This Week: Four MAJOR Announcements…

It's a week of revelation, dear reader, as I announce the four most significant things to happen in the Geegeezosphere over the next quarter. And, between now and the weekend, I'll be sharing all four.

First up, today's revelation is more akin to me personally imparting a bit of information about my plans for the rest of the year. The answer is that I will be doing more of the same!

Ah come on Matt, that's not much news, is it?! Sheesh, if that's news, I can't wait for the other three disclosures! Ahem...

Ok, so the more interesting element of this is that I will be taking a two month geographical sabbatical from glorious Hackney, as I take up temporary residence in sunny (or at least sunnier, this time of year) California.

That's right: laptop clutched firmly in hand, I'll be clambering aboard the iron bird for a twelve hour transatlantic wriggle-and-kipfest (please, please don't let there be a small child within wailing and whining distance of me!) that will see me land in San Diego in the very southwesterly corner of the good ol' U S of A.

The sunny sojourn starts a week today, Monday 2nd November.

My itinerary, fluid as it is at this stage, is as follows:

Monday 2/11 Land at San Diego, and try to find some accommodation for the main part of my stay

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Thursday 5/11 Fly to Los Angeles, and head across to Pasadena. Read up frantically on Breeders Cup form.

Friday,Saturday 6,7/11 Take in the magnificence of Santa Anita racetrack and the equine brilliance of the Breeders Cup. (Many reports to follow of this, my favourite, flat meeting in the global calendar).

Sunday through Tuesday 8-10/11 Get thrown out of so many up-class Hollywood / Beverley establishments as I can possibly muster...

Tuesday evening 8/11 - Fly to San Francisco for six days or so.

Then... who knows? I think it'll be a bit of a road trip back down towards LA, before settling for five weeks or so in San Diego.

From a Geegeez reader's perspective, the impact should be transparent. That said, you may receive emails notifying you of posts at curious times in the day. Southern California is eight (or maybe seven) hours behind us here in Blighty, so the emails may arrive at apparently daft times.

I'll return to the chill of inner London on 29th December, with a possible long business weekend in Manchester at the end of November, when normal posting time service will be resumed.

So, big news for me, which I wanted to share with you all. But, in real terms, it should have little or no impact on you.

Emails will still be responded to (though it may occasionally take me a day longer - please bear with me in these instances); posts will still be scribbled; there may be the odd photo or video of warmth or US racing, which I hope will add some colour to the early part of winter.

More news to follow later in the week - probably Wednesday... Stay tuned!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Paul Whelan says:

    Best wishes Matt. How cool is it you can run your affairs from 12 hours away. There are worse career choices you could make, eh? Enjoyed our business meeting sponsored by Guinness the other evening, and thanks for introducing me to Ed Dale – in fact I’m in pre-season training, and starting the 30 day challenge next week when half term finishes. Safe trip buddy.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot Paul. Yes, Ed is a top banana, and lots of people can learn lots of stuff that lots of other people would charge lots of money for… for nada. As you know, he’s one of my mentors, and well worth checking out for anybody interested in doing anything remotely business-like online.


  2. morton wishart says:

    I think that you are one lucky and probably one not very hard working person and to hiss off at this time of the year to warmer and better places than here is not very respectful of you.
    nevertheless I hope you enjoy your sojourne to that great country and do not misbehave to much in the manner that you have stated.
    I look forward to the stuff you send from the other side.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Morton

      You are half right. Lucky I am (self-made, at least in part); not very hard working… well, I guess it depends how you define ‘hard’ and ‘working’. You see, my commitment to my online endeavours absorbs well over 50 (and usually over 60) hours a week, but whether writing about and researching horses qualifies as work is more of moot point.

      I wasn’t meaning to be disrespectful, just telling people where I’ll be. Though, of course, the weather will be a good bit warmer than here… 😉


  3. Paul T says:

    Hope you have fun. Last time I went to Krispy Kreme Kountry (admittidly a few years ago), they wouldn’t let you off the plane unless you had a forwarding address. I’m sure you’re aware, but thought I’d better mention it.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Paul – I do have an address for the first few days. Things are a little less concrete thereafter, but I’ll soon sort that. I hope!


  4. brian mayers says:

    Matt ,
    I wish you well on your trip across the pond and sincerely hope you are able to recharge your batteries after all the work you put into the second ( HRE ) great adventure . your other one for me anyhow ( Laysystem ) will be a good one in the end .

    Bon Voyage .

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot Brian. I hope you’re enjoying HRE – the feedback on the site content has been unbelievably good. It looks like there’s real community spirit coming together there.

      Laying System has been a disappointment lately for sure, and I remain confident that the situation will improve markedly in the remainder of the year and beyond.


  5. William says:

    Have a superb holiday Matt, enjoy the sun and top class racing, the dolly burds and cool beers, what a shame you didnt think of taking an apprentice, or did it cross your mind!, didn’t think so, ha ha.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot William. I’m looking forward to all those things, except of course the dolly birds. My missus is joining me the day after the Breeders Cup finishes. That’s the sort of impeccable timing that doesn’t happen too many times in a lifetime! 😉


  6. Joyce says:

    Want to add my good wishes too,safe journey and have a whole
    lot of fun too! even though you’ll be working hard behind the laptop!

    Looking forward to your stories, as I always do!

  7. Rupert Nicholson says:

    Hi Matt,
    Will be thinking of you out there! Go and enjoy!

    Can I diversify though, on a racing matter… Have been wondering the last few days what’s happened to Horselaypays the laying tipping service. The tips have been little short of excellent especially, in my own opinion, if one concentrates only on handicap races. However my tips have suddenly stopped and their website seems to have been taken down. And get this, because its not too common among racing tipsters – I found my latest subscription has been refunded to me without me so much as asking for it! What’s happened? Has owner Nick won the lottery or someth.? Hmmmm mystery…!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Rupert

      I’ve absolutely no idea unfortunately. It sounds like the sort of thing where one ‘tipster’ is directly ripping another one. But I have absolutely no evidence to substantiate that statement, so it could just be personal circumstances or whatever.

      It’s heartening to hear that a refund was given, so at least you’re not down on the deal.

  8. kojak says:

    Have a good trip,say hello to a few fillies and if you run into one called j lo shes a bunny boiler.

  9. Jez says:

    Hi Matt,
    Have a great time in my favourite State. When in SanFran, go visit the rooftop (enclosed) nightclub at the Westin St Francis – external glass elevator to the top, great club and some of the best looking women in SF. Lunch/brunch at the Steak Bar at the Hyatt (just round the corner from the WSF) or dinner in their top floor restaurant overlooking the city and bay, and see if you can get a viewing from the observation lounge of the Pyramid (my old HQ, when I worked, the Transamerica building) if security over there allows it now.
    Envy, envy, envy 🙂


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot Jez – excellent info.

      I’ll definitely be going for the steak. As for the club, may be a struggle to convince Mrs Matt that I’m solely focused on her… 😉


  10. Ben Aitken says:

    Hi Matt

    Glad you are following up your plans to take a 2 month break in San Diego 🙂
    I’m hoping you receive your copy of ‘Narrowing the Field..’ very soon (before you leave preferably!). I received my copies today (I know it’s my own book but Royal Mail has a lot too answer for!!).

    If I don’t speak to you before you go, have a great time.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Ben – hopefully I’ll receive it before I go, can read it on the plane, and review on Tuesday before the UK gang wake up! The wonders of modern travel 😉


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