The Price Is Wrong: Value Challenge

Three Week Challenge Part 1: Race Selection

Are you up for a challenge? Nothing too terrifying, just a little wagering self-improvement. That's the aim, at least, of this Three Week Challenge.

For more information on what it's all about, read this short introductory article.

Part 1, below, is about Race Selection: choosing your battles.

Parts 2 - Shortlisting - and 3 - Bet Selection - will follow on other days soon.

But, for now, have a watch of the video below and take up the challenge. Good luck!


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4 replies
  1. AndrewP
    AndrewP says:

    Hi Matt . Hope all is well. As you know I’ve been a gold subscriber since day dot and must say that the effort you are putting in to support both gold and “non” gold subscribers with ways of using your suite of info to increase the fun of gambling and make a few beans should really be applauded. I thought this video was very good and even though I’ve been a subscriber for years , played around with the filters today to try and find some winners by narrowing down the races – an approach I’ve never really done enough of . I focussed in on two races in the end and picked 2 horses – Dylan’s sea song and Sad eyed Dylan ( no affinity for the name Dylan btw ) . The latter drifted like the proverbial barge but Dylan’s sea song proved a nice winner which I normally would probably have missed as I’d have got lost with tons of races and a strong televised card at Chelts . Credit to you for this one so thanks as tonight’s takeaway is now covered ! One question – Can you see the favourite performance by track by type of race eg how do favs perform in handicap races at say Lingfield anywhere on geegeez? Thanks for this again – already looking forward to narrowing down the cards for tomorrow and parts 2 and 3 in the coming weeks.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks a lot for the comment, and very well done with a) narrowing down the number of races, and b) finding the winner in one of them. Top work.

      Regarding fav’s by race type, yes. Query Tool is your friend. I’ll be doing Winter Gold webinar #4 on the subject of QT next Wednesday, but for now, the criteria you’d select are:

      In the RACE section
      – Course (Lingfield)
      – Race Code (Flat AW or Hurdle or Chase or Flat Turf, whichever you’re interested in)
      – Handicap (Handicap)

      In the RUNNER section
      – Odds Rank (1)

      That will do it. More on Wednesday.


      • sparty6
        sparty6 says:

        Thanks for this Matt. Newish “goldie” and loving the site. Really looking forward to webinar 4. QT looks very powerful so looking forward to hints on how to get the most out of it.

  2. AndrewP
    AndrewP says:

    Cheers Matt . Does the trick . Some great laying angles here . Look forward to Wednesday. All the best .

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