The Tortoise and The Hare – 28th May 2012

Our winner yesterday - Night In Milan 15/2, advised at 16/1 ISP/EP/BOG, 19 with Betfair - shows the absolute importance of getting on early. The ten bets (5 win, 5 place) returned 19 plus 3 cancelled placers (requested match of 5 points not obtained). That 22, less 5% commission on winnings only (0.9 0n 18 profit) gave us 21.10. Subtracting the 12.65 we were down so far leaves us with an ongoing profit of 8.45 points.

Only one qualifier today:
B 8.30 Rassi Maguire 20/1 in two places (16s generally)

As the exchanges aren't formed yet for the evening races (only £200+ matched on this race at time of writing), I've put up 32 and 6 place to be matched.

Rassi Maguire came 2nd in this race last year, and while hasn't hurdled since last June, has been running on flat and A/W, so fitness shouldn't be a problem. Going is on the firm side of Good, also in Rassi's favour.

Finally - have fun! 🙂

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