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It’s been another fantastic year for During our ninth year online – we began in August 2008 - we’ve continued to build on our core principles: quality editorial, value tipping, and the best racecard and form tool service in the land. Here are some potted highlights and, beneath those, 15 of the best posts from 2017:

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day is closing out on its sixth year of profit since inception in November 2011, a sequence we’re very proud of. The yearly totals are:

2012 +118.96

2013 +23.62

2014 +88.38

2015 +86.8

2016 +46.24

2017 (at 25th December) +113.06

TOTAL: +477.06

Those figures are achieved from one bet a day, Monday to Saturday. The overall strike rate is 27.8% and the return on investment an impressive 25.92%.




Race of the Day

In July of 2017, we made Race of the Day, our free daily showcase of the Gold tools, more like a tipping piece by giving it a stronger voice on a particular horse. We have deliberately not published the profit and loss because the intention has always been to demonstrate the tool kit first and foremost.

However, I can exclusively reveal that, since the change of tack, Race of the Day is showing a healthy profit of 38.8 points from its first 100 picks, as follows:

100 selections, 38.80 points profit, strike rate 14.00%, ROI 38.80%, average odds 7.94/1


Editorial and Geegeez Gold

In the remainder of this report, you will find the best fifteen posts of 2017, intertwined with links to ‘how to’ and ‘what’s new’ features on Geegeez Gold.

Our editorial team includes the likes of Fleet Street veteran, Tony Stafford racing editor at the Daily Telegraph for more than two decades and national tips champion three times; Mal Boyle, the ‘go to’ guy for all things placepot; Tony Keenan, one of the most up-and-coming scribes of the new data-driven generation; and, erm, yours truly.

It is always a pleasure curating the annual ‘best of’ round up, because there is so much tip top quality content to work with. Indeed, this year, I failed to get it down to the usual ten articles and have included fifteen. I could easily have published twenty-five, with no loss of quality or interest.


Geegeez Gold is our premium service, which has been helping subscribers unearth serious value for four years now. We started building in earnest at the end of 2013 and, as we move into 2018, the focus on improvement and enhancement remains as keen and committed as ever.

This year, we’ve added all sorts of new features, such as Draw Analyser, inline trainer snippets, visual pace maps and, most recently, Report Angles. As with everything we do in this space, the intention is to provide more info in less time.

To that end, our racecards are a ‘chest of drawers’ of lowdown: clicking any icon is like opening a well sorted drawer. Click again and the drawer closes. The depth of data, and its convenience of access, is unparalleled.

Report Angles, the latest feature addition, represents the first step towards providing users with a much more tailored experience. During 2018, we will continue to give you, our valued subscriber, options to customize and enhance your views, such that what you see is what you want to see, not what we decide to show you.

It’s a big step forward, and will take some time to complete. Naturally, all current functionality will be uninterrupted as we move forward. I hope you enjoy what we have already at the end of 2017, and I’m excited about what is to come in 2018.

Please do enjoy the featured articles – my pick of 2017 from – and, if you’re not yet a Gold subscriber, I look forward to welcoming you on board soon. There is a £1 trial available from the banner below.


Good luck, and Happy New Year,


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  1. Bubbles180 says:

    Thanks Matt very interesting reading, liked the heavy ground system not seen that before, so had a look today and had a bet in the 1.40 Limerick on Toushan who Won at 5/2
    Tomorrow Mick The Jiver is another possible 7/1
    Merry Xmas and a Happy and Properous 2018

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bubbles

      Limerick is not in UK 😉

      But nice work all the same!


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