The Tortoise and The Hare 30th May 2012

Our win and two placers returned (after commission) 33.58. After deducting stake, running total now +28.03 points.

Today's contenders:

N3.00 Transvestite 16/1, 21, 5*

S3.20 Lava Steps 16/1, 19, 5*

N3.30 De Luain Gorm 25/1, 34, 7.2

S3.50 Toulouse Express 14/1, 24, 6.37

S4.20 Pete 14/1, 13, 5*

N4.30 Holden Caulfield 20/1, 23, 5

S4.50 Sheepclose 25/1, 40, 8.6

P5.55 Larry Luso 33/1, 50, 7.8

P8.25 Dark Prospect 20/1, 23, 5*


5* indicates match required or cancel at off.


Have fun! 🙂

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    • MondoRay says:

      Hi, Brian. Briefly, I’m a retired Statistician with a love of horseracing who has pulled together some disparate trends over the years, enabling me to find a high proportion of those seemingly impossible winning and placing outsiders. My selections and stats have been proofed to a dedicated tipping forum since November 2009, and prior to that to the C4 Teletext horseracing “Have Your Say” page. I embrace age, going, distance, previous form, jockey, trainer, time of year and some other pointers in order to make a profit while having fun.

      Keep looking in, and enjoy! 🙂

  1. Ed says:


    I am extremely impressed with the selections so far. Having looked into some of the possible variables you could be looking at, I was confident that they were of sound judgement!

    Anyway, today based on your introductory post here:

    I calculated that I would set aside a specific bank to trial this and determined that I would, on the basis of your strike rates, start to invest 0.15% for the win and 0.64% for the place from my betting bank.

    The place parts have returned a healthy profit and a good start. Should this show a profit over a hundred bets then I’ll add it to my portfolio. I would then gladly pay for it from then on!!

    Cheers for the quality of your tips and I look forward to seeing how you get along.



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