turn - 10/1 Betfred
5.45 War - Lion Beacon - 6/1 PP
7.10 Wol - Burren View Lady - 7/2 Boyles


My 'also considered' list comprises:

4.40 War - Hydrant e/w - 20/1 Seanie Mac
5.10 War - Lulu The Zulu e/w - 7/1 BetVictor


The Shortlist is a simple concept: I go through the Race Analysis Reports each day to find horses which I consider to be of interest. I then publish that list of horses here. Some will win, many will lose. It is hoped that the winners will cover the losers and leave a bit of gravy on the punting platter.

Now, before I go on, I need to make (labour!) a really important point. And it is this:

the Race Analysis Reports are deliberately interpretive. That is, different people will highlight different horses depending on whether they're using the win or place statistics, and which columns they sort on (based on which elements they consider most important in a given race).

So, these will be the horses on MY shortlist. Feel free to do with them what you will.

You may have a different shortlist, and you are most certainly encouraged to go and play with the numbers to find what works best for you.

As regular readers will know, it makes absolute sense to get the best price you can about any selection you're backing. Put another way, it makes no sense whatsoever to accept a shorter price than the best available unless you've got too much money and are keen to give some away! 😉

So, if you don't already have accounts with all the main bookmakers, you should get them. Seriously. Not only will they give you free bets when you start, but you'll also - more importantly - always get the best value on any bet you make by ensuring you take the top price. It's just daft not to.

Here at geegeez, we've got a special software tool which takes the hard (and dull) work of opening accounts, and makes it easy. You fill out a single form, and our software does the rest, opening up to twelve accounts for you with all the major bookmakers.

Just click here to put it to work for you.

Your first 30 days for just £1
11 replies
  1. Avatar
    Alan B says:

    New cards are excellent love to compare my short list with yours. Still do both to small stakes. Last week I finished in front this week I have a LOT of catching up to do thanks to you and yesterday…. Well done keep up the good work. Alan B

  2. Avatar
    martin says:

    Hi Matt….great double yesterday from the shortlist yesterday. Interesting to note that the prices for both horses didn’t get hammered down and this may suggest that the success of the RARs as a means for making selections is going ‘under the radar’ for want of a better phrase, from the wider betting community.


  3. Avatar
    Alan Slinn says:

    Hi Matt backed Troopingthe colour at 24/1 on the exchange and Bowstar at 5/1,also had a double at 14/1 & 5/1. 1point out 90pts in. Backing your short list in doubles each day has produced 89 pts out and 356 pts back , a profit of 267 pts .Not bad for 12 days betting . Found Saigon city & Cape samba using your racing cards as well .140pts profit on the day.
    Thanks mate A S

  4. Avatar
    worthy says:

    Matt, Whenever I click on Race Cards I just get a screen headed Race Cards and the Geegeez address at the bottom, but no race cards ? Any advice ?

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Worthy,

      Yes, I strongly suspect you’re using Internet Explorer. My advice is to get another browser!

      Sorry, all flippancy aside, we have an issue with IE which we’ve not been able to get to the bottom of. Everything works great with Chrome and Firefox, as well as all other browsers as far as we’re aware.

      Hope that’s the issue solved for you,

  5. Avatar
    dave says:

    Hi Matt,i have purposely waited until the dust has settled and am over the moon to put it mildly,have made quite a bit of money so far,taking the GOOD with the not so good,keep up the BRILLIANT job you are doing

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for the kind words. Things have started rather well, haven’t they? Let’s hope it continues for a looong time.

      Appreciate you taking a moment to say thanks.


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