These Winning Racing Systems Are Ten A Penny…

It seems, dear reader, that winning horse racing systems abound, and that people rarely invest their hard earned cash on anything that shows a loss. Or so it would seem, according to one commentator...

I received a comment stating that if 'only' 55 points up for the jumps season with TrainerTrackStats (which finishes it's season today), then I should stick to the day job. Of course, for me, this is the day job. So, in that at least, the comment was correct! 😉

But it gives me the opportunity once more to hop onto my much used soapbox and preach the sermon of realistic thinking. You see, if racing systems were all making bundles of cash, then fair enough.

But I know of about four that are consistently in front of the bookies. TTS, bless it, is celebrating its third straight winning season (out of three), and has finished - assuming all six selections today qualify and lose - 50 points up.

Over eight months, that's £5,000 to £100 level stakes, or £500 to £10 level stakes.

Since September, are you up 50 points?

The commentator - who probably wished he hadn't left the remark... - went on to say, "and you lost 21 points the other day...". Absolutely right, mate, and now we're only 71 points up for the Laying System service.

Combined then, these being the only two products I sold over the Winter (TTS in conjunction with Gavin), that's a profit of 126 points, and two winning services out of two. I'm proud of that, and lots of subscribers are delighted too. Not necessarily just because of the cash, but also because of the fun we've had.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Alas, £12,600 since September is not enough for some people from a racing service or two. Mercifully, for most, and for whom more meagre investment stakes are employed, it's plenty. :o)


To yesterday, and whilst I alerted you to Notre Pere's strength in the market yesterday, he wasn't for me. But he fair bolted up and looks a very lively contender for Grand National, and perhaps even Gold Cup, next season.

Onwards and upwards we must go: the feature races at Punchestown today are the Enda Bolger Benefit race, the La Touche Cup, at 4.20; and the World Series Hurdle at 4.55. There is also Grade 1 action at 6.40 with the Swordlestown Novice Chase.

First up, the cross country race, La Touche Cup. Bolger has won this race an incredible seven times in the last eight years, the exception being last year. And he will be triple handed today. Garde Champetre looks the pick of the three and, whilst he will have to put his best hoof forward under Nina Carberry to get the better of Grand National winner, Silver Birch, I take him to prevail at skinny odds.

The World Series Hurdle, a staying race, is a good race for the Brits, who've won 8 from the last 12 runnings. Cheltenham form is reliable, with the last six winners having raced there. However, the World Hurdle itself is a negative, with preference given to runners who were engaged in the Aintree equivalent. Having finished third at Aintree, Fair Along looks a decent each way chance in the race.

In the 6.40, Forpadydeplasterer looks pretty well in, considering his Cheltenham exploits, and may well win. Likely to give him most to do is Tatenen, who bungled his chance away at Chelters and was then tapped for toe at Aintree. Compensation may await here.


It's Thursday Fun time again, and this time let's consider the use of the word, 'Awesome'. It used to mean something that was truly breath-taking, staggering and altogether other worldly. Alas, our transatlantic cousins have rather diluted the sentiment. No matter, for semantic expert, Mr Edward Izzard, rides to the rescue...


Your first 30 days for just £1
19 replies
  1. Neil says:

    Maybe the unhappy person/people should tell us which tiptsers are making more profit for them so that we can all take advantage.

  2. Mark says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many ‘winning’ systems appear almost daily. But strangely (according to many people I know who ‘invest’ in them) the results always seem to be ‘unusually bad’ when they try them.
    Same with tipsters. Even many top rated on review sites seem to have ‘unusually bad runs’ for those who actually pay for their advice. Of course only to improve their results dramatically as soon as the subscritpion is terminated (and yes I speak from experience here).
    I have now given up on 99.9% of ‘tipsters’ and work on a system of my own. And no it won’t be for sale as the next best thing since sliced bread. Because it works, and I make money from using it and not just selling it.

  3. mattgiffin says:

    i dont feel its right that i advertise a service on this site, if you contact matt im sure he will give you my tipster but its not for me to do so……….respect ect

    i was not the unhappy person as i dont use matts system but i do use a very profitable tipster who i have made aware to matt

    happy betting

  4. Robert Paget says:

    I used TTS lost my bank in a month(used a bookmaker not betfair).If I had used betfair I may have just stayed afloat I say just because the betfair results are assumed by Matt to always be better than SP when this is not always the case.And after commission can actually be less.And as Matt in this blog doesn’t say that this profit is based on betfair he could easily say that this system assuming 6 losers today has made more than a 90pt loss.
    If this system cannot make a profit using a bookmaker then ultimately it is a losing system.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Results as follows Robert:

      Your point about my Betfair assumption is valid. However, it is widely accepted that 16% less commission is fair for a site that tips horses at up to 14/1. For instance, yesterday’s 11/1 winner returned a Betfair SP of 15.92, which was 29% over SP (commission factored in). This is by no means untypical. It is for this reason that I amazed that someone who clearly uses the internet for horseracing (hence reading the blog, and buying TTS online) would not get 29% – or 16% or 11% after commission – or even 1% better odds by using betfair, not the bookies.

