Time is Running Out!

Time is running out…

Time is Running Out!

Time is Running Out!

...on the chance to grab Focus Ratings at the old price of just £10 per month or £25 per quarter. Keith offered a free week's trial and the opportunity to get locked in at the old prices, but this offer has now officially closed and subs are now set at a still very reasonable £27 per month & £67 per quarter.

We've been looking at the ratings service for around five weeks now and despite not being a tipping service, if you backed all the strongest rated runners (see here), you'd have made £173.70 to a £10 stake via 72 winners from 150 (47% SR) and backing all top rated in A/W races shorter than a mile (useful for the winter season) has produced a £97.10 profit (see here for details).

The free trial and discounted rates have officially ended, but Keith has kindly left that door open for Geegeez readers , if you want to get on today via this link.

Focus Ratings is just one of a large number of services we're currently reviewing and I'll also be starting up a review of TrainerTrackStats today, a product that has proven to be very profitable year on year and has its first qualifiers of the season running this afternoon. If you don't want to wait for a full review and get in at the very start, you can do so via this link or you can read Matt's overview of the TTS service right here.

I shall now quickly update you on the current state of play of all our current reviews in date order, starting with the newest first and all profit/loss figures quoted are to a £10 per point level stake, unless stated otherwise.

A Jump Too Far has successfully laid all 19 of its selection in the first 7 days of its trial and has now made £199.50 profit : here's our review.

The VV Late Value Service has so far only found 2 winners from 18 (11.1% SR) (details here) on their way to a loss of £35.00 in 14 days.

Football service Betting Investments has also made a loss of £38.13 in its first 14 days, despite a 14/37 (37.8% SR) record to date : each bet is listed here.

Sovereign Racing, however, has made a brilliant start and our full review shows 15 winners from 50 (30% SR) and profits of £553.57 at Betfair SP.

My own review of the Betting Insiders Club has seen 17 winners from 43 (39.5% SR) in just 22 days and profits of £188.01 have been banked so far.

Your first 30 days for just £1

The over 2.5 goals specialist Soccer Tip has a 50% record (15/30) so far under review, but that's not enough to prevent a loss of £28.60 in 22 days.

Football Fever, on the other hand, has made a better start and after 27 days of our review, has a 77.5% strike rate (31/40) and profits of £37.32.

On The Ball is a multi-ballsports advisory service which has hit 14 winners from 31 (45.2% SR) for a loss of £35.79 in the first 30 days of its review.

Footy Lay Profits have only hit one bad lay from 18 selections in 30 days, which is a fantastic record so far. This has produced profits of £114.50 and each bet is listed here.

Post Racing is currently in advisory/watching mode and doesn't provide selections in the changeover month of October. That said, there's still plenty going on over on their site and after 37 days of their review, Ron's selections had a 55/281 (19.6% SR) record, generating £643.37 profit.

Not such good news after a similar 37 day period for the Midas Method. On the face of it a 26.7% strike rate (101/378) looks decent enough, but the odds aren't high enough and this means losses to date of £151.97, full details of which can be seen here.

Wootton Racing has now been under review for six weeks and shows little sign of making profit, I'm afraid. They do hit a winner every four races or so (37/149 = 24.85% SR), but overall losses of £226.83 don't make for pleasant reading.

1PointWins are just about wiping their faces with a small profit of £2.21 at Betfair SP after 42 days worth of selections and with a decent 25.4% strike rate (31/122), I can't help but wonder if they wouldn't be more profitable taking the early BOG prices on offer.

And finally, we have the enigma that is Hawkeye, a service that has been hugely successful in the past, but seems to have died on its backside since we started looking at it! They only put selections up every three or four days, and in fact our review shows just 25 selections in 72 days. I'm not concerned about not getting too many bets from a service, but when only 1 (4% SR) has won and you're staring at a loss of £230.00, then there's a problem, I'm afraid. Each bet is listed here.

And that us all bang up to date with the reviews. Keith from Focus Ratings will leave the old prices available for Geegeez readers until Friday morning and that offer is right here, whilst I'll give you another quick reminder that TTS has its first qualifiers today and you can get on board with that one via this link.

For more information on any of the services mentioned, simply click on their name(s) or drop me a line and don't forget that all our reviews can be found in one handy location.

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Your first 30 days for just £1