The Three Key NH System – Final Review


The “Three Key National Hunt” system is a horse betting system that is suitable for beginners. It is fairly easy to use with the focus on "three key elements" which include the current form of a trainer and track record. This information is readily available in the Racing Post (online and newspaper editions) and the free section of Timeform online.

System Claims

The author (Anthony Gibson) claims "all of the results published are 100% genuine and can be checked back using the Racing Post or Racing Post website, and to my own knowledge have been thoroughly researched and are correct".

NH Seasons 2008/2009

There are no cumulative tables within the document that would allow an individual to quickly focus on the key statistics e.g:

Total selections


Strike Rate

Level Stake Profit/Loss

The number of selections and winners are available in the document but these are dispersed across a number of pages. As a minimum I would have expected this detail to have been collated by the author so that I could obtain a ready perspective on performance. Nevertheless, on the Sportsworld website it is claimed "Consistent winner finding at great prices with more than 2 points won for every point lost. 287 points profit to 243 bets"

The author makes no claims that any of these selections were actually backed by him. It is evident that with the author using the term “researched” this implies that the system has been created using back fitted data however; there is nothing wrong with this approach if it works over time.

Review Results

Your first 30 days for just £1

Possible Qualifiers = 124

Actual Qualifiers = 74

Winning Selections = 3

Second = 13

Third = 5

Unplaced = 53

Strike Rate = 4.05%

Points Staked = 74

Points Return = 22.5

Overall Profit/Loss = - 51.5 points @ £10 per point = - £515.00

The review finished earlier than planned as the recommended Starting Bank of 50 points had been lost.


During the review period the performance of the "system" could best be described as appalling. The purchase cost of this "system" is £95.00 which given its abject performance, is outrageous. I have seen more "valuable" documentation wrapped around a portion of fish and chips. There is little more to add other than this is one of the worst "systems" I have had the misfortune to be acquainted with.

Stop Press

It seems that this "system" is no longer available on the Sportsworld Publishing website, I wonder why!

Happy punting


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Jon says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with John’s summary. I reviewed this system elsewhere a couple of months ago and it failed then as well.

    I have also reviewed other Sportsworld products in the past and have yet to find one that lives up to the sales page claims. Also, I understand refunds are not available from Sportsworld, so be very careful and always read independent reviews before getting the credit card out!


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