Tipping Competition Day Four: Catch Up Time

BetVictorThree days down, seven days to go. And we have a clear leader... and how!

Ian Friend has fairly scooted clear, courtesy of three winners from the first six races. And those winners came at odds of 13/2, 12/1 and 20/1. Yikes! That puts Ian on +35.5 units, and begs the question, can anyone catch him?

With another 14 races to go, the answer must be… ‘perhaps’

Best placed to do that are: S Dhillon (+28), Mark Smith (+20), and the Doctor Foxtrot-nominating posse of Kevin Ritchie, Simon Curtis, Paul Matthews, Pete Fisher, and Bernard.

Day four is complicated somewhat by the fact that three meetings are subject to inspections, so I'll steer clear and instead request your predictions for the...

Clonmel 5.25

Kempton 7.30

Same drill as all week:

The full rules can be found in the day one post here, but a quick precis is as follows:

  • Enter your name, email, and BetVictor username in the 'website' box in the comments space (note, you must have a BetVictor account to take part in this competition - see below if you've not yet got one).
  • Select your horse for each of the two selected races and post in the comment box.
  • Click 'post comment'

You need a BetVictor account to enter this competition. If you don't yet have one, you can register here. {Note, if you've been entering without this information I'm afraid you're not in the running}.

Current standings are below our sponsor's banner - click this and register if you're not an account holder already, to enter. 🙂


p.s. no full updated scores tonight as, due to a schoolboy error, I left the spreadsheet open on my office machine and so can't access the updated version on my home laptop... Doh!

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  1. TonyMS says:

    5.25 Fiery Oscar
    7.30 Commercial

    Please check I had Orangery 12/1 on top of my two 1st day winners(12/1 & 13/2) but wasn’t mentioned in the contenders!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Tony

      You’re welcome to check yourself. You didn’t comment yesterday. I’ve been back through all the posts and it’s not there, I’m afraid.

      Maybe you didn’t press the ‘post comment’ button or something, but we definitely didn’t receive an entry from you. Sorry.


      • Tony MS says:

        Looks like it hasn’t recorded. The page kept crashing and I thought I’d eventually got it to post but it was late so ce’st la vie! I’ll have to pick another couple of 12/1’s to make up. lol
        Thanks for looking anyway.

  2. Dave says:

    5.25 Clonmel – Hu Ha Jo – speculative punt on Katie Walsh
    7.30 Kempton – Fleetwoodsands won at Kempton last time

  3. Derrick Wood says:

    Good morning Matt, ..Clonmel..5.25,,KOREAN……..Kempton..7.30..COMMERCIAL

  4. John says:

    Hi Matt

    Re: your comment about the locked spreadsheet.

    Try puting a copy of logmein on your office PC and you can access it from home.

    I use the software when travelling and its very good and its free.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks John – I use dropbox for everything now, which is brilliant. I just carelessly didn’t close the spreadie when I left here last night!

  5. robert says:

    Bad day at the office yesterday, so onwards and hopefully upwards today!
    5.30 Clonmel Fiery Oscar
    7.30 Kempton Fleetwood Sands

  6. jim says:

    Missed yesterday so catch up big time for me!

    5:25 clon – tom’s last euro
    7:30 kem – gallantry

  7. Bernard says:

    5.25 Korean after long layoff.Ran brilliant race last time.
    7.30 Signori Frasi Shrewdie Newcombe’s young jock riding well

  8. davidg3907 says:

    5.25 Blazing Sonnet – sticking the pin in one as practice for the 4.30 at Cairo tomorrow.

    7.30 Arte Del Calcio – dropped in weights , headgear fitted – but is that enough

  9. Mark says:

    5.25 Hu Ha Jo – Also taking a chance with an In-Form Miss Walsh
    7.30 ??? I’ll be back with this one straight AFTER the 19:00 Race has been run Matt!!

  10. David says:

    What’s the non runner situation Matt?
    I liked Signora Frasi and Qeethaara for the 7.30 and went with SF (now out). Can I go with Qeethaara now or just pout if it wins???

    I liked it a lot more @ 33/1 than the 11/1 it is now btw 😉

  11. Matt Bisogno says:

    No more entries today, please. They’re off for the first of our two impossible races!

  12. Matt Needham says:

    7.30 Byrd In Hand

    Apologies for lateness, crazy day at work and first chance I’ve had. Hope my selections can be included, for what they’re worth….. Think I just got my 5.25 selection in before the off.

  13. Matt Bisogno says:

    Fiery Oscar – favourite – wins the first! 5/2 not too much use to most, though…

  14. Mark says:

    7.30 Commercial – Sorry it’s late Matt ideally I prefer to see what Jockeys are on Form for the day. Can’t see this one out of the frame.

  15. Matt Bisogno says:

    And Flamborough Breeze doubles up for favourite backers! 3/1 the SP, so a maximum of 5.5 points profit available today.

    Score updates to follow.


  16. Paula chilton (@horseracingmama) says:

    4.00 Sandown Spanish Arch
    2.40 Warwick Bohemian Rhapsody
    (hope you get the site issues sorted soon good luck)

  17. Bernard says:

    2.40..Wow What a race ! Majestic Bull. Hacked up in Hvy at Bangor.only jockey of note in race.
    4.00 Master Benjamin. Has been unfortunate not to win.Tends to wander.Not today hopefully.

  18. Derrick Wood says:

    Morning Matt..Sorry your having problems with the site but here we go for Friday…WAR..2.40…GIZZIT……SAND..4.00…LEADER OF THE GANG

  19. Matt Bisogno says:

    19 runners, and the favourite wins..! These races are supposed to be difficult!!

    Gizzit does the biz at 4/1.

  20. Matt Bisogno says:

    Be All Man, a (relatively) whopping 5/1 shot, wins our second race today. Score updates to follow. Next races Sunday night for Monday.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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