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TNT explodes into form…

Geegeez System Reviews

Geegeez System Reviews

Top Notch Tips (TNT) was the best performing service over the last week of all the active reviews currently featured here on Geegeez. If truth be told, they've had a fairly miserable time of it so far, but showed signs of a recovery this week, hitting 11 winners from 33 selections on their way to a very healthy 8pts profit, as can been seen in Dick's full review.

Next best this week was the 4.7pts made by Over The Top, who correctly identified six out of six place lays, which has in turn enabled the service to climb into overall profitability. To date, they have hit 37 of 42 lays correctly, a strike rate of 88.1% producing just over 4pts profit and Iain's review has details of every single selection and result.

Laying is, however, a dangerous business as I mentioned last week, and so it proved to be the case for Learn To Lay once again. Despite our full analysis of this service showing a 63.6% strike rate over the last week, this wasn't enough to stop them losing another 17.1pts in the process and now they sit a hole having lost almost 27pts in just under two weeks with us.

That was, by far, the worst result of all our reviews this week and it wasn't a great week for Winning Trends either. Don't get me wrong here, they're still in good shape, as can be seen in Ernest's review of the service, where we can see 40 winners from 195 generating 16.6pts profit, but over the last week they only managed to hit 4 winners from 31 selections on their way to a loss of 6.1pts.

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Small manageable losses or gains were the order of the day for the rest of the services under review and can be summarised in no particular order as follows :

We're constantly adding new reviews to the system reviews section of the site, as and when we see something on the market of interest. If there's a service you'd like us to review, just let us know!

For more information on any of the services we're currently covering, simply click their name and you'll be taken to the relevant homepage for that service. Alternatively, click through the links to our full reviews for a detailed analysis of their performance so far. 

No update next Wednesday, I'm afraid, but I'll be back in a fortnight with a full roundup.

Until next time....

Chris & the Geegeez Systems Review team.

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  1. fredcm says:

    Hi Chris I was interested in reading the Focus Rating Review but I can’t seem to find any trace of it today. Can you say where its gone.
    Thanks Fred

    • Chris Worrall says:

      Hi Fred,

      We’re not quite ready to run with it just yet, so it’s in the “pending” file.
      We are going to review it, but to do it properly, our reviewers just need a little time to get their own heads around it first.


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