      But that’s just me, I guess.

      Racing is hard to win at. If you choose not to take advantage of a 15-20% price advantage, I’ll venture it’s virtually impossible. And if you can find a professional gambler who disagrees, please introduce me to him, because it would make a fascinating interview.

      I am of course very sorry that you lost your bank, which I assume was comprised of the recommended ‘at least 50 points’, as per the introduction to TTS.

      Kind Regards,

  5. roddo says:

    Tts did well over last flat and jumps season making a fair profit,which is what it is all about.With that success in mind i signed up for flat racing profiles as Matt believed he could improve on tts with profiles.To say weve got off to a bad start is putting it mildly.Its still early days and i had the same reservations about tts .The difference this time is one mr Peat who i encountered via another service.Professional Racing Investments,same impressive write ups,same ideas etc,AND GUESS WHAT SAME RESULTS,losers.I hope things pick up Matt as you are a top man i just think we might have done our money.

  6. Matt Bisogno says:

    Hi Roddo,

    Early days is correct. So far, there have been 16 back bets, and 7 lay bets (at odds less than 7/1).

    Whilst we’re infuriatingly still waiting for a winner after Princess Taylor’s nose defeat yesterday, the lays are 6 from 7. The exception won at 8/13, meaning overall we’re down ten points.

    On the draw side of things, we’re down 3.5 points.

    I absolutely agree that it’s very frsutrating, but as so many people stated before the season started, the research is top quality. Just take a look at the manuals, if you haven’t already.

    I’ve never heard of the service to which you refer Roddo, but I can tell you that I’ve met David, talked racing with him, and worked with him, and he’s nothing other than a top bloke who really, REALLY knows his onions.

    I hadn’t intended to turn this into a discussion on all my products, but I guess I asked for it really by posting on the subject!

    Lesson learned… 😉


  7. Mike Brennan says:

    Hi Matt
    Have you ever rode the ‘AIR HORSE’ trying to will it home. Princess Taylor had me riding it around my lounge in the last 2 furlongs. Unfortunately it didn’t work and got beat by the extra whisker the other damn horse had. Hey, the FRP is off to a slow start (i don’t do lays, it goes against the grain) I’m convinced that the research that has gone into the FRP’s will come through with colours flying…£95 for all that work…cheap at twice the price. Carry on with confidence. Good luck.

  8. Matt Bisogno says:

    Bless you Mike. I once got signed off for ricking my back, assuming the drive position!

    And, hallelujah, if Charlevoix hasn’t just popped in at 9/2.

    We’re off and running.


  9. Nathan says:

    Hi Matt

    We (5 of us) have been using the TTS system since October last year. We “papertraded” during September and then gave it a go. As you quite rightly say, it produced an overall profit, and for us, a tidy one. – Thanks very much!

    Keep up the good work and ignore those who continually critisise your good will!


  10. click says:

    hi matt, your laying system gets the thumbs up from me, after what can only be described as a bit of a rocky start to the year you have turned it around and done a excellent job these last two months. on tuesday i lost 28 points, ouch !! thanks to your tips and some very lazy bookmakers putting up silly prices i made a 13 point proffit on the kempton 7-20 on wednesday. thats 16 points back in 0ne day. that makes things look a lot healthier. as for charlevoix winning tonight i have never seen a more certain winner. as soon as i saw it tipped in profiles 10 minutes after i had already laid it i knew he had finally picked a winner. racing, you got to love it 🙂

  11. David Dickinson says:

    Thanks for a nice winner .
    This I feel is the start of many more to come.
    I hope people out there are savvy enough to understand that its not a 5f sprint but a 7 month season. Have some patience and the rewards will follow.
    Keep on with the good work

  12. Mike Brennan says:

    Charlevoix done it for me as well. Betfair was very generous earlier in the day. Well done…off and running

  13. hardraysnight says:

    is the profits stated including or excluding the cost of subscriptions, or initial costs

    this can be an important factor when evaluating a system or service

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Hardraysnight – well, if you’d bought TTS you can take one whole pound from your profit, because that’s what we sold it for in September. You didn’t have to subscribe to the members’ daily service – you would have had the same results working out the runners for yourself. Hope this helps.


  14. mattgiffin says:

    hello again, i see we still cant please everyone matt……hope your on with my tipster now……im up 10k in four months……..annd off again for another months betting……….still cant believe it myself…..

    and i would recommend a 100 point bank,and at the end of every month re-divide your bank by 100 so you get an increased point amount……and use betfair……….as alot of my customers have been banned using this system on the online bookies

    i spent three years paper trading systems till i found my one ……and to tell you the truth im getting sick of trying to help people who then go on to moan if it doesnt go there way

    i wonder if the lottery people get complaints when people lose there money everyweek on the lottery????mmmmmmm

  15. bob marsden says:

    hi matt super winner snowed under 10/1 betfair early doors this morning following charleviex 5/1 last week now in profit thanks again pal bob marsden

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