The Three Key National Hunt System Overview / Day 1 Qualifiers


The “Three Key National Hunt” system is a horse betting system that is suitable for beginners. It is fairly easy to use with the focus on "three key elements" which include the current form of a trainer and track record. This information is readily available in the Racing Post (online and newspaper editions) and the free section of Timeform online.

System Claims

The author (Anthony Gibson) claims "all of the results published are 100% genuine and can be checked back using the Racing Post or Racing Post website, and to my own knowledge have been thoroughly researched and are correct".

NH Seasons 2008/2009

There are no cumulative tables within the document that would allow an individual to quickly focus on the key statistics e.g:

Total selections


Strike Rate

Level Stake Profit/Loss


The number of selections and winners are available in the document but these are dispersed across a number of pages. As a minimum I would have expected this detail to have been collated by the author so that I could obtain a ready perspective on performance. Nevertheless, on the Sportsworld website it is claimed "Consistent winner finding at great prices with more than 2 points won for every point lost. 287 points profit to 243 bets"

The author makes no claims that any of these selections were actually backed by him. It is evident that with the author using the term “researched” this implies that the system has been created using back fitted data however; there is nothing wrong with this approach if it works over time.

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The System

Is sold for £95 and is presented as a 17 page document, though the core explanation of the system takes up less than 1 page. The system itself appears very simple to operate and has no special requirements other than the Racing Post (online or newspaper) which should be sufficient to identify potential qualifiers. Purchasers of the system don't even have to work out selections as you also receive free access (until March/April 2010) to the author’s telephone service as part of the package.

Selection Method

1). Follow the specified criteria using the Racing Post newspaper or the Racing Post Online service.
2). Bets can be placed at any time; though there are minimum odds boundaries.
3). All bets are to level stakes only.

As a consequence of the specified selection criteria there are unlikely to be bets every day and/or occasions when there may be multiple selections in a single race.

Starting Bank

A starting bank of no less than 50 points is recommended.


Are quoted as straight one point level stakes; note: the price obtained for any particular horse could vary markedly for individuals who follow this system (guaranteed odds taken, Betfair etc). For the purpose of this review I will stake to one point equalling £10 and calculate any winnings to published SP. To qualify the selection must achieve the minimum specified odds at SP.

The Review Period

Initially the review will run from 22nd January to 28th February 2010.

Day 1 Qualifiers – 22nd January 2010

Note: as the “system” could easily be identified by naming the selections I will only identify the course and race time when there are potential qualifiers.

Unfortunately, we commence the review with no qualifiers today.

Check out the Three Key System here...

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