The Value Machine Review

The Value Machine

As you'll have no doubt heard, a piece of software called The Value Machine has been launched. You will doubtless have heard the profit claims, and may know that Kieran - its creator - is closing the software down this evening... for the time being at least.

But what exactly is The Value Machine? And how do you operate TVM? Most importantly, what can it do for you?

I've been running the software since it went live, and I've recorded a short video demonstration  of The Value Machine, which I hope answers all those questions. The software is available for a two week trial for just £7. Further, that trial is fully covered by a money back guarantee. So, if you didn't know what TVM was/is all about, I hope you find this little video useful.

Oh, and here's the link to sign up for a test drive!


If you have any further questions, just leave a comment below, and either I, or hopefully Kieran if he stops by the blog, will reply.


p.s. The Value Machine is closing down tonight, Tuesday 4th October, so take a look while you can.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      There will be a link in your Clickbank receipt to get customer support. Click that and follow the prompts. If you’re struggling with that – it’s fairly straightforward, but still – contact Kieran directly and he’ll be able to sort you out. 🙂


  1. Chegush1 says:

    Following a couple of days getting to grips with T.V.M., I am of the opinion that timing is everything. The selections change quite quickly and often. I would imagine that no two users of T.V.M. EVER place the same bets(even if their pre-set parameters are identical). It is, however, a great piece of kit and the proofed results can be neither disputed nor discounted. I will be discussing the timing issue with Kieran in due course and look forward to maximising the undoubted potential of T.V.M. as my grip on the data provided tightens.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chegush1

      I agree that most users will get different selections, but I’d expect the core of the picks (80% or more) to be the same. Much will depend on individual users’ settings, of course.

      Having seen the email service for a very long time, and played around with TVM at various junctures during the morning, I’m not actually expecting timing to be a big issue, but that’s conjecture on my part at this stage. Certainly I’ve not been in any way regimental with when I’ve pressed the button.

      It’s an interesting point nevertheless and something we’ll learn more about in coming weeks. Thanks for the comment – much appreciated.


    • Chris Worrall says:

      I think the fact that everyone can get different sets of bets and all make profit is the beauty of this. We don’t all need to get the same results. Loads of people backing the same horse at the same time has to draw attention from the bookies. This tool will avoid that situation.

      • Chegush1 says:

        Hi Chris, Hi Matt, Hope all is well with you lot. Your observations are very interesting, particularly your point, Chris, about profit for everyone regardless of selections and, of course, staying under the bookies radar. What do you think, however, about T.V.M.making available daily results based on a constant set of parameters i.e. Price range, number of bookies, TIME selections accessed etc? Would this help newbies refine their own technique to maximise profit, or do you think the tool is strong enough for users to continue thrashing about in the deep end and still turn a quid? Thanks lads.

        • Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi again,

          I can only repeat that there is no value whatsoever (in my opinion) in publishing a set of results that only some people will have.

          It will create confusion, frustration and resentment.

          I don’t want to compare my results to somebody else’s.

          The key here is that “optimum” means it works best for YOU. And what works best for YOU won’t work as well as something else for me, or the next person. That’s why there are a whole raft of variables, so that users can choose what is most appropriate for them personally.

          Hope that makes sense,

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Eric

      Because it’s web based, it should work with all devices/machines. There was a small initial problem with Mac’s but that has long been resolved.

      If you do encounter any problems, contact Kieran, and his clever techie – Nige, the man behind Geegeez Gold’s racecards – will take a look. But I expect all will be ticketty-boo.


  2. dave says:

    So disappointed I have bee trying all day to sign to TVM but for some reason Clickbank will not accepted my payment. I have email TVM an have no reply it looks like I am going to miss out which is very upsetting.

  3. paul says:

    I have been paper trading The value machine for 4 dats and currently at +34 points. wow, i know i cant expect these results to continue, but looks like an awesome piece of software, i currently only match bet, but signed up to the 2 weeks trial to see if I fancied dipping into betting, I think its a goer. One quick question, whats the reasoning behind selecting your lower odds to 4.0 in the settings, sorry like I saud Im a newby to betting

    • Andy Campbell says:

      Hi Matt
      I have the software and would be interested to know whether you include any evening meetngs in your morning scan or whether you scan later or just ignore them.

      Yesterday I had 13 selections using the odds range 2 to 7 which gave 13 points profit and seems a manageable number of bets.Could you say how many selections you had using 2 to 21 for comparison?

