The Three Key NH System – Day 27 Final Update

Day 27 Result - 17th February 2010

The 11th hour reprieve that this "system" received a couple of days ago was merely a minor pause in what has appeared to have been inevitable since the start of the review, abject failure. The recommended Starting Bank of 50 points has now been lost, without much evidence of struggle, to the bookies satchels.

Leicester 14.10 - Placed and Unplaced

Leicester 15.10 - Placed

Leicester 16.40 - Unplaced

Loss on the day = 4 points @ £10.00 per point = £40.00

Accumulated (Loss) = - 51.50 points @ £10.00 per point = - £515.00

The review has now ended and a final summary will be posted within the next couple of days.

Happy punting


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  1. Matt Bisogno says:

    Wow! Great trial John, of what appears to have been an abominable system…!


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