      Today is only 3 selections.Do you think it would be viable/equally profitable to vary the odds range each day to give a steady 10 to 15 selections each day

      • Matt Bisogno says:

        Hi Andy

        I include everything, but am paper trading at the moment. It’s about 15 bets a day. I’d guess it would take 10-15 minutes to place them all. I check price availability against the geegeez odds comparison in the race cards (other comparison tools are available!) to see that the odds are achievable.

        I don’t really know whether varying the parameters to get a similar number of selections daily is a good idea. It feels like trying to fit the requirement to the racing rather than the racing to the requirement. In other words, if there is only a handful of bets, so be it – don’t force it. That’d be my take.

        Hope that helps,

  4. SK says:

    I must admit that so far this has been a very impressive piece of kit. I started paper trading on October 2nd and have already hit 117 points profit. I will admit, that that profit is based on managing to get every selection available when I run the machine. The past few days I started using small stakes to see if it could still be profitable while actually trying to get a bet on. 50 points in 3 days has been a fantastic return.

    So far I’m averaging 20 bets a day, some days have been closer to 30. On a weekend this is fine, but I can’t manage that many bets on a weekday, so I’m going to try play around with the settings to see if I can reduce it to around 10 bets daily. Watch this space.

  5. charliem9112 says:

    I’ve ran this 3 times so far with different parameters and haven’t had a win yet, though i am only playing with it at the moment i ran it around 20 minutes ago with the morning value settings and you get a lot of selections but i’d say at least half have dropped in price to much already to be worth taking as there is no value left. It is recommended to do it at 10.30 for this so i think i got on a bit late but its very interesting to see how accurate it is at finding value in hindsight. So i think as long as you stick to one set of parameters and get your quoted prices you will make a profit in the long run but i do think results from person to person will differentiate greatly. Has anyone thought about using this in conjunction with geegeez? It might take to long to check each horse out on instant expert before the price changes.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Charlie

      I wouldn’t recommend trying to use TVM with anything else, because the likelihood is – as you say – the prices will change while you’re taking a look. I think you either trust the method – and the suggestions it provides – or you don’t. That’s the thing with ‘black box’ (i.e. unseen) methods: you do need to trust them.

      I’ve run TVM at different times during the day, and I don’t believe it makes a big difference, though you’re absolutely right that different people will get different results. They will anyway, due to using different parameters. This isn’t a problem at all, though it seems to be a tricky concept for some users to grasp. It’s a very different offering to, say, a tipping service where a tipster will put up one or two horses at one time to everyone. (There are challenges there, as well, in terms of getting on when the selections are given. That’s an advantage of TVM – you run it when it suits you).

      Just a few thoughts on your comment. It’s been very interesting to follow other people’s progress. My own, as I write, is 102.33 points profit up to close of play yesterday. I missed Sunday because I was away. What I really want to say about that figure is that IT IS UNSUSTAINABLY HIGH.

      Users really need to give themselves a reality check and note the long term profitability is likely to be 10-12% ROI. My ROI is circa 70%. Clearly that’s impossible to maintain, or I’d have a house in Barbados (or San Diego more likely) by the end of the year!

      But 12% on 15 bets a day is 1.8 points a day. Over a 350 day betting year (leaving two weeks off), that’s 630 points. For fivers, that’d be £3,150. Which is awesome.

      There will be tailspin down turns as well as this impressive upward spiral, and the ones who will make long term profit with this are the ones who get that, and who behave sensibly, patiently, and with a controlled budget (250 point bank recommended, so for £5 bets, that’s £1,250 set aside over time for TVM purposes).

      I fear that too many users are going to be upset when they hit a 50 point losing week, which is a shame because following the above could cover your holiday expenses next year. There will be others, of course, especially geegeez readers – who tend to ‘get things’ a bit more than most – who do very well indeed. 🙂


      • charliem9112 says:

        This is my first blackbox software for horse racing so it is certainly very different and a lot of trust does need to go into it but judging by the proofing done on the morning value service over long periods of time, i don’t think i will be giving up my place with the value machine and i’ll stick with the morning value parameters for now. I think my results so far were just because of the time of day and different settings i was playing with as i have only had 30 odd bets and nearly matched that this morning with one scan, using the morning value settings. I am also looking forward to more strategies that are being brought out on the site, particularly any that involve betfair that i can use independent of the value machine and my own betting portfolio.

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